Card Sort SEND: Was Guy Fawkes Innocent or Guilty?

If like me, you love teaching this topic but sometimes find it difficult sorting through the evidence with your SEND and lower ability students, then look no further for help is at hand in this outstanding card sort which simply summaries the evidence into a series of statements that can be sorted under one of two headings. This resource will work along side any mainstream text book, but if you wish you can also download my accompanying worksheet. However, the PowerPoint that I have include comes with everything that you will need.

The lesson comes in two sections. The first looks at the traditional story of the Gunpowder Pot as it has been taught to school children for hundreds of years. I have created a series of questions and activities aimed at foundation and core students that helps them to study an old Victorian school history book version. This is a great exercise to help students appreciate how history has been taught in the past.

The next section looks a the revisionist version of the Gunpowder Plot and gives students a series of contemporary sources and secondary research by historians to help them decide whether Guy Fawkes was innocent or guilty. Once you have reviewed this sources, your students should ten be ready to have ago at the card sort exercise. THis can then be followed up with either an extended answer assessing Guy Fawkes innocence or one of the range of plenary tasks that I have included in the Point.

When you purchase this resource you will be able to download a single page word document with 19 statements that can be sorted under to heading cards. You will also be able to download a 21 slide PowerPoint which includes aims, objectives, differentiated outcomes, starters, plenaries, questions, historical sources, tasks, activities, templates and writing frames.

The aims and objectives are:

Theme: What were the consequences of the break with Rome?
•Know: What happened during the Gunpowder Plot?
•Understand: Why did the Catholics want to murder the King and Parliament?
•Evaluate: How far does the historical evidence prove that Guy Fawkes was innocent or guilty?

WILF - What Am I Looking For?
•Identify & describe: What happened during the Gunpowder Plot?
•Explain: Why would the Catholics want to murder the King and Parliament?
•Analyse: How far does the historical evidence prove that Guy Fawkes was innocent or guilty?

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