Decimal Numbers Year 5 / 6

KS2 (especially Year 5 and 6) Decimals Puzzles Worksheets and Games. Fun lesson activities for revision of Ordering Decimals, Mental Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Numbers, Multiplying and Dividing Decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and Multiplying Decimals Using Times Tables Facts. Ideal for starters, warm ups, early finishers challenges, revision tasks and homework. All resources in PDF. Answers supplied where relevant. Please check individual resource pages and previews to see if these will meet your needs.

Included resources:

7 Hidden Word / Spot the Mistakes Puzzles:

  • Ordering (to two decimal places)
  • Ordering (to three decimal places)
  • Mental Addition and Subtraction (to one decimal place)
  • Mental Addition and Subtraction (to two decimal places)
  • Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Multiplying using Times Tables Facts

An engaging alternative to standard worksheets, these no prep puzzles can be completed individually or in pairs / groups. They are similar to codebreaker puzzles, with a maths-related word to be revealed after completing the calculations. Each puzzle contains a grid. Within each box is a decimals calculation and a letter. Students circle any boxes containing errors. Then they put together the letters from the remaining boxes to reveal a maths word. Students often forget or avoid checking their own work for errors so it’s great to get them carefully checking the calculations in these puzzles. Spotting common errors may help them remember to check their own work and help them avoid common errors themselves.

Well-differentiated Decimal Place Value Four-in-a-Row Game Boards and Cards: Use for consolidation of decimal place value understanding and ordering decimal numbers (1, 2 and 3 decimal places).

• Two sets of 54 decimal number cards featuring numbers from 0.001 to 2.01 (1 set includes numbers up to 2 decimal places, the other up to 3 decimal places)

• Two A3 Four in a Row boards. The 1 star version was originally designed to go with the cards to 2 decimal places, while the more challenging 2 star version was designed for the cards to 3 decimal places. However, both sets of cards would work with either board. It works especially well in A3, however, you could scale down the board to A4 and use the smaller card set supplied.

You could have pairs take on other pairs. Each team of two starts with a set of cards (print each set on different coloured card if you don’t have coloured printing that would allow you to print the different coloured cards supplied, then laminate to use again and again). It works well if each team shuffles their cards, puts them in a pile and takes one from the top at a time, which they then put down on the board if there’s a suitable empty box. They aim to get four of their cards in a row. Each box has a stipulation about the numbers that can be placed on it (no tenths, < 1.5, > 0.31, < 0.56, five hundredths etc). To save printing you could split a set between 2 or 3 boards as a single team won’t require all 54 cards. The cards can also be used separately from the game boards for ordering activities.

Decimal Numbers to 1 Decimal Place Numeracy Treasure Hunt : An active printable mental maths team game, with differentiation, ideal as a whole class starter or plenary, especially when focusing on addition and subtraction of decimals or place value to tenths / one decimal place. It can be played multiple times in a lesson or across several lessons as groups can use different card sets each time. Teams complete a treasure hunt-type chain of decimals calculations, followed by a ‘Find the Target Number’ mental maths challenge, using a mixture of the four operations. There are 54 double-sided cards, forming sets of 6 cards for 9 teams. A key feature is the chance to involve lower ability students in a fun whole class activity to give them a boost of confidence without it being obvious their calculations are less challenging (3 of the sets are at an easier level). Full instructions included, along with solutions.

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Thank you so much for your interest and support. Please visit FullShelf Resources for engaging, time-saving printables, activities and presentations to plan Primary Literacy / English, Maths / Numeracy and French lessons.


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