Suitable for all exam boards teaching food.

x10 complete theory lessons - resources included with answers doe teacher/student’s convenience. RELIABLE subject content!

Why spend lots of time creating resources in such a busy teaching world! I find that lots of resources are very bitty and not complete - so decided to make mine from scratch with lots of colour and information and very proud of them. Great for all teachers of Food - whether experienced, training or NQT. I have made my resources affordable, please visit my shop to save plenty more time!

Proteins x2 lessons - Lesson 1 - theory
-Why bodies need protein
-Examples of protein food sources
-Investigates the structure of a protein
-How the properties of proteins change when they are cooked
• There is also a practical task for students to complete in groups - the list of stationary materials are included. Students are asked to recreate a chain of amino acids and peptide bonds using string, card etc. I have included this as a task for differentiation and to create a more practical environment for the learnings to grasp the information using an alternative method - “doing”
• Students are also asked to create a mind map referring to a hand out which in also included
• They will then finally answer an exam question based upon cooking of an egg white protein.
I have referenced elements of the PPT where i have used the influence of the WJEC revision guide and BBC diagram. I am not claiming they are mine so this is why a reference has been clearly shown.
Lesson 2 – Theory
• exploring dietary reference values of proteins
• Investigating biological values - LBV, HBV and protein complementation foods - clear revision material
• How too much/too little protein is a problem in a diet
• Alternative proteins
• Walking talking mock questions - including 4 questions for the students to answer related to protein and full answers for the teacher to talk through/mark
This PPT includes subject knowledge influenced by the Eduqas Food, Preparation and Nutrition revision guide so is reliable. Also suited for other exam boards.
It is colourful and includes all a teacher needs for a whole lesson.
Lesson 1:
• To identify why our bodies need fats and which fats are healthier.
• To investigate the structure of a fatty acid chain and the changing properties of proteins when cooking is introduced.
• Excess and deficiency of Fats
• Saturated and unsaturated fats (Task sheet provided)
Lesson 2:
• To identify omega-3 & 6 foods types and why our body needs them.
• To investigate the impact fats has on our health; and name foods which should be reduced/encouraged.
• Transfats
• (Task - Fat comprehension task with answer sheet)
This resource is easy for students to access - full of colour, reliable subject content and engaging.

Carbohydrates x3 Lessons-
Lesson 1:

To name the two main types of carbohydrates by identify some food types and nutritional benefits/problems. To investigate the structure of carbohydrates by naming the molecules which make them. To design a daily meal plan, reducing high GI foods by replacing them with healthier alternatives. Explores: Simple and complex carbs (food science terminology too) Glycaemic index - meal planning - task sheet provided

Lesson 2:

To name the 4 factors which can affect a person’s BMR. To identify the 3 main energy sources our bodies require; by stating the percentage and benefits. To investigate traffic light labelling when analysing nutritional information of carbohydrate food products. Explores: Food labelling task provided (Very detailed with photographic reference) Macronutrient energy percentage pie chart - task sheet provided

Lesson 3:

Computer room revision/comprehension task on ‘Nutrition and Personal Hygiene’ - Clear information provided with reliable link for student to follow.

Extension: Student to complete a mini test on the topic

vitamins -
The lesson contains 19 slides covering:

Fat-soluble Vitamins Water-Soluble Vitamins Preserving vitamins when cooking Fruit and Vegetables Video reflecting on the goverment guidelines for a healthy balanced diet (this has been included to support the importance of a healthy diet and the use of taking/not taking Multi-vitamin suppliments.

The lesson includes 4 tasks;

Grouping sources of food to Fat-Soluble Vitamins Identifying the source, function and health problems associated with many water-soluble vitamins. The names of each vitamin is clearly labelled. Students are provided hand outs to assist. Video and answer Discussion on preserving vitamins when cooking.

Minerals -
x1 theory lesson - 19 slides - lots of time saved on your part, in such a busy teaching world!

This PPT covers the topic of Minerals. (theory only) It introduces students to the 4 minerals needed by the body and the 2 trace minerals.

The PPT is very colourful, is full of subject specific reliable information and students can access it easily.

The PPT includes:

A sorting activity - all of the resource handouts are provided with answers. The resources are differentiated for the Lower ability students. Covers the 4 minerals and 2 trace element minerals - covering their function, excess and deficiency. Video for students to watch - includes information about Minerals (with links to vitamins also) showing a food science experiment - questions for students to answer are also included (answers already written and provided for teacher to present on a seperate slide. Plenary - discussion question.

Fibre & Water -
This 19 slide PPT covers the importance of fibre and water in our diet. It is full of colour and reliable subject knowledge.

The content covers:

Fibre’s and Water’s function, sources and deficency/excess.

All task handouts are included with answers on the slides for the teacher/students to easily access. Interactive videos are also included as learning aids.

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