Fractions of Amounts Year 5 / 6

KS2 printable, differentiated Maths Four in a Row Games and Active Card Game for Finding Fractions of Amounts, also known as Fractions of Quantities / of a Set / of a Group / of Whole Numbers etc. Originally made for Year 5 and Year 6. A BUNDLE of activities for lesson starters, early finishers tasks and revision.

Includes 2 well differentiated activities:

Answer keys included. Please check the individual resource pages and previews to see if the calculations provide an appropriate range of challenge for your students. These activities were made for revision and consolidation in Year 5 and 6 but might suit other years too.

You can also purchase these 2 resources as part of my bigger Fractions Activities BUNDLE, along with Hidden Word Puzzles Worksheets for a variety of Fractions concepts.

If you prefer, you can also purchase the Fractions Puzzles Worksheets as part of my Fractions, Decimals and Percentages BUNDLE

Print and laminate the Four in a Row boards for regular use. The boards were originally designed in A3 to work especially well with larger groups but you can scale it down to print in A4 if required or preferred. There are 6 game boards, two for each level of challenge, indicated with a star system, with one star being the least challenging. The one star version includes only unit fractions of small numbers. The two star version includes fractions of larger two-digit numbers, while the three star version progresses to fractions of three and four-digit numbers.

Students work strategically as pairs against pairs or one against one to get four correct answers in a row - horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They roll a dice each time to decide from which column to pick a calculation (the columns are numbered 1-6). Students write their answers on the board with a dry-wipe marker.

This can be played multiple times in a lesson or across several lessons as groups can use different card sets each time. Teams complete a treasure hunt-type chain of fractions calculations, followed by a ‘Find the Target Number’ mental maths challenge, using a mixture of the four operations. There are 54 double-sided cards, forming sets of 6 cards for 9 teams. A key feature is the chance to involve lower ability students in a fun whole class activity to give them a boost of confidence without it being obvious their calculations are less challenging (3 of the sets are at an easier level). Full instructions included.

Students collaborate on a treasure hunt type maths trail and when they’ve collected all 5 answers, they are given a target, which they must make using 3 given numbers. You can print and laminate the cards in batches of 3 sets, so if you don’t require them all, you needn’t print them. The cards should be printed double-sided (they’ve been laid out to facilitate this). I print by selecting the ‘2-Sided Short Edge (Top)’ option. However, if you can only print one-sided, print all the even-numbered pages, replace the paper, and print the odd-numbered pages on the back.

Give each team their ‘Start’ card. Spread out all other cards, answer side up. You may wish to remove cards from any set not being used, although this is not necessary. On your signal, teams turn over their Start card and complete the calculation. Each team sends one person to collect the correct answer card, on the other side of which will be their next question and a letter to confirm which team it belongs to. Ensure teams immediately replace any cards not marked with their letter. The process continues until the team have answered all five calculations. On the other side of the final answer card will be a target number, which teams must make, using the numbers printed in boxes in the bottom right corner of 3 of their cards. Use all 3 numbers and only once each, using any of the 4 operations. The first to make their target number wins!

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