French Pets BUNDLE (Les Animaux de Compagnie)

KS2 / KS3 Beginners French BUNDLE to help plan a Les Animaux de Compagnie (Les Animaux Domestiques) / French Domestic Animals unit. A presentation, flashcards, worksheets, puzzles, printable games and activities; enough for multiple lessons to teach and review vocabulary and phrases through speaking, reading and writing activities, and there’s differentiation too. My French basics resources suit students beginning French and near beginners in Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 and equivalents. Please check the individual resource pages and previews to see a sample of the resources included. All resources are in PDF, apart from the presentation, which is PowerPoint (and also included in PDF).

The resources in this money-saving BUNDLE are also available in three individual packs:

French Pets Presentation and Flashcards
French Pets Worksheets and Puzzles
French Pets Games

The resources focus on 12 key animal words (cat, dog, rabbit, horse, snake, guinea pig, hamster, parrot, lizard, mouse, turtle, goldfish), a small number of other words, and linked questions and answers, such as ‘Do you have a pet?’, and phrases linked to pets’ names, ages and colours.

You might also like my set of 24 French Family and Pets Role Play Cards. Featuring English and French translations, these speaking activities combine vocabulary and phrases from French Families and French Pets topics.

I also have a French Family and Pets BIG BUNDLE, which includes these role play cards together with the contents of both my French Pets and French Family bundles.

A 40-slide (and more slides for games) PowerPoint Lesson Presentation (also in PDF format) and printable flashcards. Use to introduce or review key words and phrases. Many slides feature answers that appear when you click, for students to respond. There are some very short reading comprehensions and an additional 20+ slides at the end (making it 65 slides in total) form a ‘Splat’ game and a memory game (Kim’s game), which could be played in teams, with students working out which images are missing each time and giving the word in French. While the PDF version does not retain the ability for teachers to reveal answers by clicking, it will still help you introduce and review this topic if you do not have PowerPoint. Also within the Zip file is a PDF of flashcards, with two on each page. Included with and without a background colour.


  • Vocabulary support page for display or printing (with and without background colour)
  • 2 worksheets (with answer keys). Includes missing letter tasks, word matching, basic reading comprehension and translation tasks. Worksheet 2 is included in a 1-star version (for younger, lower ability, or less experienced students) and a 2-star, more challenging version. There’s a US version of Worksheet 2 (2 star version), with ‘colour’ in question 1 replaced by the spelling ‘color’
  • Crossword in 2 versions (the 1-star version contains a word bank for support)
  • Wordsearch puzzle (1-star version of the wordsearch contains the start of each word). There is a hidden sentence challenge at the end of the wordsearch, using the unused letters
  • Full Answer Keys


  • 2 Four in a Row game boards to print and laminate. First to get four in a row - vertically, horizontally or diagonally - wins. Students roll dice, then choose a pets word from that number column to say in French. If correct, use a dry-wipe marker to put a symbol or initial in that box.
  • ‘I have…Who has?’ Cards / Loop Game: consolidate pets vocabulary in phrases alongside some numbers. Print and laminate the 30 illustrated cards, which form a continuous loop so you can start with any one. Distribute among players. First player reads the French side of one of their cards and all players check if they have the matching number of the correct animal. If they do, they reply in French, saying ‘J’ai…’ (I have…) and so on.
  • Active Oral Game - 36 game cards (18 identical pairs). Students are given a card each and move around to find the player with the matching card by asking and answering questions about pets. 2 versions: the first set has French prompts for lower ability or younger students and the other set has words in English only. If required, use a mixture of the two sets for differentiation.
  • Bingo / Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe): 8 cards for a group game of Bingo (the teacher or a student could read out words) or Noughts and Crosses (students take it in turns to say aloud a French pets word from their card). If cards are laminated, students could write on them with a dry-wipe marker.

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