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Outstanding resources available -AQA chemistry, biology and physics lessons. -Differentiated science worksheets compatible with all exam boards. -Brilliant splat AfL powerpoints. -Engaging 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' themed AfL science quizzes.

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Outstanding pupil-led lesson including:
-Very engaging starter where students identify the parts of the periodic table.
-Teacher notes for practical including a list of equipment, risk assessment and a video based method.
-An exciting demonstration practical where pupils observe group one alkali metals reacting with water.
-A very well strucured worksheet task where pupils create word and symbol equations for group one metals reacting with water, write down their observation for the demonstration and draw the electronic configuration of group one elements.
-Several self and peer assessment opportunities.
-Well explained videos on the properties of groups one, seven and zero elements.
-A brilliant fill in the blanks task where students explain why reactivity of group one and seven elements changes as you go down the group,
-A thrilling game where pupils stand back to back and describe to their partners group 0 keywords they can see on the board, whilst the partner has to guess the word.
-Stimulating noughts and crosses plenary.




16 days ago

Excellent starter and some useful slides and you-tube video links that I can easily adapt to suit my teaching style and pernickity grammar and language preferences. Also, looking forward to tryng out the game amd plenary ideas when we return to face-to-face teaching. A good, time-saving resource with,plenty of student interaction built-in.

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