History of the Atom Revision Game

History of the Atomic Theory Revision Resource

This resource encompasses the five atomic models through history. Students use the spin wheel to select one of the models at random. They then must answer the three key questions on this model:

  1. What is the atomic model called?

  2. Which scientist proposed the atomic model?

  3. Describe three key features of the atomic model

Once students have answered the questions, they can check their answers using the comprehensive answer sheet. They can also record if they got their answers correct on the ‘repeat and tick’ sheet. This encourages students to use the spin wheel as an ongoing revision resource, aiming to reach the ‘know it’ level.

The atomic models featured include:

  • John Dalton (sphere model)

  • J J Thompson (plum pudding model)

  • Ernest Rutherford (nuclear modle)

  • Neils Bohr (planetary model)

  • Erwin Schrodinger (quantum model)

Also included in the resource is an instructions sheet, with helpful guidance on using the spin wheel as a revision tool.

Very simple preparation: print the sheets (set up in A4 PDF). The students can then cut out the pin wheel for themselves and push a pen or pencil through the middle for the wheel to spin around. I found clamp stands to be a useful alternative.

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