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This scheme of work reflects content changes to the KS3 Geography syllabus. The Geography Student Leaders and members of the Geoggers extra-curricular club were heavily consulted and part of this unit has been written up in partnership with them (thank you!). The scheme of work takes a location-based approach covering many different aspects of physical and human geography, but also introduces relatively ‘new’ concepts such as conflict/war and international interdependence (e.g. migrant labour). This scheme also is designed to be the first real occasion where students rigorously practices their extended writing (PEE) and introduces themed-based GIS. This scheme of work is assessed by a written report which explicitly asks students to recall the learning in class. As a whole unit, this scheme of work is expected to take around 12-14 hours.

You will need to download the “Sakkal Majalla” font for the text to display properly (easily found online for free).

Not all resources could be uploaded (e.g. the Human Planet and Planet Earth videos, the raw files for the card game and the Lesson 8 Aegis GIS file (Aegis3 or Aegis3 Viewer needed) - but I can supply the card game files and GIS file on request.

I would be very grateful if you could review our work, in order to help others judge whether the resource(s) are useful, and how they could be improve them. Thanks!

*While the resource is my own creation, it contains elements from other sources (which are cited/referenced where possible). But I do work very hard on making resources that are effective and engaging, so if you feel like that’s worth reward please leave me some kind feedback and/or consider purchasing one of my paid resources! You could also buy me a coffee at https://ko-fi.com/O5O3GPPK. *

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  • Middle-East-Assessment---WRITING-SHEET.pdf
  • FEHS-Geog-Unit-8-Student-Summary.docx
  • Lesson-01---HWK-HARD-COPY---Middle-East-Quiz.docx
  • Lesson-01---Where-and-What-is-the-ME-(Worksheet).docx
  • Lesson-01---Where-and-What-is-the-ME.pptx
  • Lesson-02---The-Climate-of-the-Middle-East-HWK.docx
  • Lesson-02---The-Climate-of-the-Middle-East-INFO-SHEETS.pdf
  • Lesson-02---The-Climate-of-the-Middle-East.pptx
  • Lesson-03---Deserts.pptx
  • Lesson-03---Optional-Study-Guide-for-Planet-Earth-Deserts.pdf
  • Lesson-03---WORKSHEET---Planet-Earth-Deserts-ANSWERS---NOTES.docx
  • Lesson-03---WORKSHEET---Planet-Earth-Deserts.docx
  • Lesson-04---Living-In-The-Desert.pptx
  • Lesson-04---WORKSHEET---Human-Planet-Deserts.docx
  • Lesson-05---Maps-for-population-density-task.docx
  • Lesson-05---Population-Density-Layout-Guide.jpg
  • Lesson-05---Population-Distribution-in-the-Middle-East.pptx
  • Lesson-06---The-UK-and-The-Middle-East.pptx
  • Lesson-07---Oil-INFO-SHEETS.pub
  • Lesson-07---Oil.pptx
  • Lesson-08---Middle-East-Aegis-GIS-Worksheet-ANSWER---HELP-SHEET.pdf
  • Lesson-08---Middle-East-Aegis-GIS-Worksheet.docx
  • Lesson-08---Oil-and-The-Middle-East.pptx
  • Lesson-10---Syria---Is-it-a-Broken-State.pptx
  • Lesson-10---Syria-conflict-timeline.docx
  • Lesson-11---HWK.doc
  • Lesson-11---Is-Dubai-A-Sustainable-City-in-the-Sand.pptx
  • Lesson-11---Mystery---Can-Dubai-Survive-the-Desert.docx
  • Lesson-12---Qatar-2022-poster-worksheet-ANSWER---climate-graph.docx
  • Lesson-12---Qatar-2022-poster-worksheet-ANSWER---picture-(sketch).docx
  • Lesson-12---Qatar-2022-poster-worksheets.pub
  • Lesson-12---Qatar-2022.pptx
  • Lesson-13---Quiz-and-Assessment.pptx
  • Middle-East-Assessment---TASK-SHEET-(Lvls-4-7).pub

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