KS3 ~ Year 8 ~ Charging Up

This lesson is designed for the KS3 Year 8 Science course, specifically the P2 1.1 unit on ‘Electricity & Magnetism’.

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The lesson begins with students being asked to ‘Think > Pair > Share’ their ideas about whether like and unlike charges attract or repel each other. After a short class discussion, students will feed their ideas back to the class and the answers can be revealed - like charges repel each other and unlike charges repel each other.

Students are now introduced to the sub-atomic particles which make up an atom - protons, neutrons and electrons. From the description provided students will need to have a go at filling in the blanks on the diagram of the atom, once completed students can self-assess their work using the mark scheme provided.

Next, students will complete a ‘Memory Test’ activity whereby a table of information is provided to students on the relative mass and charges of a proton, neutron and an electron. Students will be given a few minutes to observe and remember the information, then the table is taken away and students will need to recreate the table. The complete table is then shown to students so they can show mark and correct their work.

Students will now complete a mid-lesson progress check to assess their knowledge of what they have learned so far this lesson, the mark scheme for this progress check is included in the PowerPoint so students can self-assess the work once complete.

The next part of the lesson will focus on static charge, students will watch a video about this phenomenon and will need to answer a set of questions whilst watching. Once complete students can either self-assess or peer-assess their work using the answers provided.

The last task students will need to complete is a fill-in-the-blank task, students can mark this task using the mark scheme provided.

The plenary requires students to write a WhatsApp message to a friend, summarising what they have learned this lesson.

All resources are included at the end of the presentation, thanks for looking, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments section and any feedback would be appreciated :)

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