Market Place Activity: Britain - Revolution, Protest & Reform 1765 - 1900

These beautifully designed resources on Britain 1765 - 1900: Revolution, Protest & Reform were written in partnership with the History Academy by the textbook author and artist Andrew Hill. The time line resource which covers revolution, protest and reform in Britain 1765 - 1900, makes a great classroom display and can also be used as information cards for the accompanying market place activity. This is a versatile resource which can also be printed off and kept in a folder and used for research by your gifted and talent students or used as a revision resource for students studying this topic at GCSE or A Level. Please see the preview slides for more information.

When you purchase this resource you will be able to download two PowerPoints. The first contains the time line resources for Britain 1765 - 1900: Revolution, Protest & Reform and includes 58 slides with pictures, diagrams and information that can be printed off in colour for either display or information cards for a market place activity. The second Powerpoint includes aims, objectives, differentiated outcomes, starters, plenaries, tasks and extended writing activities to help support a market place activity. The document is open and can customised for your students. You can add, delete or rewrite slides to suit your course.

When getting your KS3 students to do the market place activity, you could get them to focus on a single theme such as revolutionaries, abolitionists, trade unionists,parliamentary reformers, social reformers, women or Ireland and then get them to do a mini presentation on that particular topic for the rest of the class.

The aims and objectives for this resource are:

Theme: Britain 1765 - 1900 - Revolution, Protest and Reform
Know: Why did people want change during the period 1765 - 1900?
Understand: How did different groups protest and campaign for change?
Evaluate: How successful were different groups at achieving the change they wanted?
Skills: Collaboration, Cause, Consequence, Change & Continuity.

WILF – What Am I Looking For?
Identify & describe: Why did some people want change in the period 1765 - 1900?
Explain: How did different groups protest and campaign for the change they wanted?
Analyse: How successful were different groups at achieving the change that they wanted?

If you are looking for similar resources then please check out our TES shop. These resources touch upon the womens campaign for the vote, but stops in 1900. This lesson can also be purchased at a discount as part of a bundled package. If you would like to stay up to date with our latest offerings, then you can also follow ‘The History Academy’ on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates or even to get in touch and chat about how you have used this resource or to ask questions. We aim to produce cheap and affordable resources for either the price of a good cup of coffee so that you can spend more time focusing on what really matters to you!

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