Mindfulness Soundscapes Class Relaxation
Mindfulness Soundscapes PowerPoint is designed to be used to promote and practice mindfulness meditation for students in the classroom.
Teachers all over the globe are starting to realise the huge benefits in incorporating mindfulness and meditation in to the classroom. Positive effects of mindfulness training can be seen in the overall mental health of children that participate. Well-being can occur on two levels... The brain as well as at the level of behaviour. It improves attention, reduces stress, and results in better emotional regulation and an improved capacity for compassion and empathy.
This PowerPoint presentation includes 3 gentle soundscapes (each being 5 minutes in length)
*Natures Soundscape
*Beach Soundscape
*Cafe Soundscape
Each soundscape also directly links to a sound slide that has all the sounds that were in the soundscape individually presented, to evoke discussion about what sounds they actually heard whilst being mindful.

The video preview for the Soundscapes PPT in action is on YouTube @ this address https://youtu.be/ZxhF37fwh-A.

BONUS :Also included in the download are the 3 soundscapes in MP3 format.

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