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Welcome to my shop!! I have taught in an inner London school for 6 years and been Head of Department for the last 3. I not only produce science specific resources but also cross-curricular projects and science literacy resources. I hope you find something useful and your students enjoy the activities!

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Two Power Points covering the whole of module 3 for OCR AS/Year 1 Chemistry (Periodic table and energy)

M3.1 Periodic table PP - 56 slides with activities included
M3.2 Physical Chemistry - 113 slides with activities included

Key word match up is for the standard enthalpy definitions (some additional definitions to spec but it extends their understanding an helps them to understand the definitions rather than just memorise them)

RSC Problem - A little Gas is a nice research based activity to consolidate understanding after you have taught the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution

M3.1 Specification areas covered:
Periodic table
Periodic trend in electrical configuration and ionisation energy
Periodic trend in structure and melting point
Redox reactions and reactivity of group 2 metals
Reactions of group 2 compounds
The halogens
Redox reactions and reactivity of halogens and their compounds
Characteristic reactions of halide ions
Qualitative analysis
Tests for ions

M3.2 Specification areas covered:
Enthalpy changes: ΔH of reaction, formation,
combustion and neutralisation
Bond enthalpies
Hess’ law and enthalpy cycles
Reaction rates
Simple collision theory
The Boltzmann distribution
Chemical equilibrium
Dynamic equilibrium and le Chatelier’s principle
The equilibrium constant, Kc



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