OCR Cambridge Technical Health and Social Care - Unit 4 Anatomy - Respiratory System

This is a collection of five PowerPoints that cover some of the respiratory section of the Unit 4 Anatomy and Physiology, as below. Some have activities, others have video’s embedded so you can develop activities to in your own teaching style to aid student memory

2.1 Structure of respiratory system
• larynx
• trachea (windpipe)
• bronchi (left and right)
• bronchioles (no cartilage to hold them open)
• alveoli (air sacks where respiration takes place)
• diaphragm (parachute shaped muscle)
• intercostal muscles (between each rib)
• pleural membranes

2.2 Inspiration and expiration
• role of pleural membranes
• role of diaphragm (muscle controlling breathing rate)
• role of intercostal muscles (muscle between each rib, contracts to exhale)

2.5 Respiratory malfunctions – possible causes and effects
• asthma (genetic and environmental triggers/reaction)

2.6 Monitoring, treatment and care needs for respiratory malfunctions
(e.g. impact on lifestyle, inhalers, medication, peak flow, physiotherapy, spirometry, oxygen)

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