A unit of worksheets with 6 sessions on teaching and learning resources of pronoun types based on New Bloom’s Taxonomy.

After completing this unit students will be able to:

SESSION 1 - REMEMBERING: Recall and list pronoun types.
SESSION 2 - UNDERSTANDING: Infer and grasp the meaning of pronoun types.
SESSION 3 - APPLYING: Apply and demonstrate the accurate knowledge of pronoun types.
SESSION 4 - ANALYSING: Analyse and infer the placement of pronoun types in sentences.
SESSION 5 - EVALUATING: Assess and evaluate the use of pronoun types in sentences.
SESSION 6 - CREATING: Create and compose new sentence patterns with pronoun types.

This download includes:

EXERCISE 1: Name and define the pronoun types with examples.
EXERCISE 2: Interpret and verbalise pictures of pronouns using the listed pronouns.
EXERCISE 3: Discover and ensure that pronouns are in the proper case - subjective, objective and possessive - in relation to the person, number and gender in the pronoun signs.
EXERCISE 4: Investigate and identify vague pronouns: ones with unclear or ambiguous antecedents.
EXERCISE 5: Recognize and correct inappropriate shifts in pronoun number and case.
EXERCISE 6: Produce and present well-written sentences with appropriate pronoun types.
EXERCISE 7: Demonstrate the mastery of using PRONOUN TYPES in writing.
EXERCISE 8: Answer the following questions to test your knowledge of pronoun types.
EXERCISE 9: Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns from the box.
EXERCISE 10: Rewrite the following paragraph using pronouns.
EXERCISE 11: Identify pronouns from the following sentences and state their types.
EXERCISE 12: Identify the type of pronouns in RED from the sentences given below.
EXERCISE 13: Fill in the blanks with the type of pronoun mentioned in the brackets.
EXERCISE 14: Fill in the blanks with interrogative pronouns - what, which, who, whom, whose – as specified.
EXERCISE 15: Rewrite the following paragraph, substituting an appropriate pronoun for each italicized word or group of words.

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