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Graphic Designer (BSc Hons) with PGCE in Education. Been teaching for 5 years. Been in education for 10.

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13 slide presentation on properties of 3D Shapes comparing them to real life objects.

  1. Title Page
  2. Differences between 2D and 3D shapes
  3. Properties of 3D shapes - Faces, Edges and vertex (vertices).
  4. Cube
  5. Cuboid
  6. Cylinder
  7. Triangular Prism
  8. Sphere
  9. Cone
  10. Square based pyramid
  11. Triangular based pyramid
  12. Hexagonal Prism
  13. Overview of all shapes slide

Each slide discussing a shape has the 3D shape and it’s properties (which appear on click). They also contain an example of each 3D shape in real life.

I have also included 2 worksheets (one for lower ability and one for higher ability). Both worksheets are available in PDF and Word document for editing if required.




4 years ago

Great lesson again! Thanks!

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