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Resources for busy teachers of Maths and PE. In most cases you can just download, print and teach! If you would like to purchase more than one product at a time and there is not a bundle for it email me for a custom bundle to get 15% off the total price at pickupandgoresources@gmail.com

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Transformations - reflections worksheets that have been differentiated. Includes reflecting a shape on a square grid, reflections in x or y lines on a coordinate grid with and describing the reflection. Suitable for KS3 or GSCE maths. Extra bonus fun activity included - reflections mystery picture. Perfect for classwork, homework or a revision lesson on transformations.

If you need a reflections lesson find my Powerpoint and workbook here.

What’s included:
• Blue (easy) - reflecting a shape on a square grid
•Gold (medium) - reflecting a shape in a line such as x=2 or y=-1
•Red (harder) - describing the transformation
•Reflections mystery pictures - students have to reflect the shapes to find out what the picture is (a dog). 2 levels of difficulty included with this -1. Reflection lines drawn in already 2. No reflection lines.

All answers included. Please rate and comment.

If you need more transformations worksheets check out my bundle here, or an entire unit on transformations here.

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Transformations lessons - scheme / unit of work with all lesson resources

Differentiated unit of work on transformations. Included are everything you need to teach tranformations topics including reflections, rotations, enlargements, translations and combinations of transformations. There are fully resourced lessons, extra worksheets that could be used as homework/starter for the next lesson and treasure hunts. Grades are set up for GCSE but could easily be used for KS3. UPDATED: 24/6/18 - to included differentiated worksheets for revision with mixed transformations 27/5/18 to include the enlargements GCSE higher differentiated worksheets. Includes powerpoint, differentiated workbook and differentiated worksheets for the following: -Rotation -Reflection ([Free worksheet here](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/transformations-reflections-differentiated-worksheets-11809606)) -Translation -Enlargements [Free lesson here](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/transformations-enlargements-lesson-11813042) -Combinations of transformations There is also a translations differentiated treasure hunt and describing transformations treasure hunt. The PowerPoint includes everything you need to teach a lesson, including animated examples. The lessons use the following format: • Objective and levels • A “how to teaching portion” with animated examples • An AfL miniwhiteboard quiz • Answers to all the booklet questions • Plenary (with answers) The worksheets/workbooks are fully differentiated and come with answers.


Transformations differentiated worksheets

*Transformations differentiated worksheets* Transformations worksheets for students to complete in class. 3 levels of difficulty have been included for each separate topic. (translations, reflections, rotations, enlargements and combinations of transformations) Combination of transformations: • Blue (easy) - Combine transformations •Gold (medium) - Describe fully a reflection, translation or rotation •Red (harder) - Combine transformations and describe the single equivalent transformation Rotating shapes: • Blue (easy) - rotating a shape on a square grid •Gold (medium) - rotating a shape on a coordinate grid •Red (harder) - describing the transformation Translations: • Blue (easy) - translating a shape on a square grid •Gold (medium) - translating a shape using vectors •Red (harder) - describing the transformation Reflections (free sample here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/reflections-differentiated-worksheets-11809606) • Blue (easy) - reflecting a shape on a square grid •Gold (medium) - reflecting a shape in a line such as x=2 or y=-1 •Red (harder) - describing the transformation Enlargements: Blue (easy) -Enlarge an object by an integer scale factor from a centre of enlargement Gold (medium) -Enlarge an object by a fractional scale factor from a centre of enlargement. Red (hard) - Describe fully an enlargement; work out a scale factor and centre of enlargement. Promotion: Purchase this product, review and leave a comment and I will send you my [Enlargements differentiated worksheet (positive, negative and fractional scale factors/Higher GCSE)](https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/enlargements-differentiated-worksheet-positive-negative-and-fractional-scale-factors-higher-gcse-11893646) for free. In order to get the worksheets: once you have purchased please leave a review and comment and then email pickupandgoresources@gmail.com with your TES user name and your buyer Transaction identifier and i will email you with the worksheets. DXP9ZZ15HP





5 months ago

Excellent resource. Thank you


10 months ago

Really nicely thought-through resource - the differentiation works well and has a good variety of questions. All answers are provided (always good) and a nice mystery picture activity is included (which is self marking!) What more could you want?

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