Transformations differentiated worksheets

Transformations differentiated worksheets
Transformations worksheets for students to complete in class. 3 levels of difficulty have been included for each separate topic. (translations, reflections, rotations, enlargements and combinations of transformations)

Combination of transformations:
• Blue (easy) - Combine transformations
•Gold (medium) - Describe fully a reflection, translation or rotation
•Red (harder) - Combine transformations and describe the single equivalent transformation

Rotating shapes:
• Blue (easy) - rotating a shape on a square grid
•Gold (medium) - rotating a shape on a coordinate grid
•Red (harder) - describing the transformation

• Blue (easy) - translating a shape on a square grid
•Gold (medium) - translating a shape using vectors
•Red (harder) - describing the transformation

Reflections (free sample here:
• Blue (easy) - reflecting a shape on a square grid
•Gold (medium) - reflecting a shape in a line such as x=2 or y=-1
•Red (harder) - describing the transformation

Blue (easy) -Enlarge an object by an integer scale factor from a centre of enlargement
Gold (medium) -Enlarge an object by a fractional scale factor from a centre of enlargement.
Red (hard) - Describe fully an enlargement; work out a scale factor and centre of enlargement.

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