Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
Inspire and Educate! By Krazikas
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This informative and highly engaging resource is ideal for a whole school January assembly on the famous ploughman poet from Scotland, Robert Burns (Robbie Burns / Rabbie Burns), who went on to become 'The People's Poet'. Early in January, it could be used to show that Robert was the creator of 'Auld Lang Syne' and, later on in the month, for 'Burns Night' and 'Burns Suppers'.

This fully editable, 47 slide PowerPoint presentation on the life of Robert Burns contains hyperlinks to:

several animated versions of his life

recitations of some of his most well-known poems - My Love is like a Red, Red, Rose; To A Mouse; To the Haggis; Auld Lang Syne and Tom O' Shanter

'The Immortal Memory' Speech and cutting of the haggis

creating Burns style poetry


It also details what happens on Burns Night which is celebrated in Scotland and all over the world on the 25th January and contains interesting facts about the influence of Robert Burns on people such as Steinbeck and JD Salinger.

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