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Romeo & Juliet Test & Key

This file contains three documents. The first is a detailed study guide outlining test content. The second is a summative assessment on Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare, designed to measure reading comprehension and assess student analysis of key concepts and characters. The third is an answer key, which includes sample responses to short answer and essay questions.

The test covers the entirety of the play and is structured as follows:

Part 1: Elements of Drama.
10 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ Definition of drama, aside, monologue, act, soliloquy, playwright, blocking, spectacle
♦ Division of the stage into 9 parts
♦ The format of a sonnet

Part 2: History of Drama.
10 questions. True/False.
♦ Typical number of acts in a play
♦ Origins of drama
♦ The significance of Aeschylus
♦ Arena stages
♦ Shakespeare’s three primary types of plays
♦ The Globe as the first permanent theatre
♦ Exclusion of females from the stage
♦ Spectators in the Globe Theatre
♦ Daytime performances
♦ Behavior of groundlings

Part 3: Romeo & Juliet Characters.
24 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ All relevant characters

Part 4: Literary Devices.
10 questions. Multiple Choice.
♦ Oxymoron
♦ Verbal irony
♦ Dramatic irony
♦ Situational irony
♦ Hyperbole
♦ Internal conflict
♦ Metaphor
♦ Theme
♦ Personification
♦ Foreshadowing
♦ And more

Part 5: Romeo & Juliet Quotes and Excerpts.
14 questions. Matching quote to speaker and context.
♦ “Good pilgrim, you do wrong…”
♦ “But soft! What light…”
♦ “…thou art a villain.”
♦ “Ask for me tomorrow…”
♦ “Condemned villain, I do apprehend thee…”
♦ “O churl! Drunk all…”
♦ “I do but keep the peace…”
♦ “My child is yet a stranger…”
♦ “O, I am fortune’s fool.”
♦ “This intrusion shall, now seeming sweet…”
♦ ���…hang, beg, starve, die in the streets…”
♦ “Capulet! Montague! …all are punished.”
♦ “Parting is such sweet sorrow…”
♦ “For this alliance may so happy prove…”

Part 6: Short Answer.
8 questions.
♦ Purpose of a chorus
♦ Marriage in Shakespeare’s day
♦ Romeo’s emotions
♦ Romeo renouncing his name
♦ The balcony scene
♦ Juliet’s feelings toward Paris
♦ Theme
♦ Juliet’s death

Part 7: Essay.
3 total essays. Students choose 2.
♦ Lady Capulet’s relationship to Juliet and her attempts to convince Juliet to marry Paris
♦ Tragic mistakes and how they could have been avoided
♦ Determining who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death and why/how

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