To Kill a Mockingbird Test & Key

This is a 75-question summative assessment on To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which measures reading comprehension and encourages recall of key concepts and themes in the novel. An answer key is included.

The test is organized as follows:

Part 1: Historical Parallels.
Be prepared to answer multiple choice questions that allude to the following key concepts. Four points total.
• Segregation
• Desegregation
• Jim Crow laws
• The Emancipation Proclamation
• Harper Lee’s birth year

Part 2: Plot Recall.
Be prepared to answer true/false questions that measure basic reading recall. Questions refer to important events and situations in the novel. Seventeen points total.
• Miss Gates’ comments on Hitler’s treatment of the Jews
• The jury’s deliberation
• Jem’s punishment for destroying Mrs. Dubose’s flowers
• Atticus’s professional history
• Maycomb’s desires to justify prejudice
• Atticus’s family history
• Atticus’s cross-examination of Bob
• Heck Tate’s testimony
• Miss Maudie’s characterization
• Jem and Scout’s Christmas gifts
• Scout’s feelings toward school
• The people hit hardest by the Great Depression
• The novel’s allusion to the Scottsboro Case
• How Maycomb felt about Atticus defending Tom Robinson
• Mayella’s treatment of Tom Robinson
• How the children gather information about Boo Radley

Part 3: Character Recall.
Be prepared to answer multiple choice questions that measure basic reading recall. Questions refer to characters in the novel. Thirty-six points total.
• Tim Johnson
• Boo Radley
• Heck Tate
• Dill
• Miss Rachel
• Scout
• Jem
• Aunt Alexandra
• Calpurnia
• Link Deas
• Tom Robinson
• Helen Robinson
• Judge Taylor
• Miss Caroline
• Miss Gates
• Mr. Underwood
• Mr. Gilmer
• Dolphus Raymond
• Atticus
• Rev. Sykes
• Francis
• Mr. Cunningham
• Nathan Radley
• Mayella

Part 4. Quotes. Matching. Crucial quotes from the novel are given. It is the student’s job to match the quote to the appropriate context.

Part 5. Fill-in-the-Blank. Given a quote, the student will identify the speaker, recipient, and context.

Part 6. Short Answer. Respond to questions that require one to apply knowledge of literary devices to the novel.
• Dynamic character
• Setting
• Autobiographical parallel
• Theme

Seventy-nine questions total. A key is included.

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