Year 5 - Reflection and Translation - Geometry - Position and Direction  White Rose (MASTERY)

This pack includes 38 PDF printables, mastery, extension and resource cards, 34 slide PowerPoint presentation and PDF printable answers. The packs provide a concrete, pictorial,abstract (CPA) approach helps pupils to develop a deep understanding of maths as part of mastery learning all designed for the 2014 curriculum that can be differentiated as detailed below:

Worksheets 1+2 - Reflection (black blocks)
Worksheets 3-5 – Reflection (coloured blocks)
Worksheet 6 – Partner activity - Reflecting blocks
Worksheet 7 – Draw the reflection of rectangles in mirror line
Worksheet 8+9 – Draw the reflection of shapes in mirror line
Worksheet 10 – Drawing the mirror line for given rectangles
Worksheet 11 – Drawing the mirror line for given shapes
Worksheet 12 – Partner activity - Reflecting shapes
Worksheets 13+14 - Drawing reflections in horizontal/vertical mirror lines (black blocks)
Worksheets 15 - Drawing reflections in horizontal/vertical mirror lines (coloured blocks)
Worksheets 16+17 - Drawing reflections of shapes horizontal/vertical mirror lines
Worksheet 18 – Partner activity - Reflecting in different mirror lines
Worksheets 19+20 - Reflection test style questions
Worksheets 21 - Translating rectangles using 1-step instructions
Worksheets 22 - Translating rectangles using 2-step instructions
Worksheets 23 - Translating shapes using 1-step instructions
Worksheets 24 - Translating shapes using 2-step instructions
Worksheets 25 - Describing translations of rectangles
Worksheets 26 - Describing translations of shapes
Worksheet 27 – Partner activity - Translating shapes
Worksheet 28 – Translating rectangle puzzle using given points
Worksheet 29 – Translating shape puzzle using given points
Worksheets 30-31 - Reflection test style questions
Worksheets 32 - Reflection or translation identification

Mastery + Extension Cards:
Partner activities
True or False activities with reasoning
Reflection/ Translation activities
Work it out problem solving activities
Spot the mistake activity

Resource Cards:
Terminology and grid cards
Teacher blank template - reflection in mirror lines
Teacher blank template - Reflection with horizontal/vertical mirror lines
Teacher blank template - Translation grids with instructions

PDF format (please set print option to fit).

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