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GCSE Science Revision Quizzes

GCSE Science Revision Quizzes

Three multiple choice revision quizzes for GCSE (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Ideal class activity testing knowledge and understanding of content from across the specification. Suitable for students who have completed or nearly completed the courses as part of a revision lesson and helps with developing memory recall skills. Contains some higher tier questions which can be edited for lower ability groups. Fully editable with ‘Ask me’ to give all students opportunities to answer. The quizzes makes use of a 15 second timer to encourage quick thinking and improve speed of knowledge recall, after which the question is covered, only leaving the possible answers. Incorrect answers chosen are highlighted red to provide instant feedback to the students during the quizzes and allowing for opportunities to discuss the correct answer. When playing the presentation, each quiz is navigated by on-screen buttons to encourage students to answer all questions rather than skipping through to ensure that they are familiar with these topics and consolidate their learning across the courses. This also provides opportunities for students to identify areas of weakness where they need to focus their revision.