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We explain how our brand-new product, smartMatch Direct will make hiring the staff you need easier and less time-consuming.

smartMatch Direct intelligently matches your job description and candidate specification to more than 310,000 teachers who have let us know they’re interested in hearing about the right opportunity, but may not be actively looking at roles. Schools, just like yours, are then able to contact and engage with those candidates directly to promote your role. 

International schools find it difficult to recruit talented teachers

There’s a high demand for teachers from English speaking countries and specialist subject knowledge experts, particularly for hard-to-fill roles. Highly regarded international schools, in desirable locations, are inundated with applications, however finding quality, talented, eligible teachers that are serious about teaching abroad is difficult and time-consuming. Schools often find the experience of a candidate are unsuitable for the role. While, schools in remote locations struggle to attract candidates. 

Schools face increased pressue to recruit English teachers 

Growing global competition to attract high-quality English speaking teachers means there’s increasing pressure to offer teachers competitive packages and to ensure, through quality teaching, their students attend the top universities.

smartMatch Direct can make a meaningful difference to schools

smartMatch Direct gives schools control over their recruitment by providing them with:  

  • An alternative option to finding teachers, rather than relying on advertising alone or using expensive recruitment consultants
  • The ability to reach more than 310,000 active and passive job seekers

smartMatch Direct can also support teachers to find their dream role

smartMatch Direct suggests roles to teachers that they may not have seen or considered themselves. 

International teaching is difficult to navigate, by providing a way to start a conversation directly with the school, they’re able to ask questions to see if they're suitable for thr role before applying in full.

From talking to schools we know there's a real need for smartMatch Direct

Working closely with international schools, we were able to capture feedback that helped us accurately identify the most commonly asked visa and candidate specification questions to find suitable teachers who may be interested in applying.

smartMatch Direct is available to all international schools with a Recruitment Subscription for unlimited use until August 2020.

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