Tes launches all-in-one solution for staff retention

Tes has been empowering educators for more than a century, and today marks the launch of a new and exciting software product to help schools in Australia and New Zealand to flourish.

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Staff Management is an all-in-one suite that supports teachers in every aspect of their careers, enabling schools to hire, train and retain the most talented teams.

Helping schools become employers of choice

The current Australian teacher market is incredibly hard for schools. The pandemic has dramatically affected the number of teachers available, so attracting good staff and retaining them is even more important than ever before. Our recent Australia Wellbeing Report (January 2022) found that by offering staff the right support, training and opportunities for their voices to be heard and understood, schools can improve retention and position themselves as an employer of choice.

Three in one

Until now, the hiring, training and wellbeing of teachers has often been tackled separately, with school leaders using different solutions for these fundamentally important elements. Bringing these together as one holistic subscription, specifically built for Australian schools, not only saves time and increases value, but it also gives school leaders more predictability around costs and supply.

Oversee hiring in one place

Hiring is a time-consuming activity for senior leaders (when they are busy enough as it is!). Staff Management allows schools to view a vast pool of teachers and leaders that are open to work, and manage their recruitment processes with a simple, secure and fully data-compliant automated system. This subscription also allows for unlimited job advertising, -so there’s no chance of overspending on hiring.

A strategic approach to professional development

Investing in staff development is crucial for retention but it can sometimes be overlooked: in our wellbeing report, 39 per cent of staff said that they “don’t feel they have opportunities to develop in their current role”.

The online training platform in Staff Management offers flexible and personalised professional development in one place. It has a variety of expert-written courses on safeguarding and duty of care, professional studies and subject knowledge.

Staff Management also includes whole-school access to the fully digital Tes magazine which further enables staff to enhance their pedagogy and pastoral skills with features and in-depth analysis of the latest research and the matters that impact school life.

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Listening to the teacher community

Our wellbeing report highlighted that 44 per cent of school staff feel that they “don’t have a voice about how things go at their school”, so it is clearly vital that schools are equipped with tools to listen to their communities. With Staff Management, schools can use anonymous wellbeing surveys to gain feedback and insights on a regular basis, identifying issues, tracking improvements, and, above all, bringing their staff wellbeing strategies to life.

Mercedes Gonzalez-Gorbena, Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Tes said:

“Great training, development and wellbeing are fundamental to maintaining motivated and engaged staff. Schools want to make sure that both current and prospective staff feel taken care of, appreciated and valued, which this solution can help them with”. 

Brett Engeman, Company Director of Tes Australia and New Zealand adds:

“We understand the multi-faceted challenges of leading a school here in Australia and wanted to help by bringing it all together. Staff Management will help run the hiring, development and retention of valued teachers, as well as supporting their wellbeing as seamlessly as possible. With this new innovation, Tes is continuing to fulfil its vision of delivering the products that help schools and students flourish.”

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