Tools to unlock student potential

Imagine classrooms within which young people believe there is no limit to their accomplishments.  An environment where they can see the worth in their learning, passions and aspirations, and ultimately recognise that they, the students, matter.

Each and every school should be bursting these inspirational spaces where pupils never underestimate, doubt or ignore their unique talents.

So, how can teachers ensure there is never a barrier standing between a pupil and the ability to achieve their full potential?

This hub aims to give teachers and school leaders the tools they need to empower students to know that they matter, and instill a sense of self-belief, resilience and determination within them.

Tes and SMART technologies have pulled together the advice and expertise of key people in education ranging from teachers at the heart of inspiring our young people, to administrators and policy makers, to discuss ways to transform schools and classrooms into places of inquiry and experimentation, in which limits, creativity and discovery are pushed.  

The idea is to create settings where greatness not only survives, but thrives. 

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