Advance Learning Partnership

Durham, County, United Kingdom

Location: Durham, County, United Kingdom

About Advance Learning Partnership

Advance Learning Partnership is a not-for-profit Multi Academy Trust consisting of a mix of primary and secondary academies. We have developed our educational blueprint from the original school at Parkside Academy and used this to enhance the education provision in all of our schools, having a transformational effect on children’s life chances.

All academies within our Trust collaborate as a ‘family of schools’. The trust as a whole is not a separate body or group of people, but rather one single organisation made up of all our academies with one single vision and shared set of values.

We work together to ensure that all children, irrespective of their starting point, receive an excellent education. We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of the children in our care, including those who are most vulnerable or challenging. These groups of students are a major priority and we work closely with parents/carers in helping to raise their child’s self-esteem, resilience and subsequent achievement and attainment.

The aim of Advance Learning Partnership (ALP) is to give children and young people from all backgrounds an outstanding education. In doing so, they will acquire the values, skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare them for success both in the classroom and beyond. To achieve this aim we will establish outstanding academies in our local communities and surrounding areas. Our ethos is based upon full inclusion, high expectations, outstanding teaching and learning and a relentless focus on the needs and potential of every child. Our core vision and values will shape and inform the operation of the trust.


Address: Whitworth Lane, Spennymoor, County Durham, DL16 7LN, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 138 882 5285
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