Chinese New Year DragonQuick View

Chinese New Year Dragon

The highlight of the Chinese New Year parade is the dragon dance. Using this TESiboard activity, children can decorate and print off a beautiful traditional Chinese dragon of their own. Select a colour and click on part of the dragon to colour it in. Change the dragon's outline colour using colours on the left. Alternatively, print off the Chinese Dragon doc and colour by hand. Note: This is a Flash activity and may not work on all devices and browsers. We recommend IE.

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Chinese New Year BundleQuick View

Chinese New Year Bundle

Awesome Chinese New Year Bundle Awesome Chinese New Year Quiz Chinese New Year Red Packet design and make your own Chinese New Year Zodiac animal colouring posters Superb resource for all ages!

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Chinese New Year Scavenger HuntQuick View

Chinese New Year Scavenger Hunt

This is a Chinese New Year scavenger hunt. There are 16 cards with facts about the special day. There is also a worksheet that the students can fill out after reading the cards. The answer key is also included.

By Elementary_Teachers_Pet

Spring Festival/ Chinese New YearQuick View

Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year

An in-depth resource that explains some of the customs and traditions surrounding the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Two traditional New Year tales are included in this resource - The Story of Nian the Monster and The Great Race. The resource is packed with plenty of images and well-researched information. I'm sure you will enjoy using this resource! You could use this resource in class or as an assembly with students of all ages. Please note, this resource is a PDF document.

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chinese new yearQuick View

chinese new year

A powerpoint based on info from the bbc with a link to activities. Can be used in class or as the basis for an assembly

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Chinese New Year StoryQuick View

Chinese New Year Story

Powerpoint story of how the Chinese new years were named. I have the figures from the powerpoint stories which the children use to support re-telling the story on the small world table.

By blackdown43

Chinese New Year Activity BundleQuick View

Chinese New Year Activity Bundle

This is a bundle of primary school activities to use for Chinese New Year: 1 - Make an oracle bone from clay with Ancient Chinese symbols on. 2. Ancient Chinese Recipe to make Ginger Millet Porridge. 3. A web quest activity for pupils to independently research the Ancient Chinese Shang Dynasty. 4. A story of a legendary Chinese king, which can be used as a stimulus for drama or writing.

By KS2History

Chinese Take Aways and Additions! Chinese New Year Maths ResourceQuick View

Chinese Take Aways and Additions! Chinese New Year Maths Resource

Add some interest to addition and subtraction with these 10 worksheets using Chinese symbols for numbers. Ideal for use during the Chinese New Year period. Pupils complete adding and taking away tasks and insert the corresponding Chinese symbol. - addition to 10 - addition to 20 - subtraction from 10 - subtraction from 20 - find the missing numbers - addition and subtraction up to 20 Appropriate for Key Stage 1 and older SEN students. Other Chinese New Year Resources Coordinates in The First Quadrant Worksheets Chinese New Year Battleships Team Coordinates Interactive PowerPoint Game Chinese New Year Themed Battleships - Coordinates Partner Game Chinese New Year Assembly / Lesson Presentation - 77 Slides Chinese New Year Lantern Riddles PowerPoint Quiz - What's orange and sounds like a parrot? Chinese New Year Activity Pack - Word Searches, Crossword, Anagrams, Chinese Riddles, Word Making Chinese New Year Information Sheets and Comprehensions Chinese Proverbs - Thought Provoking PowerPoint and Posters Chinese New Year - Interactive Quiz Chinese New Year 2017 Assembly / Lesson Presentation For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate

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Chinese New Year Math Activity: Chinese Math Story - Dragon AdventureQuick View

Chinese New Year Math Activity: Chinese Math Story - Dragon Adventure

Chinese New Year Math Activity: Chinese Math Story - Dragon Adventure - Great for upper elementary and middle school students. Students are transported to ancient China and have to use their math skills to complete a math quest. Great activity for Chinese new years. Five scrolls (pages) are given to the students and each scroll (worksheet page) takes them further along their quest - to find the dragons lair. Scroll 1/ Hidden multiplication message (with Chinese numbers) Scroll 2/ Map with long addition and subtraction Scroll 3/ Chinese Zodiac (years) Scroll 4/ Choose the right path (decimal addition/order of operations). Scroll 5/ Choice the right amount of treasure - basic algebra. Pack also includes three extension activities for early finishers - a number puzzle, a writing activity and a drawing activity. Answer sheets provided Great Chinese new year math activity.

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Chinese New Year Story - Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Chinese New Year Story - Reading Comprehension

This comprehension resource contains the following: - Chinese New Year Story text - Differentiated comprehension questions to match the text provided - LA/ MA and HA - Ticks at the bottom of the page identify which ability group the questions are suitable for. - Text can be used for Guided Reading and questions used as a follow up activity.

By ReadingResourcesforTeachers

Animal Sort - Chinese New YearQuick View

Animal Sort - Chinese New Year

Simple sorting activity featuring the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, Could be used as an independent activity or with a small group. Sort the animals by the number of legs.

By tesAutism

Chinese New Year Maths PowerPoint QuizQuick View

Chinese New Year Maths PowerPoint Quiz

An interesting and engaging PowerPoint using maths to highlight the Chinese New Year in a quiz format. Teams of pupils collaborate to solve the problems or complete the activities. There are 5 rounds. In Chinese characters pupils have to find the mode as different characters appear on the screen such as Fate or Good Fortune. In Firework Festival fireworks last for different amounts of time and the combinations have to be found. The number of chopsticks needed for two restaurants with 2 types of table, square and rectangular.The Chinese Zodiac requires matching of years to the correct animal. Finally a magic square is used to calculate Steve Chan's lucky number. Updated so that the scores and team names can be entered via keyboard.

By sabyrne

The SPRING FESTIVAL  - Chinese New Year - Reading ComprehensionQuick View

The SPRING FESTIVAL - Chinese New Year - Reading Comprehension

This Reading Comprehension worksheet introduces students to the Chinese Spring Festival. The text describes the major customs and traditions of the Festival and gives an insight into the fairs and festivals organized in China to celebrate the New Year. After carefully reading a text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: questions, True or False statement, a crossword and a word search based on information they get from the text. The handout also includes some information about the Chinese Zodiac Signs. This worksheet can be completed as a fun activity in class (for vocabulary building purposes) or be assigned for homework.

By MariaPht

Chinese New Year Traditions - Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Chinese New Year Traditions - Reading Comprehension

A comprehensive text on the regional Chinese traditions and customs during the Chinese New Year festivities. The text describes all the festivities of the 15 day New Year celebration in China. There are 12 reading comprehension questions and two extensive gap filling exercises that can be done in class or assigned for homework, Get your students to learn more about the Chinese Luni-solar year and expand their ESL vocabulary/reading skills.

By MariaPht

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Chinese New Year - History Bundle KS2Quick View

Chinese New Year - History Bundle KS2

A big bundle of history lessons about Ancient China (Shang Dynasty) - perfect for KS2 to use around Chinese New Year. Also included is a teachers' guide.

By KS2History