Mothers Day Verb PoemQuick View

Mothers Day Verb Poem

Mother's Day Verb Poem. Mothers are always doing things! They are very busy. Students can let their mom know they notice by writing a Mother’s Day Verb Poem. They can pay attention to what their mom does, and collect the verbs! Use the verbs in the poem to make a special poem about mom. If students can’t think of any verbs, there is a verb bank for ideas. Includes directions and a list of verbs, and a template to fill in with verbs. Write a verb poem for mom to let her know you notice how much she does. - HappyEdugator
Mother's Day Crafts - POP-UP Bouquet CraftivityQuick View

Mother's Day Crafts - POP-UP Bouquet Craftivity

This POP-UP Bouquet will be a great gift for Mom / Mum, Sister, Aunt, Grandma, etc. Watch the video to see how it is made. What is included: A total of 9 templates for students to choose from: - 5 base templates (with writing activities) - 4 front cover / back cover (with writing activities) - plus flowers and a bow to pop up the bouquet of flowers There are lots of options for everyone. Students create this POP-UP Flower Bouquet using the base template provided, then make a few cuts and folds and add the flowers and the bow. The Flower Bouquet closes for easy transport home. Graphics for boys and for girls. Note: It is so much easier to watch the video than to try and follow written instructions so that is how you will learn to make this product. What you need: Just photocopy on regular photocopy paper. Students will need coloring pencils, scissors and glue. Students will be proud to present this to their loved one because it really is unique and lovely. Check out the video and have a look before you purchase to make sure you love it and that it is right for your students!
Mother's Day AssemblyQuick View

Mother's Day Assembly

A fun and interactive 27-slide PowerPoint presentation about Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday), its UK origins and traditions. Suitable for stand alone lessons and assemblies in KS1/KS2. Fully editable text can be tailored to the needs of your pupils. After a short starter, pupils learn about the history of Mother’s Day and its religious origins. Information about modern Mother’s Day is also included, as well as a fun facts quiz, inspirational quotes and colourful illustrations. Thank you for your interest. HoppyTimes
Mother's Day AssemblyQuick View

Mother's Day Assembly

A 10-15 min assembly all about Mother's Day. The assembly begins with an interactive activity for pupils to participate in - it will get them thinking about material gifts vs. thoughtful gifts, also how one kind act compares to the everyday kindness and responsibility of a mother. A brief background of Mother's Day is included, along with suggestions for pupils and reflection/sharing time.
El día de la madre Lectura ~ Mother's Day Spanish ReadingQuick View

El día de la madre Lectura ~ Mother's Day Spanish Reading

This 2-page file includes: ~ A reading about how Mother's Day is celebrated in Mexico. It talks about the customs surrounding the holiday as well as how it is celebrated i.e. gifts, songs, a visit to church, going out for dinner etc. ~A glossary of new vocabulary. ~A worksheet with five comprehension questions in Spanish and a short writing section.
Mother's Day Poetry IdeasQuick View

Mother's Day Poetry Ideas

In this bundle of Powerpoint presentations, the well known children's poet, David Horner, will talk your children through four clever ways to write a poem for their mum for Mother's Day. 1. The first idea he calls 'My Mum's A Ferrari' and it explores the use of metaphors. 2. The next one is a 'Recipe Poem'. 3. The third idea involves playing a word association game to get ideas for a poem. 4. The final idea for a poem for Mother's Day, David calls 'The Magic Box' and is based on the poem 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. The poems the children write are bound to melt the hearts of the mums who receive them. All the money raised from the sale of our resources is donated to a local northwest charity for children called MedEquip4Kids.
Mothers' Day Assembly Powerpoint (Christian)Quick View

Mothers' Day Assembly Powerpoint (Christian)

A lovely Powerpoint file to use as an assembly for Mothers' Day with a Christian theme. It looks at the mothers in the Bible and what they did for their children. This is particularly suitable for KS2 and the children clearly enjoy the discussion that can be had around which skill or characteristic each mother from the Bible displayed. Children are then encouraged to consider how much their own mothers do for them.
Mother's Day ::  Mother’s Day Writing Activities  ::  Mother’s Day CardQuick View

Mother's Day :: Mother’s Day Writing Activities :: Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day, Every Day! A versatile Mother’s Day craftivity integrating Art and creative writing all in one great unit. Writing activities can be as easy or as difficult as you want for your kiddos. Minimal prep and easy construction…perfect for the busy classroom. Check it out to see all the options for easy differentiation in any classroom and grade level. Specifically designed to take in account of various family units and religions. This unit is great for making a “MOM” card-tivitiy that is inclusive of MOM, MUM, Step-MOM, Grand-Mom, Auntie and every Caregiver in a child’s life. Develop Fine Motor Skills in… :: coloring :: painting :: :: gluing :: cutting :: :: following directions :: Perfect for … :: Centers :: Morning Work :: :: Art Class :: Writing :: :: Literacy Extensions :: :: Social Studies/Cultural Studies ::
Mother's Day Poetry - MetaphorsQuick View

Mother's Day Poetry - Metaphors

In this PowerPoint presentation, the well known children's poet, David Horner, will talk your children through a clever way to write a poem for their mum for Mother's Day. He calls it 'My Mum's A Ferrari' and it explores the use of metaphors. The presentation takes the children through the whole process step by step. At the end they will have written a poem describing their mum in a series of 'metaphoric couplets' - it is bound to melt the hearts of the mums who receive them. If you and your children enjoy this lesson then watch out for our other Mother's Day poetry lessons - there will be four in total. We would love to know what you think of our resources, so why not leave us a review. All the money raised from the sale of our resources is donated to a local northwest charity for children called MedEquip4Kids. All the images used are from Pixabay.
Mother's Day CardQuick View

Mother's Day Card

This is an idea I found and used successfully. I have made the templates to make it easier to create the finished product. I used the sheet as a design template for a mug which the children then decorated and gave as a gift for Mother's day.
Mothers day resourses Quick View

Mothers day resourses

includes Describing mum sheet (1 sheet) - what does she like? why is she special? what does she look like? which words describe her? Mothers day writing templates (4 sheets) - A variety of writing sheets with different sized lines (including a blank one) for different abilities and star and heat decorations. Mum describing sheets (3 sheets) - sheet 1 - My mum is a star because... I love you because ..... mum you are ..... Each sheet has 4 hearts or stars for children to write their describing words in
Mother's Day TeaQuick View

Mother's Day Tea

You'll have so much fun with this craft! Yes .. that Tea Cup is 3D! Drop a Tea Bag into the decorated Tea Cup for Mom, Mum, Grandma, Sister, etc. There are 9 templates to choose from. Something for everyone! Includes 2 components: 1 - Students begin with the Tea Cup Template. 2 Students choose from 9 different Tea Cup / Tea Bag options. They write a message to their loved on the Tea Bag and drop it into the decorated Tea Cup. Requires: Paper, coloring pencils, scissors and glue (recommend glue stick). As an added touch, I used a single hole punch and added a ribbon to the Tea Bag. I also used light colored cardstock as I just think it looks so much better. Always save the file onto your desktop and then print from that file.
Mother's Day CraftQuick View

Mother's Day Craft

A great craft and writing activity to make with your class! Children will enjoy assembling their own bouquet/ pot of flowers for their mums. Under the pot, mum's will find a variety of writing activities all about them! These include: *To a mum who is (Add adjectives around the pot in different colours to describe their mum) * A writing template- usually I ask the children to write a letter to their mums to thank them but you can choose anything here. *Acrostic Poem Template *A little bit about my mum question pot..Children answer the questions!
Mothers Day ActivitiesQuick View

Mothers Day Activities

Mothers Day Activities- Coupon Book and more This pack contains 6 mothers day activities that all have educational value. Make celebrating Mothers Day at school about more then just arts and crafts. This pack contains activities in both Australian and American Spelling versions. All activities are black and white for photocopying purposes. Included are: ♦ Acrostic poem (1 page) ♦ About my mum bunting (American and Australian spelling (2 page) ♦ Recipe for a perfect mother (1 page) ♦ Word search (American and Australian spelling (2 pages) ♦ Coupon Book (3 pages) ♦ I love you flower craft (3 page) ★ ★ ★ ★ Other products you might be interested in: Dinosaur Pack- Comprehension Texts and Activities Drama Resource Activities Book and Reference Card First Aid Complete Unit ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ This file is zipped. Once downloaded right click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open. ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ Follow me for latest products, giveaways, freebies tips, tricks and more! Facebook Blog Pinterest ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Please note I am an Australian seller and unless otherwise stated the product uses Australian English. This should not affect the use of this product in other countries. ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ♥If there are any issues with the product please contact me (via the Ask a Question tab) before leaving feedback. ♥ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ Terms of Use: You may use this product for classroom and personal use. You may not share this product digitally or as a hard copy or upload it to the internet. © Mrs Amy 123
Mother's Day Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Mother's Day Reading Comprehension

A fact file that looks at the origins of Mother's Day in the U.K, focussing on how it began as Mothering Sunday and the religious element of this compared with the modern day version we now celebrate and how they have been confused. Also included are three differentiated worksheets with questions related to the text they have read with the answers included. Written with Year 5/6 in mind but can be used higher up.