Outdoor Learning Forest School Complete Set of ActivitiesQuick View

Outdoor Learning Forest School Complete Set of Activities

6 Lesson Plans/Activities including Art with Natural Resources, Bug Hunt, Building a Bug Hotel, An Introduction to Fire, Cooking on an Open Fire, and Small World Story Making with Faries (Fairy World). Also included is a Risk Assessment for having a fire and an Introduction to Forest School. This is an ideal introduction to get you on your way to confidently leading a group of children outside. The activities are designed for children from Reception up to Year 2 but they can easily be adapted for Nursery and older year groups. Please be aware, these are designed for teachers and are there to be interpreted. True Forest School does not follow lesson plans. These resources are designed to give ideas and act as a back up for the practitioner to deliver a catalyst and prompts for learning whilst being prepared to follow the children in their learning journey! Forest School should be led by the children.


Christmas End of Year Term Quiz to use with all secondary year groups and classes, maybe years 5 and 6 too. SEE YOUTUBE VIDEO WITH SAMPLE SLIDES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BsL87Fmnjc&t=74s QUIZ ROUNDS :- 1 CELEBRITY MASH UP BONUS – BABY FACE 2. NEWS 3. MOVIES 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 5. MUSIC BONUS – VIDEO MUSIC MATHS PROBLEM ANSWERS TIE BREAKERS BONUS ROUND JUST DANCE "KUNG FOO FIGHTING" (FORFEIT FOR LOSING TEAM, PUPILS LOVE THIS) Questions, Answers, MUSIC, VIDEOS all self-contained in one easy to follow PowerPoint. Very easy to use, minimal work from the teacher:) MASSIVE 200MB (FILE SIZE) QUIZ If you are using an older version of PowerPoint please email me – mr.a.chishti@gmail.com SOME REVIEWS FROM MY PREVIOUS QUIZ :- Brilliant resource! So brilliant that our maths teacher beat me by playing it first so the kids knew the answers. However he didn't play the dance of the loosing team and we did. We had so much fun! Thank you very much for your fantastic work! Absolutely brilliant. Worth every penny. Usually do one myself so you have saved me hours of prep. Looks terrific and the kids have loved it. A huge thank you! What an absolutely amazing end of term quiz! I did this with an assembly group and they had an absolute blast! ( Admittedly - they all presumed I had taken the days of work it must have taken you to produce such a great quiz- and I didn't correct them ;-) ! ) Thank you so much for increasing my credibility amongst my colleagues and my students alike! A great quiz- I look forward to purchasing the next one and this was the first thing I have bought from TES as a user for over 10 years! I will buy from you again B1CEPS! Well worth the money. If you want a memorable end of term- then you must get this quiz! Thanks again! “AMAZING ! best resource I've spotted on tes in ages. Superb quality” “Great graphics and slick use of PP! Long enough to fill an 1hrs lesson!” “Absolutely fantastic - I'll be returning to you for the 2017 version!! “Absolutely brilliant! They loved it. Other teachers popped their heads in and asked me for it. I referred them here! Thank you.” “Excellent! Well worth the £2 for the amount of work put into it. Thanks”
The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkitQuick View

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan by @TeacherToolkit

*Updated January 2018* - with 1-hour webinar tutorial to guide new users. Designed to reduce planning time and focus on key learning phases within a lesson. (Will still require thinking!) Lesson planning is a habit of thought, not a form filling exercise. Remember, watchdogs no longer require a lesson plan for lessons, but evidence of ‘a planned lesson!’ So, why use the 5 Minute Lesson Plan? Useful for coaching and mentoring NQTs; or with established colleagues for paired observations; designed to help teachers consider the cognitive processes required in lesson planning. “Stickability” = What will stick in students minds as they leave your lesson? What key point do you want them to remember? Now translated into 14 languages and available for free on Teacher Toolkit website.
Personal Statement for Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum FOR ADULTSQuick View

Personal Statement for Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum FOR ADULTS

This is my own personal statement for the position of Assistant Headteacher for Teaching, Learning and Curriculum - a job which I got. Being able to download someone else's personal statement while writing mine, would have been a huge help. Therefore, I thought offering mine, would give practitioners an option to view one before they start writing their own and thus having new ideas and a clear structure. Obviously, every personal statement should be tailored to the person specification but it is easy to use ideas from this personal statement and shuffle them around accordingly. I have removed specific names from the personal statement and instead typed, XXX.
The BIG Christmas Quiz 2017Quick View

The BIG Christmas Quiz 2017

This amazing quiz can be used for Key Stage 3, 4 or 5 and you can pick/choose the rounds you want to use with the easy-to-follow layout. Rounds include Festive Knowledge, Music, Christmas Number Ones, Celebrity Face Swap, Celebrity Santas, General Knowledge about 2017 and so much more. This quiz is a mash-up of many different resources. I do not hold the rights to any images or audio included in this presentation but I did edit/design/compile it myself. I genuinely don't think you'll find a better quiz for this Christmas (biased, I know!) If you have any difficulties or questions please let me know and I'll adjust ASAP. Your feedback would be valued. Happy quizzing!
Year 4 - Number - Decimals - Week 9-11 - Spring - Block 4 BUNDLE - White RoseQuick View

Year 4 - Number - Decimals - Week 9-11 - Spring - Block 4 BUNDLE - White Rose

This bundle covers Year 4 - Number - Decimals (Block 4 - week 9-11). You will save 40% buying this bundle! It covers the small steps: Week 9: • Recognising tenths and hundredths • Tenths as decimals • Tenths as a place value grid • Tenths on a number line Week 10: • Dividing 1-digit by 10 • Dividing 2-digits by 10 Week 11: • Hundredths • Hundredths as a decimal • Hundredths on a place value grid • Dividing 1 or 2-digit numbers by 100 Please see individual resource links for more information: Year 4 - Number - Decimals - Week 9 - Spring - Block 4 Year 4 - Number - Decimals - Week 10 - Spring - Block 4 Year 4 - Number - Decimals - Week 11 - Spring - Block 4 The resources support a mastery approach to encourage a deeper understanding of the topics taught. It follows a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to ensure all children can access learning. The pack provides pictorial and abstract representations, along with reasoning, problem solving and open-ended investigations. Details of this can be seen in the contextual overview provided. I hope you find them useful. If you have any questions, please email thedigitalstationer@gmail.com Thanks, The Digital Stationer
Literacy, Grammar + Punctuation QuizQuick View

Literacy, Grammar + Punctuation Quiz

A whole school literacy question generator which covers all the essentials: Homophones, punctuation, sentence types, spelling, verbs, grammar.... everything. Great for English lessons, tutor time, immersion groups or any lesson that involves extensive writing. All the questions are phrased in student friendly language and each slide contains the answers and explanations of why this is the case. All our resources are always editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
NEW! 2018 KS2 SATs Revision Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths OrganiserQuick View

NEW! 2018 KS2 SATs Revision Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths Organiser

We’re back once again for the 2018 school year with a new, updated and improved release of the amazing Ultimate KS2 Maths Skills Organiser! Following on from teacher/student feedback (over 500 schools used last year and over 20 5*Star TES reviews), new in this year’s edition… • Student friendly tutorial videos for EVERY question on the 2017 Reasoning and Arithmetic SATs papers! • All 48 printable skills booster packs have been updated to incorporate the 2017 questions! • There is now a second “Prove It!” version of each of the 48 skills Booster Packs. These are also printable and show the answer to each question in the answer box. The idea behind the “Prove It!” boosters are to encourage children who tend to do all the working out in their heads (and subsequently lose silly marks) to explain, reason, prove and justify where the answer comes from. They can no longer simply just give an answer without showing any working because the answer is already there! This is an invaluable skill for mastery of the reasoning papers. The “Prove It!” boosters are accessible by clicking the Lightbulb underneath each standard booster. • The heighest weighted topics which have been worth the most marks in recent years have been given larger buttons to click to help students and teachers plan and prioritise their revision! • The Boosters have been reorganised more sensibly to make it easier to distinguish between skills required for Arithmetic and those required for Reasoning i.e. Boosters 1 – 10 cover the Arithmetic skills and Boosters 11 – 48 cover the Reasoning skills. ��� All YouTube buttons for instant access to a tutorial video for each question are still present on all booster packs and past papers, although last Summer’s questions are easier to spot as they have a green YouTube button instead of a regular red and white one. • We have made it easier to get Year 5 involved! A new button at the top of the Organiser especially for Year 5 to access the One-A-Day Vidamin SATs videos. A SATs video for every of the year, as well as Thinking Outside the Box Puzzle videos on our own YouTube channel. Just click the fruit! • Teachers’ Answer Booklet. Of course the major success and strength of the last two years’ Organisers is still there too! All of the above is accessible via a single PDF file, which is uploadable onto your school website – giving your students access to all Standard Boosters, Prove It Boosters, and tutorial videos for every past paper question at home on tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Customisable letter for parents and assembly for students also included. All you need for KS2 maths success! copy and paste this web address into a browser https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByL6b54iUk1WUHRXbTVMWFJGdUk for a working DEMO VERSION.
DIRT Worksheet (A3 Double-Sided)Quick View

DIRT Worksheet (A3 Double-Sided)

This is for any GCSE (or exam) subject. This download includes a generic (multi-subject) A3 double-sided DIRT worksheet and PowerPoint instructional slides. DIRT stands for 'Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time' and the worksheet features a number of activities that encourage students to reflect on their work, their targets and how to improve. The download also includes a 5-slide, fully-animated, PowerPoint presentation that can be integrated into your teaching materials or used as a session in itself. The Powerpoint features a number of activities for DIRT. Both files are fully editable so that you can make any alterations or changes you might want to.
AQA French GCSE writing workbook and model answersQuick View

AQA French GCSE writing workbook and model answers

A 52-page workbook with sample writing questions for the new specification French GCSE (AQA) PLUS model answers for every question. There are 6 sections, for the 6 different question types in the new exam, and each section has a sample question for each sub-topic (with vocab taken from the AQA specification vocab list). There are translations (sentences and paragraphs) from English into French for each sub-topic as well. This will last students for their entire GCSE course, or can be given in Year 11 for revision. Can also be split apart and used for assessments in Key Stage 4, as a time-saver for setting homework or in-class writing tasks, or as extension tasks for high-ability Year 9 pupils, to help them get prepared for the GCSE. Once the students have prepared answers to the longer tasks, they could also be used to help with preparation for the speaking exam.
26 New GCSE Science Required Practical 6 Mark QuestionsQuick View

26 New GCSE Science Required Practical 6 Mark Questions

This resource is a set of 26 bespoke 6 mark questions to test students understanding of most of the required practicals in the 2015 AQA Science specification. The questions have been written in a similar style to the practical 6 mark questions in the sample material. Thanks for looking
Year 6 SATs reading revision- answering 3 mark questionsQuick View

Year 6 SATs reading revision- answering 3 mark questions

This is a very detailed powerpoint alongside lots of guided reading texts for the children to develop their understanding of how to answer three mark questions. The powerpoint takes you through the steps necessary for writing 3 mark answers and the texts and questions help the children practise the skills they have been learning. My class loved doing this and it has really helped them!
Egyptian Cinderella Planning  (Egyptians Topic)Quick View

Egyptian Cinderella Planning (Egyptians Topic)

Updated for 2017/18! The Egyptian Cinderella Pack contains a complete unit of work for Year 3/4, with full lesson plans and pupil resources based on the book 'The Egyptian Cinderella' by Shirley Climo. Please follow download instructions at the bottom of this description. Problems downloading? Click here for download help. The ten lessons in this English unit give children the opportunity to read and listen to the story of The Egyptian Cinderella a number of times in order to become familiar with the language and structure of the story. In the first week, children will engage with the text through fun drama, discussion and debate activities to deepen their understanding of the story and they will have the opportunity to articulate ideas about the text using an increasingly varied vocabulary. There is a grammar focus on using comparative conjunctions, feelings words and action verbs as well as a chance to develop thesaurus skills. In the second week, pupils will plan their own story and they will draft, edit and present their final narrative. The English objectives covered are: -To compare different versions of a traditional story -To predict what might happen in a story -To use comparative conjunctions -To use a thesaurus to improve writing -To infer how a character feels -To use feelings words -To identify how verbs can create an action section -To take part in a class debate -To make a story plan -To write my own narrative -To edit my writing -To make decisions about how to present my writing If you like this Egyptian Cinderella Planning Pack, you may also like: Year 3 Performance Poetry Literacy Pack Escape from Pompeii Literacy Planning Stone Age to Iron Age Planning Bundle Please follow the steps below to access your files: 1. Return to this page. 2. Scroll to the files included within the resource listed under the header ‘Files Included’/'All Files'. You may need to click on the ‘See all Resources’ to view them all. 3. Use the download arrow icons found to the left of each of the file names for each separate file.
Year 1 Number: Multiplication and Division - Weeks 1-3 Summer Term - Resources For White Rose MathsQuick View

Year 1 Number: Multiplication and Division - Weeks 1-3 Summer Term - Resources For White Rose Maths

This resource contains three packs to support the delivery of the White Rose Maths Scheme Year 1 Number: Multiplication and Division - Block 1- Weeks 1-3 of the Summer Term. The resource focuses on the following White Rose Maths ‘small steps’ Count in 10s Make equal groups Add equal groups Make arrays Make doubles Make equal groups - grouping Make equal groups - sharing <p>The resource contains over 60 worksheets / activities (concrete, pictorial and abstract) linked to the above small steps with an emphasis on the mastery approach to learning advocated by the White Rose scheme. The resource includes reasoning, problem solving and varied fluency activities and tasks.</p> More Maths Resources
AQA French GCSE Speaking Workbook - role-playsQuick View

AQA French GCSE Speaking Workbook - role-plays

An 80-page workbook of role-plays for the new specification French GCSE. There is a foundation and a higher role-play for each topic in the new GCSE, with a student's card, teacher's card and possible answers set out as a script for each role-play. See https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/gcse-role-plays-me-my-family-and-friends-11721755 for a free sample.