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Arabic Alphabet

Product Description If you download this file, please; 1- Leave a comment 2- Follow my store for future materials notifications. Thank You الحروف من الألف إلى الياء(إضافة إلى التاء المربوطة) بألوان زاهية وتتضمن معها صور عالية الجودة والوضوح 29 alphabet posters including taa’ Marboutah. The alphabet posters show proper letter formation and include a picture of something that begins with that letter. After using and reviewing my products please kindly leave feedback which will allow others to assess the quality of my products and which will help me improve on them and future products inshaAllah! I strive for excellence, however, I am only human and also learning the Arabic language, so if you should find any errors please kindly send me an email at Enjoy…
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GCSE Arabic writing mat

Very good support for the writing papers Q1 90 words paragraph. It has lots of useful phrases, verb help, …
Arab-Israeli Conflict ResourcesQuick View

Arab-Israeli Conflict Resources

All my flippedlearning resources for teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict as A2 coursework in one bundle. I use these resources as summer work in Year 12 for my students to cover the content of their Arab-Israeli Conflict 1900-2001 course, so that in September we can focus on consolidation, analysis and evaluation. The bundle includes a structured note taking workbook which accompanies the Michael Scott Baumann Access to History book and the following flippedlearning video links and comprehension WS. 1. Promises and Betrayals in the Middle East - British policy in WW1 2. The Birth of Israel BBC Documentary 3. The Other side of Suez BBC Documentary 4. Line of Fire - The Six Day War Documentary 5. Intifada - Al Jazeera Documentary 6. Relentless Documentary on the Oslo Accords
Prepositions in Arabic Quick View

Prepositions in Arabic

This PowerPoint contains the 10 most used prepositions in the Arabic Language, This PowerPoint is ideal for beginners in Arabic Grammer to be able to identify Preposition (Huroofe Jaar) in sentences as well.
Arabic colors Quick View

Arabic colors

This PP presentation will help you to pronounce the Arabic colors with visual support
Arabic NumbersQuick View

Arabic Numbers

A fun and engaging resource with a range of activities to aid pupils’ recall of Arabic numbers and numerals from 1 to 10. The worksheet can be adapted for learning of numbers in any language and is suitable for all ages.
Verbs in ArabicQuick View

Verbs in Arabic

This worksheet can be used to introduce/practice vocabulary (verbs). This can be used by the teacher for reading, speaking and writing. The worksheet includes a space for writing the sentence after answering the question. The worksheet (as clear from the preview) some images that can be used for further questions the teacher can ask to get the learners speak. This worksheet can be used as material for classroom activities or homework.
Arabic GreetingsQuick View

Arabic Greetings

Dilogue on Arabic Greetings with various activities with transliteration. Suitable for total beginners.
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Arabic Pronouns

Arabic Pronouns activities includes flash card games, drawing picture related to the words, tracing, word search and matching.
Numbers in ArabicQuick View
Ignacio RodriguezIgnacio Rodriguez

Numbers in Arabic

Audiovisual html5 activities to learn Arabic numbers (1-10, 11-29, 1-100). Includes information screens, memory games, matching activities, listen and write activities. Download zip file, upload it to VLE such as Moodle or download into local file, uncompress and use it with interactive board.
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Shopping ESOL English Arabic Flashcards

Hello and thank you for choosing this ESOL / Arabic resource! Included are flashcards coving common vocabulary related to shopping. These flashcards use English and Modern Standard Arabic to help learners build up their vocabulary. They are ideally suited for learners just starting out in English or Arabic, and can be used as a fun warmer, game, revision tool. To use successfully, print out the cards on double-sided paper, so the English and Arabic are on reversed sides. I suggest you laminate your cards for a longer life and extra reusability. A colour / no colour version is included. Please enjoy!
Arabic join letter worksheetQuick View

Arabic join letter worksheet

Tn this worksheet you will have the opportunities to offer your students the chance to join the Arabic letters to create a word and quiz their hand writing
Arabic Demonstrative Pronouns and AdjectivesQuick View

Arabic Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives

Arabic Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives - Lesson and Exercises This file includes: Example sentences for each demonstrative pronoun. A variety of adjectives used in the example sentences. A translation for each sentence. Several exercises including matching, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and translation exercises. An answer sheet for the exercises. Notes: The file does not contain transliteration, so it is best suited for those who can already read Arabic.
Introduction to Arab and African MusicQuick View

Introduction to Arab and African Music

A powerpoint resource introducing instruments and musical terms related to African and Arab music. Lots of original photos of traditional instruments. A great teaching resource for GCSE music.
Arabic Alphabet Tracing WorksheetsQuick View

Arabic Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

These worksheets or booklet contain the Arabic alphabet in the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) order as in (alef,ba,ta,tha etc) not in the old order of ABJADYA. The booklet has each letter in a dotted font to make a student trace on the letters to practice writing them one by one.