Mind, Body and Soul - WellbeingQuick View

Mind, Body and Soul - Wellbeing

Use this resource to help you look after your physical and mental health. Although they can be done in any order, it’s important to create a nice balance of activities to keep your mind and body balanced. Once you find some activities that you feel more benefit from, incorporate them into your regular routine.
Soul, mind and body bookletQuick View

Soul, mind and body booklet

For the new OCR A level spec - this covers the whole unit, with tasks for students. It is set so students can complete work for home learning as well
Mind and BodyQuick View

Mind and Body

84 Slides for DP Philosophy Core Theme: Being Human, focusing on the key concept of Mind and Body, but could be useful for A level metaphysics too. Includes classical arguments for Dualism from Descartes and Plato, challenges from monists, including contemporary physicalists, ancient views of mind and body from Greece and India, and a consideration of mind and body fit into Abrahamic belief systems. Approximately 15-18 hours worth of materials and activities.
OCR A-Level RS - Soul, Mind and Body Complete Unit of WorkQuick View

OCR A-Level RS - Soul, Mind and Body Complete Unit of Work

This resource includes a complete unit of work for the Soul, Mind and Body unit of the OCR A-level Religious Studies, though could be adapted for other exam boards. Included are a whole unit of PowerPoint slides covering the whole spec, a workbook which matches the slides, a revision activity of a unit overview map, two exemplar essays and a set of links to further resources/revision notes. Covered in this unit of work are Plato and Aristotle’s beliefs on the soul, including discussion of whether the soul is immortal; an introduction to the mind body problem, e.g. the Ship of Theseus; Descartes’ substance dualism; property dualism; hard materialists, such as Skinner and Dawkins, with criticism from Dennett; soft materialism, including Hick; and Ryle’s category error. A complete unit of work all ready to go! Hope you enjoy and happy teaching :)
Mindfulness + WellbeingQuick View

Mindfulness + Wellbeing

3 Resources
3 hour’s worth of teaching content for PSHE with a focus on student wellbeing. These lessons are all about healthy ways to relax and unwind, the benefits of getting enough sleep and being well-rested, as well as how we can use mindfulness to promote positive mental health. All lessons are heavily three-way differentiated and planned to the latest PSHE Association and DfE guidance for PSHE. The lessons are suitable for KS3 or KS4. All three lessons include detailed, editable, easy to follow PowerPoints, accompanying worksheets and clip tasks, easily measurable LOs and a mix of engaging and challenging activities. The sessions have been created to be perfect to just pick up and use. You can find our Complete KS3 PSHE Pack here. You can find our Complete KS4 PSHE Pack here. For more PSHE, RSE, RE and Citizenship units of work, please check out the EC Resources store. EC Resources are a small group of teachers who have created resources for the Children’s Commissioner, the CCRC, MACs Charity, TES and various other schools and charitable organisations across the UK.
OCR Philosophy of Religion: Soul, Mind and Body WorkbookQuick View

OCR Philosophy of Religion: Soul, Mind and Body Workbook

This is a workbook indented for independent study or revision for the topic of Philosophy of Religion: Soul, Mind and Body, as part of the OCR AS/A Level specification. It is a 29 page document (PDF also included) to support your learners. These workbooks are ideal for independent study or set as topic-specific homework/revision. Resource Includes: *The Soul Plato and the Soul Aristotle and Soul Aquinas Substance Dualism Materialism Objections Exam questions (35 marks) with exam technique Created with the OCR RS AS/A Level in mind, though can be applied across specifications and qualifications. Please give feedback! I am always happy to respond to comments - whether positive or constructive - this will help to improve the quality of my resources in the future and, more importantly, the quality of pupils’ RE/RS education in general - which is what we’re all here for!
Mental Health & Mindfulness AssemblyQuick View

Mental Health & Mindfulness Assembly

This assembly covers what mental health is and the stigma behind it. It then covers how students can enhance their mental health. Mindfulness is also covered and specific mindful meditation strategies also included. At the end of the powerpoint there is a support slide where students can click on the logo’s to take them to the websites. The assembly can be adapted and used as either a lesson, tutor session or whole year group / school assemblies. There is a mixture of information, useful websites and videos and is in total of 17 slides long.
FREE Mindfulness: Listening to Your BodyQuick View

FREE Mindfulness: Listening to Your Body

Mindfulness lesson: MyLife Founder Jaime Price discusses R.A.I.N techniques and trauma healing practices, including electronic resources, questions, reflections & a guided meditation. This activity works best through Google slides/classroom. When uploading in Google Classroom I recommend you select ‘copy for each student’ so they can directly edit the presentation. :) Hyperlinks do not work in Microsoft powepoint. - you must link yourself sorry! Can be used in microsoft. Like all my Mindfulness lessons - Perfect for WFH!!! Created in Google Slides - convert back for optimum use (Font = caveat) otherwise alter text size.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Bundle!Quick View

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Bundle!

6 Resources
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Bundle! Included: Healthy and unhealthy foods Staying healthy through exercise Teeth and Healthy Eating Assembly A Tai Chi programme (to music) Tracking mental health
Mind, Body and SoulQuick View

Mind, Body and Soul

4 Resources
Four power point presentations covering theories of the mind body and soul, aimed at A level Religious Studies philosophy module. One lesson on Aristotle's view of the body and soul, one lesson on Descartes view of the mind, body and soul and one lesson on Materialist views of the body and soul. The fourth lesson covers the arguments for and the criticisms of the different theories of the mind, body and soul.
Mental Health : Mindfulness WellbeingQuick View

Mental Health : Mindfulness Wellbeing

Detailed lesson with pages of information, full of ideas of how to apply mindfulness to stressful situations and a Powerpoint full of differentiated and structured activities for the new PSHE 2020 curriculum. Includes: An hour long, engaging, differentiated PSHE or tutor time lesson all about how we can practice mindfulness. 1x hour PowerPoint, worksheets, clips, well differentiated, KS3/4 These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) You can also find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecteachresources/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ec_publishing and our website: psheresources.com
Mental Health, Wellbeing, Anxiety + MindfulnessQuick View

Mental Health, Wellbeing, Anxiety + Mindfulness

MORE ADDED! A unit of 6 x 1 hour long, fully resourced Mental and Emotional Health PSHE lessons focusing on students keeping good mental health for the new PSHE 2020 curriculum. Perfect for Mental Health Awareness Week or a standalone PSHE / Tutor Time unit. All our KS3, KS4 and KS5 PSHE is editable, so easy to use for your own PSHE planning. 1. How students can deal positively with stress. 2. How we can help combat and ease anxiety and how to recognise the signs. 3. How to recognise depression and how living an active, healthy life could help. 4. Recognising how the media gives us poor body image, which can lead to mental health issues and what we can do to maintain positive body image. 5. Why is self esteem so important? How can students actively recognise the causes of low self esteem and work on building up their own and each others? 6. What is mindfulness? How can we use this as a tool for good mental health? Variety of different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Differentiated to 3 levels Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above Credit to BBC/TED/ITV/Channel4 for suggested clip links If you like this, we also provide a complete KS3 PSHE Package for schools. You can find that here.Complete KS3 PSHE Pack for 7, 8, 9. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) You can also find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecteachresources Twitter: https://twitter.com/ec_publishing and our website: psheresources.com
Mind, Body and Soul - PhilosophyQuick View

Mind, Body and Soul - Philosophy

A Level revision and overview for the mind, body and soul topic. Main focus is on Plato and Aristotle, but includes many other scholar's views. Can be used for revision for students, or as handouts for a summary of the topic. Really helps with essay planning. Concise but extremely useful.
Body Image PSHE RSEQuick View

Body Image PSHE RSE

For the new statutory 2020 PSHE guidelines - One body image lesson, on the global issue of teens being put under media pressure to look a particular way, photo-shopping, air-brushing and unobtainable standards - observed as outstanding (1 hour - 90 mins). Includes: editable PowerPoint, worksheets, clips, well differentiated, KS3/ KS4. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our PSHE and Citizenship resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and differentiated three ways for every task. Who are EC Resources? EC Resources are the top TES PSHE providers and are a group of teachers who work together to create easy to use, high quality and editable lessons and units of work. We have created lessons for The bank of England, The Children’s Commissioner, The Bank of England, MACS Charity, Tes, LikeToBe Careers, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (UK Gov) and have also completed PSHE and Citizenship commissions for schools across the UK. Check out our PSHE Packages here: Complete KS3 PSHE and RSE Complete KS4 PSHE and RSE One Year of KS5 PSHE and RSE One Year of Citizenship and British Values Complete Year 7 and 8 RE Complete Careers and Employability AQA Citizenship GCSE Mega Pack We also run psheresources.com and you can contact us at info@ecpublishing.co.uk Teaching PSHE, RE or Citizenship GCSE next year? Why not join our Citizenship and PSHE teachers Facebook group, with 7000 other teachers, for guidance, advice and resource sharing.
Theories of the mind body and soul evaluation.Quick View

Theories of the mind body and soul evaluation.

Information power point aimed at A level Religious Studies, covering the arguments for the different theories of the mind, body and soul. Power point covers substance dualism - Plato and Descarte, Materialism - Richard Dawkins, and the various criticisms of substance dualism from Ryle, Flew, Hick etc. Lesson includes a Venn diagram to sort the different arguments/opinion of the soul into those that support substance dualism, those that support monism and those that support materialism.
The Mind/Body Problem - Knowledge OrganiserQuick View

The Mind/Body Problem - Knowledge Organiser

Key Stage 5 (KS5) Philosophy of Religion Knowledge Organiser: The Mind/Body Problem (Monism Vs Dualism) This is a one-page Knowledge Organiser designed for Sixth Form students taking Religious Studies or Philosophy A-Level. It contains key content, key words and suggested wider readings. The following content is contained within the Knowledge Organiser: Rene Descarte’s Dualism; The Strengths & Weaknesses of Dualism; Monism (including Richard Dawkins’ Materialism & B.F. Skinner’s Behaviourism); The Strengths & Weaknesses of Monism; This Knowledge Organiser is suitable for the following exam specifications: OCR Religious Studies (A-Level) , AQA Religious Studies (A-Level) and Edexcel Religious Studies (A-Level)
Materialist view of the mind, body and soul.Quick View

Materialist view of the mind, body and soul.

Information power point covering materialist views on the idea of the mind, body and soul. This power point is aimed at the new OCR Religious studies specification but would be useful for any lesson covering materialist views of the mind, body and soul.