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Celebrating Differences Assembly!

This fun and original assembly aims to assist children in celebrating the differences between themselves and others, through: -Understanding how diversity is needed in the world; -Recognising and valuing the differences in their own school; -Considering how kind words can help us to unite together. I love leading this assembly, because I feel that the key message within it is so vital, especially in the present climate. More importantly, wherever I have presented this (to a wide-range of students from a wide-range of contexts) it has always gone down extremely well, with students being extremely engaged and informing me of the different ways in which they have celebrated differences in the months that follow! The slides are visually engaging and well-presented, and the subject matter is tailored to the interests and needs of young people. For example, there are references to Prince Harry, Emma Watson, and others in popular culture, to help engage the children in the idea that each individual has their own strengths, weaknesses, like and dislikes, no matter who they are or how successful they appear. There is also an exciting ‘toothpaste challenge’ included, which demonstrates the importance of ensuring that our words to others are kind and respectful. The challenge includes a hyperlink to a countdown clock. In addition to this, all other resources that you will need are provided in the pack. The slides are fairly self-explanatory, but I’ve included guidance notes to assist the speaker. Hope that you find this useful!
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Celebrating Diversity Assembly

This informative 33 slide assembly looks at diversity and why it should be celebrated. it focuses on: • What is diversity? • Why is it important? • Informative Video’s • Why are we different? • What makes us unique? • Celebrating diversity in the UK – Statistics • Top Tips on how you can support diversity • Reflection Please also visit my TES Assembly Store where over 100 assemblies are available on a huge range of topics. LIMITED TIME OFFER If you purchase this resource and leave a 5-star review, you receive any £3 assembly from my store FREE!! Leave a review and email Lee_Sullivan@hotmail.co.uk with your review confirmation and choice of assembly.
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Looking at how celebrities and celebrity lifestyle is portrayed. Discussion and debate activities.
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Celebrating success and achievement

1 hour, fully resourced PSHE lesson suitable for KS2 which allows students to explore their own successes and achievements as well as those of their classmates. They will investigate why we celebrate hard work and taking part, even if we sometimes fail and how failure can make us stronger people who are more successful in the long run. The lesson has been left editable and is filled with engaging, well differentiated and fun activities. It is designed to be ‘no prep’, so you can just pick it up and use it, although it is still adaptable should you wish to. Who are EC Resources? EC Resources are the top TES PSHE providers and are a group of teachers who work together to create easy to use, high quality and editable lessons and units of work. We have created lessons for The bank of England, The Children’s Commissioner, The Bank of England, MACS Charity, Tes, LikeToBe Careers, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (UK Gov) and have also completed PSHE and Citizenship commissions for schools across the UK. Check out our PSHE Packages here: Complete KS2 PSHE and Relationships Complete KS3 PSHE and RSE Complete KS4 PSHE and RSE One Year of KS5 PSHE and RSE One Year of Citizenship and British Values Complete Year 7 and 8 RE Complete Careers and Employability AQA Citizenship GCSE Mega Pack We also run psheresources.com and you can contact us at info@ecpublishing.co.uk Teaching PSHE, RE or Citizenship GCSE next year? Why not join our Citizenship and PSHE teachers Facebook group, with 7000 other teachers, for guidance, advice and resource sharing.
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Thanksgiving Celebration

Here is a powerpoint presentation with 6 slides to teach about Thanksgiving. It contains: - a self-target setting slide - a video explaining the Pilgrims' story - a true-false exercise - a word search - a review of objectives
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Celebrating Festivals

Lesson on Celebrating Festivals for the new AQA GCSE RE Spec A. Please rate and comment any suggestions / feedback.
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Celebrations Poster

This poster displays RWI-style celebrations that you can use in your classroom - things like ‘Faaan-tastic’, the ‘rollercoaster cheer’ and ‘ketchup clap’. Illustrations help younger children to remember their favourite celebrations. This is a pdf file that you can print at any size.
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An information sheet about French celebrations which could simply be given to students, but it could also be cut into the various sections, and students put them back together correctly as an assessment task.
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5 Resources
5 resources looking at Birthdays, Father and Mother's Day, My Family, The Queen's Birthday. A handy bundle for KS1/2
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Celebrating individuality - Assembly

Celebrate you/ Happy/ Individual/ Primary/ Secondary/ Whole school/ Assembly ideas The message is all about celebrating individuality and the things that make each of your students who they are. It looks at the difference ways people will react to unusual things. The idea behind it is to show the students four unusual World Records and ask them whether they found it interesting or pointless. The students should then be able to see that everyone has their own opinion but importantly each opinion holds an equal weighting and each individual is entitled to one. The assembly then finishes around the idea of each student having their own likes and dislikes and how this diversity should be celebrated. The pack contains: Full powerpoint with hyper link to video A ‘how to use’ guide with synopsis, help with delivery and customisation ideas. Thanks for looking
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18 Resources
Everyone loves celebrations across the year. This pack covers birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Have fun and save!
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Lively and fun song for Jubilee celebrations. Children can enjoy giving 'three cheers' for the Queen and singing about all the fun things that are happening around the Jubilee celebrations, as well as learning a bit of history! Celebrate! Celebrate! Let's have fun and celebrate! The Queen has ruled for sixty years So wave your flags and give three cheers!
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Food & Nutrition - Display - Celebrity Chefs

This set of 6 A3 posters provide a brief biography of some of the UK’s most influential celebrity chefs. Designed to give students a bit more of an insight into what it takes to become a celebrity chef and what skills and training are required as well as a few fun facts. Encourage your students to continue Food and Nutrition beyond their time in the classroom! The display has been designed to fill a standard size square classroom display board. They can also be printed and laminated and displayed individually around your classroom. This resource includes the following posters – A3 Celebrity Chefs - Title (2 Sheets - cut in half and join together) A3 Celebrity Chefs - Nadiya Hussain A3 Celebrity Chefs - Mary Berry A3 Celebrity Chefs - Jamie Oliver A3 Celebrity Chefs - Liam Charles (GBBO) A3 Celebrity Chefs - Ranveet Gill (Junior Bake Off) A3 Celebrity Chefs - Nigella Lawson
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GCSE French Festivals and Celebrations Unit of Work

This is a full unit of work based on the GCSE topic of Festivals and Celebrations (AQA spec). It is based on Conti’s EPI approach and includes 2 sentence builders with Powerpoints containing follow up activities. This unit is designed for 9 x 60 minute lessons. The resources are as follows: Sentence Builder on Festivals Two lessons with follow-up activities on Festivals Sentence Builder on Birthdays Two lessons with follow-up activities on Birthdays A consolidation lesson including a 90 word writing task Two lessons on Francophone festivals Please note that the listening activities are transcript-only. I have not recorded them as I am not a native speaker, but you could easily record them and embed them in the Powerpoints or simply read them aloud as the class teacher.
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Celebrations Planning

8 Weeks of planning around the topic of celebrations. Focuses on Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Covers R.E, History, D.T, and Geography. Most suitable for year 1 and year 2.
GCSE Festivals and Celebrations Sentence BuildersQuick View

GCSE Festivals and Celebrations Sentence Builders

2 sentence builders to support the topic of Festivals and Celebrations (AQA GCSE). The first one covers: how people celebrate festivals (present tense with ‘on’) my favourite festival is … because … last year for … I/we … (perfect tense) The second one covers: what I did last year for my birthday what I am going to do/ will do this year/ next year (both future tenses included)
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Muslim celebrations

New EDEXCEL GCSE 9-1 Religious Studies spec - Paper 2: Religion. Peace and Conflict Unit 3 Muslims way of life - Celebrations and Commemorations lessons. Lesson differentiated throughout. To be used in conjunction with a course textbook
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Celebrity Heads

Celebrity Heads is a good, fun game to practise questions as well as for students to learn some new vocabulary and structures. The following document can be used as a guide to help students make questions.