Chinese New Year Activities for EYFSQuick View

Chinese New Year Activities for EYFS

Two Chinese New Year Activities and a Chinese New Year Continuous Provision Plan. Activity 1: A Chinese writing activity to do after hearing the story of the Great Race and Chinese New Year facts. Area of learning - Understanding the World Activity 2: Making Stir Fry activity. Areas of learning - Understanding the World and Physical Development
Chinese New Year Zodiac CraftQuick View

Chinese New Year Zodiac Craft

Celebrate Chinese New Year in your classroom with this easy and fun craft and writing activity suitable for KS1 / lower KS2. Start by reading a story about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, then introduce the main activity – making a Zodiac wheel. Children cut out the wheel and animal cards which they then glue to the wheel and colour or decorate it. Finish off with a quick writing task – children draw or colour (both versions included) their Zodiac animal, read about its strength and weaknesses and say if they agree with the descriptions. The resource is in .pdf format (29 pages including the cover and credits page) and includes: 1. The story of the 12 Zodiac animals. 2. Zodiac Craft instructions 3. Zodiac Craft 4. Zodiac writing activity (individual pages for each Zodiac animal) Thank you for your interest in our products. HoppyTimes
2018 Chinese New Year PowerPointQuick View

2018 Chinese New Year PowerPoint

2018 Chinese New Year PowerPoint - The Year Of The Earth Dog - Introduced and told by my two very own star canines! Includes 2018 dates, characteristics, the traditional story, famous celebrities born in the year of the dog and information about family traditions. Possibly for all age groups, depending on teacher support, but mainly aimed at Juniors.
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Chinese symbols (Chinese New Year)

Powerpoint with lesson objectives and activity's with a worksheet for students to work out what chinese symbol represents their birth year
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chinese new year

A powerpoint based on info from the bbc with a link to activities. Can be used in class or as the basis for an assembly
Chinese New YearQuick View

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: This Chinese New Year word search also doubles as a coloring book!. The advantage to this is that students can actually see each animal of the zodiac for the Chinese New Year. The dates for each animal is also included and range from 1969 to 2051. The Solution to the puzzle is included. This Chinese New Year Word Search/ Coloring Book contains the following terms: ��� Monkey ♦ Rooster ♦ Dog ♦ Pig ♦ Rat ♦ Ox ♦ Tiger ♦ Rabbit ♦ Dragon ♦ Snake ♦ Horse ♦ Sheep Thank you to Messare Clips and Design who provided the images
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Chinese New Year :: Chinese Lanterns :: Chinese New Year Craft

Chinese New Year Lanterns Chinese New Year Activity Sheets A creative way to decorate your classroom for Chinese New Year on January 28th, 2017. Roosters hanging from the ceiling or sitting on the shelf, your kiddos will love creating and putting on their own personal touches on these cuties. These units are designed in a Mix & Match format. You are able to pick the pieces that you want, depending on the needs and the abilities of your students. There are so many different possibilities and creative details that you can add. These lantern crafts are great for developing fine motor skills, following the directions and listening skills. I currently teach Kindergarten and my little ones love creating lanterns. I just teach each step in isolation and then put it all together. This is a great activity for buddy classes to work on…again teach the steps in isolation and then put it together. With my buddy class, these lanterns will take a few sessions to complete. In addition, 6 activity worksheets included to enhance learning about Chinese New Year. Included: • 6 Different lantern templates • 8 Different Trim styles and sayings • Chinese coin templates • Curling Ribbons ** If there are additional trim sayings, phrases or lantern designs, please do not hesitate to email your requests. I would be delighted to add them to this template or create a new template package just for you. ********************************************************************* Keywords: :: Chinese New Year Lantern :: Chinese New Year 2017 :: Chinese New Year Activity :: Chinese Lunar New Year :: Chinese Zodiac Animals :: January 28th, 2017 :: Chinese paper lanterns ::
KS2 NARRATIVE - Adventure Writing (Chinese New Year)Quick View

KS2 NARRATIVE - Adventure Writing (Chinese New Year)

This pack - ideal to tie in with Chinese New Year - uses the five celestial animals of Chinese Mythology as a starting point for action-adventure story writing. These creatures are a story writer's dream, especially when combined with dramatic settings and horrible monsters! They provide rich inspiration for stories that could be written either in a traditional or action-adventure style. The supporting materials are explained in the 'Overview of Resources' document. They include several short passages - useful for analysis and as a model for pupils' own writing. There are also writing checklists, story starters and writing frames. Finally, we have provided reference documents that explain some of the settings and creatures in Chinese Mythology - all the components pupils need to get writing! Please note: This pack includes Flash-based interactive resources which may not work on some devices.
Chinese New YearQuick View

Chinese New Year

Looking for some Chinese New Year Writing that your students can do? Here's a set of 10 writing activities to add to your study of the Chinese New Year! Included in this set: • Two Scrambled Sentences: Unscramble the words and write the sentence correctly • Zodiac Animals: Write about which animal you would want to be • My Lantern: Decorate the lantern and write about it • Same & Different: Write about you and children in China are the same and different • Tree Map: Firecrackers--are, can, have • Labeling: Label the parts of a dragon • Three misc. writing pages
Chinese New Year History and Evolution -  Reading Comprehension WorksheetQuick View

Chinese New Year History and Evolution - Reading Comprehension Worksheet

This Reading Comprehension worksheet introduces students to the Chinese Spring Festival. The text gives a brief history of the Chinese New Year traditions and celebrations. The text explores the origins of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. After carefully reading the text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including: questions, True or False exercises, a crossword and a definitions match exercise. This worksheet can be completed as a fun activity in class (for vocabulary building purposes) or be assigned for homework. A full answer key is included.
Spring Festival/ Chinese New YearQuick View

Spring Festival/ Chinese New Year

An in-depth resource that explains some of the customs and traditions surrounding the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Two traditional New Year tales are included in this resource - The Story of Nian the Monster (which explains the new year traditions of setting off fireworks and decorating houses with red) and The Great Race (a story about the Chinese zodiac.) The resource is packed with plenty of images and well-researched information. I'm sure you will enjoy using this resource with students of all ages. This PDF presentation could be shown on a computer or projected onto a whiteboard, as you read the stories and information on the slides and talk about the images with your students.
Chinese New Year Maths Investigations KS2Quick View

Chinese New Year Maths Investigations KS2

5 KS2 Maths investigations with a Chinese New Year theme. These investigations allow children to explore possibilities, work systematically, find patterns, predict results and analyse outcomes. Children will be able to show their reasoning and problem solving skills through a range of interesting activities. Every investigation also includes a challenge activity to extend higher attaining children. An answers document is also included to support teaching. Please leave a review for this resource -then contact me via the TES Community Conversation Page and I'll email you any single paid resource from my shop for FREE.
Chinese New Year AssemblyQuick View

Chinese New Year Assembly

An assembly that looks into the History and traditions of the Chinese New Year as well as the Chinese signs of the Zodiac.
Chinese New Year AssemblyQuick View

Chinese New Year Assembly

This PowerPoint teaches the children about Chinese New Year ... the Chinese zodiac and Chinese customs. There is also a simple story at the end. You can incorporate a Kung Fu sequence (if one of your students learns Kung Fu), a Chinese/Dragon dance ... whatever fits in with your timetable.