Food and Eating Out - FrenchQuick View

Food and Eating Out - French

A series of 4 lessons on PowerPoint about food and eating out t in French. Lesson 1 - eating in a restaurant, lesson 2 - describing food, lesson 3 - healthy/unhealthy eating, lesson 4 - going to the supermarket. Resource contains Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing tasks and has grammar explanations. An interactive lesson with lots of cultural references and a variety of skills used. Aimed at Y9 or Y10 but could be adapted for younger years.
Healthy eating printablesQuick View

Healthy eating printables

Teaching children about healthy eating is vital for their physical and mental wellbeing. This set of 3 printables is designed to be used to support a healthy eating/myself topic at key stage 1. My one day food diary This activity sheet is designed for children to keep a record of everything they eat in a day. Once complete, they cut out the template and fold to create a mouth that closes, then opens to reveal their food diary inside. Keeping my mouth healthy This activity sheet uses the same design as above. Use as an opportunity to discuss good oral health. Children colour and cut the template, then fold to create a mouth. Healthy food choices worksheet Children identify which foods we should eat most, some and least of.
The Food Pyramid- Healthy EatingQuick View

The Food Pyramid- Healthy Eating

An introduction to the food pyramid and healthy eating. PPT has 12 slides with an activity at the end. Suitable for younger students as part of a personal care/social education lesson.
Eating Healthy Food - KS1Quick View

Eating Healthy Food - KS1

Eating Healthy Food - KS1 In this KS1 science teaching resource pupils are introduced to healthy eating and a balanced diet. Content includes: Why we need food explanation What is a balanced diet explanation Food groups explanation Sorting food groups activity with accompanying worksheet Class food groups quiz Choosing healthy options class activity 2 further worksheets ‘Eating Healthy Food - KS1’ can be edited giving teachers the freedom to adapt the resource as much or as little as needed. To preview ‘Eating Healthy Food - KS1’ in full and to find more KS1 science resources please click here.
Healthy Eating + Diet PSHEQuick View

Healthy Eating + Diet PSHE

Graded Outstanding -Healthy eating + balanced diets lesson to 90mins to 2 hours. Used with Year 7 (but suitable for other year groups - updated to meet new PSHE 2020 statutory guidelines for KS3) with Powerpoint, clips, differentiated activities, design a healthy meal menu tasks, food group information charts, challenge tasks specifically more or less able students. All designed following the PSHE planning guidelines. All editable and made by a PSHCE Head of Department so easy to adapt for your own PSHE planning. Could be split and used over a week for Tutor Time too. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). You can find many more inexpensive and free KS3, KS4 and KS5 PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :) Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below: Mental Health PSHE Bundle 1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources British Values Citizenship Bundle Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle Islam Bundle Sex and Relationships Education
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Healthy Eating Food Groups Powerpoint

A powerpoint which breaks down the 5 main food groups and their functions. It also displays the eatwell plate model, and challenges children to design their own meal, thinking about eating the correct amounts of each group.
Food We EatQuick View

Food We Eat

A collection of photos that I took for my students as we learnt about food, nutrition, and the human body, including where the food we eat comes from. Please leave me a review and I will send you any other resource of your choice for free (contact me: Check out my other resources at my shop: Let me know if you have any resource requests and I will tailor make a resource for you.
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Food: Eating a Balanced Diet

Food - Eating a Balanced Diet Learn more about the 5 food groups; how much of each food group to eat, and how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Activity sheet, PowerPoint (18 slides) and Homework Task attached Fully editable!
Healthy Eating and NutritionQuick View

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

8 Resources
7x fully resourced lessons and a quiz. All include: 1hr PowerPointss, clip links and Qs, worksheets and are differentiated fully to three levels throughout. Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for’ Good’ or above Suitable for PSHE or PSD ASDAN Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Healthy Eating-food

The pack includes: Display banners Display border Banners- ‘Healthy food’ and ‘Unhealthy food’ Food group posters- A set of A4 posters with pictures and information about the different food groups Fruit and Vegetable posters Food posters- A3 posters showing some different healthy and unhealthy food and drink Bingo game Large letteringpictures- use to make a large alphabet line or to spell out any title you want Large numbers- the digits from 0-9 decorated with small fruit and vegetable pictures Fruit and vegetable describing sheets My 5-a-day worksheets- worksheets for the children to record their 5-a-day My favourite fruit and vegetable Powerpoint- a Powerpoint about healthy eating and what foods are healthy and unhealthy Interactive Powerpoint- choose the healthy options on each slide for the children to eat Our snack poster- a poster to use in the snack area to show the children what the healthy snack is that day Snack placemats Cut and stick foods- Sort the healthy and unhealthy food and drink and glue onto the worksheet My food diary Word and picture cards Picture cards- as above without words on them Writing pages- a collection of pages which the children can use for writing poems etc or for use in the writing area- each sheet has a decorative border with food pictures Counting cards Word searches Number line Food plate poster- a poster to show how much of each food group should be eaten at each meal Photos- a large collection of colour photos of healthy and unhealthy foods- these look great on displays and are useful for discussions and sorting activities Healthy lunch box activity- worksheets for the children to draw or cut and stick Dinner activity- worksheets for the children to sort the foods to make a healthy and unhealthy meal My 5-a-day reward chart Plan a healthy party- a worksheet Large food pictures Hungry Caterpillar activities: Cut and stick foods- sort the foods the Hungry Caterpillar ate into healthy and unhealthy foods Sorting activity- sort the pictures onto the correct boards Draw a new snack Worksheets- draw the healthy food the Hungry Caterpillar ate and colour the healthy foods Large coloured pictures Oliver’s Fruit Salad/ Oliver’s Vegetable activities: Bingo game- a themed bingo game to collect the fruit and vegetables in the stories Colouring worksheets- colour the fruits and vegetables in the correct colours Recipe cards- a collection of recipe cards for fruit salad, fruit smoothies and recipes using some of the vegetables in ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ Matching pairs game- find the fruit and vegetable matching pairs Posters- A4 posters of the different fruits and vegetables in the story
Food, drink and healthy eatingQuick View

Food, drink and healthy eating

A range of resource supporting Echo 2. These include: Iss dich fit word search - pupils translate adverbs of frequency, descriptions and food items and then find the German in the word search. Im Café crossword looking for items from the menu with solution. Jumbo Einkaufen und Essen word search - pupils translate and then find the German in the word search. Translation worksheet of what you like and don't like eating. Great differentiation for lower ability classes. Colour coded worksheet on saying no with food using "keinen, keine and kein" All resources are easy to print and edit. They consolidate key vocabulary knowledge and are ideal for classwork, homework, cover work and revision.
KS3 Food & Nutrition Eat Well Guide LessonQuick View

KS3 Food & Nutrition Eat Well Guide Lesson

A PowerPoint I created for KS3 (year 7) Food & Nutrition. Based around the Eat Well Guide and follows on to a healthy pasta salad recipe to make in the next lesson. Also included: blank Eat Well Guide and Deli Salad Recipe plan - colour coded to help pupils relate it back to the guide. Works really well with mixed ability groups and is a colourful lesson! Feel free to ask me any questions
Healthy Eating and the Food PyramidQuick View

Healthy Eating and the Food Pyramid

This resource is to be used in conjunction with a Food Pyramid, either on the interactive board or a copy per child. This resource has a blank food pyramid, an activity to write a food diary for a day and activities to draw a healthy lunch and/or dinner. This lesson should follow on from a lesson about the Food Pyramid, food groups and how much of each food group should be eaten each day. It can als be used as assessment at the end of a unit of work on the Food Pyramid and a healthy balanced diet
PSD - Healthy Eating workbookQuick View

PSD - Healthy Eating workbook

This 12 page Healthy Eating workbook holds over 30 hours of guided learning. Outcomes met are: Identify the main food groups Describe how each food group helps your body stay healthy Explain why a balanced diet is important in leading a healthy lifestyle Demonstrate an understanding of healthy and unhealthy foods Plan a healthy meal for a teenager Plan and make a healthy meal - shopping list included. Recommended foods for certain groups of people - elderly, child, professional athlete
Nutrition Survey, Healthy Eating and Food LabelsQuick View

Nutrition Survey, Healthy Eating and Food Labels

Nutrition lesson for Teachers or Health Professionals. Raise awareness about poor food choices through a nutrition survey and highlight healthy diet choices. Food labels and worksheet to teach' reading food labels'. Familiar food labels to supplement labels bought in and for use in ranking foods by nutritional qualities.
What do they eat? - Spanish foodQuick View

What do they eat? - Spanish food

These resources look at food and diet, with a particular emphasis on Mexican food. Students discuss diets and how often they eat certain foods. Resources are easily printable and adaptable to your SOWs or teaching style. If you like these resources please take a look at the others I have to offer :) Similarly please review so I know how to improve