Information technology - Developing a Mobile App, Assignment AQuick View

Information technology - Developing a Mobile App, Assignment A

Btec Extended Diploma Level 3, Unit 7 - Mobile Application Development An example of distinction grade Assignment A. Assignment includes: Types of mobile apps Purpose and Features Mobile device functions Operating Systems Investigations of three different mobile apps Analysis and Evaluation of different mobile apps
Information Technology - Programming Assignment AQuick View

Information Technology - Programming Assignment A

Example of Assignment A - for Unit 4 (Programming) for the BTEC Extended Diploma in Information Technology Level 3 - Distinction Grade. This assignment can be useful to show students as an example of what is expected / required for a distinction grade. The assignment scenario was to create a Wiki page discussing computational thinking skills and its use within programming. The assignment also had to include software design principles and the different programming languages used to create applications. As per all BTEC assignments to achieve distinction level, the assignment must include: Explanation - Pass criteria Analysis - Merit criteria Evaluation - Distinction criteria.
Information technologiesQuick View

Information technologies

There have been invented a lot of information technologies. Which of them can be used in teaching foreign languages? Which of them have you tried when teaching or learning?
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Information technology

Information technology: History of Information Technology, Information Technology Today. Computer-assisted language learning: History,Pedagogical and methodological considerations, The current situation, Professional associations
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Digital Information Technology Flashcard

BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology Common Tricky Word Flashcards a) Print out and laminate for peer-to-peer knowledge testing. b) Use at home or in class for revision, keyword appears, define, definition appears. Written in simple terms, based on areas Year 11 2020 struggled on in preparation for the February exam.
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Comprehension - Information Technology Bundle

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Computers and the application of communication technology is here to stay. These are cross curriculum worksheets and can be used to support an ICT lesson or as a comprehension practice. Please check it out and don’t forget to give feedback. Have a nice day!
Information Technology - Programming Assignment BQuick View

Information Technology - Programming Assignment B

Unit 4 - programming assignment B & C - Designing and Developing a program for a currency converter. The assignment provided is an example of distinction graded design for developing a program. It includes: Designs - layouts, inputs, processes, outputs, processing designs, constructs, techniques and libraries, test plans, etc. Reviews Changes made from reviews Evidence of finished program Time management throughout assignment Analysis and evaluation of design and finished program.
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BTEC Tech Award In Digital Information Technology

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Designed specifically for the new BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology, these resources cover the content directly linked to the syllabus. Personalised Learning Checklists for monitoring pupil progress. Activity shees for C1 & C2 & C3. Developing resources throughout 2018, and will upload as created.
Information Technology & Medical FieldQuick View

Information Technology & Medical Field

This presentation is about how robots are invading the medical field. It includes examples, video clips as well as an interactive task for the students to get involved in virtual medical surgery. This lesson was designed, keeping in mind the thinking routines and student engagement. The presentation should take one lesson to present and it can be modified to suit individual teacher needs.
Information Technology TimelineQuick View

Information Technology Timeline

I created this to use as an informational display in the classroom. It is a varied yet significant view at specific points throughout the last eighty or so years using clear and easy-to-read slides that can all be printed off and made into a display for your room. It is colourful, eye catching and looks fantastic when printed off and added to your wall display. Using the bigger names in technology such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Atari and Apple, to name but a few. Each image is represented by a brief commentary and the year in history when each significant offering occured. Really opens the eyes of the young people as they are able to see just how technology has advanced. Thanks for looking.
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Technology Careers Posters (Display)

GCSE Technology Careers Posters Subject specific careers and GCSE course information. A3 posters for four different Technology subjects - Design Technology, Creative iMedia, Food Preparation & Nutrition and Computer Science. -Print A3 and use for GCSE options as information for parents and students. For more detail about this resource, visit -