SATS Reading RevisionQuick View

SATS Reading Revision

SATS 2020 - 100 reading questions organised by content domain, created for SATS revision. This is a popular revision tool for the Y6 Reading SATS test! The resource can be used all year round to help prepare pupils for the requirements of the 2020 KS2 test or as a last minute revision tool. Get ready for the 2020 KS2 reading assessments with this SATS Question Generator! Covering all of the reading content domains, you can use this SATS revision resource to practise the different types of questions that might come up in the KS2 SATS paper. Select one of the following modes: - Choose a particular reading content domain to revise - Practise those tricky 3-mark questions where pupils often lose marks - Revise fiction/non-fiction/poetry questions - Random mode, giving you a mixture of all types of questions The SATs revision resource also includes handy hints and tips to help pupils in the test. Perfect for teachers to use as morning work, lesson starters or revision sessions or alternatively for pupils to practise independently at school or at home. Each slide contains a short passage in the style of the reading SATS papers and then a question to answer. This is a must-have resource for Y6 pupils working towards their reading SATS tests! You might also like our similar resource: Y6 SATS Question Generator: SPAG #helpwithsats
French GCSE Reading WorkbookQuick View

French GCSE Reading Workbook

This 86-page workbook is based on the model answers to my writing workbook (available at and contains 3 reading worksheets for every topic in the new AQA French GCSE syllabus plus answers for every task at the end of the document. Ideal for reading practice and assessments in Key Stage 4, revision and independent work for Year 11, or extension work for more able Key Stage 3 students. This can also be used for cover lessons with non-specialists as the tasks are straightforward and there are answers. As well as the Word document, I have included a PDF in case the fonts are not available on certain computers and the formatting therefore doesn't work properly on the Word doc. All questions and answers are my own, based on the new specification GCSE reading papers, and the photos are from royalty-free websites and it is all therefore photocopiable.


The three Read and Think books encourage poor readers, especially older pupils, to read sentences and simple texts and understand what they read. Book 1 concentrates on short, simple sentences. Pupils must understand the sentences they read in order to perform the tasks and this ensures text comprehension. The 25 sheets contain a variety of tasks which appeal to a range of pupils, including older, poor readers. Pupils are encouraged to deduce, infer, and interpret information and events. Vocabulary is limited to high-frequency words and the emphasis is on reading: very little writing is required. Previously available through Easylearn.
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Reading Display, Book Corner Display

Reading Display, Book Corner Display, Printable Display Pack Make your Reading Area gorgeous with this reading display! Beautifully designed with over 80 different patterned butterflies, a book image, lettering and handy tips sheet, this display pack contains everything you need for a quick, effortless display. Simply download, print, cut out and display! Pack contains 21 butterfly PDF printable sheets - each butterfly is approx. 12 cm 4 lettering PDF printable sheets - letters approx 9 cm tall 1 book image PDF printable sheet - approx 54 cm wide, designed to print on 2xA4 1 printing and assembling tips sheet
Cosmic - Whole class guided readingQuick View

Cosmic - Whole class guided reading

This resource is intended to be used to help teach the skills of the KS2 National Curriculum for Reading, by domain. Included: • Comprehension questions for the first twelve chapters of the book. • A teaching PowerPoint with an introduction to the author, their other works and copies of the questions. This resource works best if the chapter is read, talked about and discussed in one day, then comprehension questions are given the day after. This resource has been used with both Year Five and Year Six classes to great effect and has boosted their reading skills and their comprehension scores.
Harry Potter reading comprehensions combinedQuick View

Harry Potter reading comprehensions combined

Extracts from all seven Harry Potter books with three sets of differentiated questions attached with each extract. These activities will help children work on a range of comprehension skills using a story many are already aware of and engaged with. Questions range from simple retrieval to commenting on why particular language has been used. ***The extracts used are copyright of the author J.K Rowling.
Fake News Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Fake News Reading Comprehension

An easy to use reading comprehension pack with three sections of differentiated questions. This activity focuses on fake news: what it is, why people write it, what are its causes and its effects and more. It can be used in form time as part of literacy focus, or in an English lesson for KS3/4 GCSE comprehension training. It is interesting, useful, very easy to use and good way to combine Citizenship and English. Check out our English Shop for loads more free and inexpensive KS3, KS4, KS5, Literacy and whole school resources. AQA English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 Knowledge Organisers AQA English Language Paper 1 Section A package AQA English Language Paper 1 Sections A and B package AQA English Language Paper 1 package AQA English Language Paper 2 Question 5 package AQA English Language Paper 1 Question 5 package AQA English Language Paper 2 Section A package AQA English Language and English Literature revision package An Inspector Calls whole scheme package An Inspector Calls revision package Macbeth whole scheme package Macbeth revision package A Christmas Carol whole scheme package A Christmas Carol revision package Jekyll and Hyde whole scheme package Jekyll and Hyde revision package Romeo and Juliet whole scheme package Power and Conflict poetry comparing poems package Power and Conflict poetry whole scheme package Love and Relationships poetry whole scheme package Unseen Poetry whole scheme package Or check out some Citizenship GCSE, RE, PSHE + RSE resources at EC Resources
Sentences to Read and UnderstandQuick View

Sentences to Read and Understand

These worksheets give beginner readers of a wide age range meaningful reading practice. Tasks encourage pupils to read the sentences carefully and can only be completed when the meaning has been understood. The book is graded to cater for a range of abilities and includes ‘colour cards’ sheets to use for matching games, lotto, ‘cut and stick’ etc. Previously available through Easylearn.
A Monster Calls Reading BookletQuick View

A Monster Calls Reading Booklet

A reading booklet designed to accompany A Monster Calls. Made for Year 7, but could be used or adapted for any KS3 class. A wide range of tasks included. Alongside reading the book, designed to last 6 weeks.
Reading Comprehensions - Stories of SurvivalQuick View

Reading Comprehensions - Stories of Survival

Apollo 13 Plane crash in the Andes Mine rescue in Chile Castaway This collection of four guided reading activities, aimed at children aged 10-13 years old, tests children’s inference and deduction skills. It will also promote lively and engaging classroom discussion as children explore these remarkable stories for themselves. Each activity has questions and answers, with an indication of how many marks are on offer at the end of each question. This is particularly helpful for children preparing for reading tests and exams, encouraging them to give fuller answers where required.
Who is Banksy - reading comprehensionQuick View

Who is Banksy - reading comprehension

This reading comprehension uses a BBC Newsround text about the street artist 'Banksy'. The resource contains a version of the text formatted for easy printing, 3 sets of questions differentiated for use with pupils across KS1 and KS2. The resource contains content domain references for the SATs reading test and would also be suitable for supporting readers in KS3.


First in a graded series of 3 books to encourage pupils to engage with, and understand, text. Book 1 is an introductory book with 50 pages to help pupils with limited literacy skills to read and understand short texts. High interest, low reading level material is used and all 3 books are suitable for a wide age-range: KS2-KS4. Each book has a wide variety of motivating activities, based on fictional and non-fictional texts. There are clear, straightforward instructions and some extension activities. Previously available through Easylearn.
Assembly on Reading (Importance, Benefits, Enjoyment)Quick View

Assembly on Reading (Importance, Benefits, Enjoyment)

This Assembly has been used to promote reading among pupils. The PowerPoint uses engaging images as prompts to guide pupils through the benefits and importance of reading, the lessons to be learned from famous novels, while also offering pupils the opportunity to discuss their favourite books. The script for the assembly is easy to follow, with corresponding slides for the PowerPoint labelled for ease. Alternatively, a version of the powerpoint that combines the presentation and script is also included. It is also interactive, allowing for audience participation. This has been used as part of a wider initiative to promote reading throughout the school.
Active Literacy Six Reading StrategiesQuick View

Active Literacy Six Reading Strategies

This pack contains wall displays and flash cards explaining the processes and some hints/tips for the six reading strategies of Active Literacy. These are based off the guidance for (Scottish) Active Literacy stages 4/5 and 6/7 and will be useful for children working within these stages of AL. If you find these useful, please share some feedback! Thank you :)
Whole Class Reading - MiddleworldQuick View

Whole Class Reading - Middleworld

A week of whole class reading planning from Chapter 1 of Jaguar Stones: Middleworld by J&P Voelkel. The resources have been adapted from Aidan Severs ‘Reading Roles’ shown in the link below: Monday - Discussion and reading aloud. Tuesday - Vocabulary. Wednesday - Retrieval. Thursday - Inference. Friday - Assessment / Comprehension.
Reading ScalesQuick View

Reading Scales

This resource introduces reading scales, such as weights or car speedometers . This is a resource for KS3 (or low-attaining KS4) students.


These eight reading comprehension texts will be added to as I complete them. They are meant to provide a challenge to my more able AEN / SEN pupils, and to encourage group reading and discussion. So far they include - the farm - the Scouts - bats but I intend to add to these.
Reading ComprehensionQuick View

Reading Comprehension

I went on an amazing course all to do with helping children with comprehension. I have put together a Power Point presentation with some activities for children to practice inferencing skills. I have taught this lesson to Year 6 pupils and they got a lot out of it. Ideally, you should follow this activity up by looking at a SAT’s based comprehension paper so that children can consolidate what they learnt from these activities.