STEAM DisplayQuick View

STEAM Display

Includes two posters for each subject. 10 Posters in total depicting an area of interest for each letter. Great to add to those dazzling wall displays. 5 A4 posters with only images. 5 with a definition of each area.
Get STEAMEDQuick View


Get to grips with what STEAMED means in the workplace by exploring some of the key skills and people needed to make an app.
Steam PunkQuick View

Steam Punk

Lesson idea and slide presentation to be adapted
STEAM (STEM) Resource bundleQuick View

STEAM (STEM) Resource bundle

10 Resources
A range of STEAM resources that link art and creativity to the other STEAM subjects. 50% saving on resources when bought in this bundle.
STEM/STEAM Activity bookletQuick View

STEM/STEAM Activity booklet

Each booklet contains a range of practical activities where pupils have the opportunity to engage with each project through a scientific , art engineering and mathematical lens. The projects were intended to be used on weekly basis as part of a after school club but can be used in lessons as well. Teacher and pupil assessment included. Plastic project - pupils will work with recycled plastics to produce their own product review. Hydrogels - Water conservation Wind turbines - Pupils produce a wind turbine and review renewable energy .
STEAM. Art and Maths. Symmetry ImagesQuick View

STEAM. Art and Maths. Symmetry Images

30 beautiful kaleidoscopic images which challenge students to work out how many lines of symmetry there are. Images range in complexity from 9 to 2 lines of symmetry. Ideal as visual support for STEAM lessons.
Early Steam Trains, 1700-1840Quick View

Early Steam Trains, 1700-1840

Take your student’s on a journey back in time when the first ever steam trains were invented! The world was never the same after 1830! The slide show covers: The first ever locomotives. Richard Trevithick’s steam train. John Blenkinsop’s locomotive and John Hedley’s ‘Puffing Billy’. The Liverpool to Manchester railway. Railway mania. Journey times from London. Greenwich Mean Time. 11 slides. Fully editable!
The Outsiders STEAM: Product Re-brandingQuick View

The Outsiders STEAM: Product Re-branding

Students choose (or are assigned) a product that they must re-brand for either the Greasers or the Socs. They’ll consider questions about what would make a product more appealing to one group over another? What colors and logos would make it appealing? Students follow through with the design and engineering process, designing, prototyping, making, and evaluating. A link to an editable file is available with download.
Christmas STEAM: Design Your Own Christmas StockingQuick View

Christmas STEAM: Design Your Own Christmas Stocking

In this resource, children will look at how Christmas stockings have changed over time before building a prototype. They will then design their own Christmas stocking and making it using textiles and different stitches. Children will then participate in peer- and self-evaluations. A link to digital resources for editing and sharing on Google Classroom and Seesaw is available upon download.
STEAM What is a Scientist Vocabulary WordsQuick View

STEAM What is a Scientist Vocabulary Words

This fun and engaging game is the perfect way to introduce, learn or review vocabulary about science experiments and scientists. I typically put the class into small groups and ask a member of the group to choose a color and number. That is the question that they have to answer. If correct they get one point. Then I move to the next group. Alternatively the whole class answers and then we tally up the points to get a winner. I run it on an interactive whiteboard but would be equally successful on a projector, computer or TV screen. Alternatively it could be run for an individual student on their own device. When you start the game press the shuffle button to randomize the questions ensuring that no game is ever the same. This means that this Jeopardy game can be used multiple times with the one class as it is different every time. This is a PowerPoint Macro Show. To run the game double click the file and make sure you say "yes" to running macros. If you do not the questions will not shuffle correctly. I have tested on a PC but it should work on other devices. If this is your first time with Macros let me know by personal message and I am happy to answer all your questions. Enjoy
STEAM. Art and Space. Images for InspirationQuick View

STEAM. Art and Space. Images for Inspiration

40 images associated with space. Rockets, astronauts, planets and stars. A useful visual resource to support lessons about space. Please note that this is a visual resource and doesn't include written commentary. Ideal as visual support for STEAM lessons.
Slime- STEM/ STEAM set of lessonsQuick View

Slime- STEM/ STEAM set of lessons

A powerpoint of a sequence of lessons on slime (either using borax based or cornflour based slime). Would take approximately 2-3 lessons -planning -practical -graph and evaluation