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Report Writing Spreadsheet/ Software

Save time and effort writing reports. This report writing assistant allows you to automatically create termly or end of year student report cards from an editable statement bank. Quickly and easily create a report by selecting statements with a click from 18 statements in each of 9 categories (162 statements in all) to build up a complete report comment, all of which will automatically adjust gender pronouns (he/she etc) and insert the students name where appropriate. Comments can also be free typed in the report comment box. All the statements in each category can be customised by the user. A class list with the gender of the students can be inserted and the final report comments can be copied and pasted into any other report package and the overall class comments saved to an xls file for archiving. The spreadsheet uses macros and will require macro access to be enabled, see the help sheet in the spreadsheet for details how to do this. see a demo at Have a look by downloading the free evaluation version at Please note this spreadsheet will not run on Mac versions of Excel, it will only run on PC versions of , due to incompatibility issues between Microsoft Office on the 2 different platforms.
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Hardware and Software

This is an ideal paper-based ICT lesson, homework, or cover lesson. Can be used without computers. Hardware & Software and Input & Output devices suitable for KS3
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KS3 Hardware & Software SOW

5 part series of work for KS3 teaching about different Computer hardwares and softwares. Lesson 1 - History of Computing research task Lesson 2 - Hardware Lesson 3 - Software Lesson 4 - Data Storage Lesson 5 - The CPU
Selection and use of appropriate softwareQuick View

Selection and use of appropriate software

This lesson is focused on students being able to compare the uses of different types of software, and how they are beneficial in a business setting. Included: PPT Worksheet Starter activity
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Using BODMAS (Software)

This software is now FREE Go to:- Using BODMAS - is an Excel file that produces an infinite supply of worksheets & whiteboard sheets. (You need to ‘enable macros’) Press the new button to create a new set questions. All answers are provided. (print answers at the same time as the worksheet) (You do not need to know how to use Microsoft Excel - just press the buttons on screen and everything is done for you.) **Please don’t share these files, but please share the website address below with, colleagues, students and parents. ** Please try to donate a little – a one off donation or even £1 per month. Hopefully you will never need to buy another resource again; and I will have the knowledge that I have helped many students. There will be over 500 mathematics files + over 150 maths games. Go to:- There will also be, English, Science, History, Geography, ESL, files from Early Years to KS4 (Grade 10) If you send me your email: I will send you: the monthly updates, just as a reminder so you have all.
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Using Open Source Software

This Word table introduces students to Open Source software and asks why schools are still prepared to pay for commercial software? It is useful for familiarising students and teachers to software types, what is available for free and what benefits a school gets from commercial software.
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Hardware & Software

This Powerpoint explains hardware and software of a computer which could be used with a KS4 GCSE IT class because it explains what hardware is and gives you examples and it explains what software is and it gives you examples.
Investigating Quadratics using graphing softwareQuick View

Investigating Quadratics using graphing software

A four-page booklet guiding students through a series of six investigations around the features of different quadratics functions using Geogebra (or similar) to plot the graphs. Probing questions designed to promote an understanding of the links between the algebra and the graphs, and prompt thinking about transformations of graphs/functions. Space to record turning points and roots; predict shapes before plotting etc. Investigations relate features such as roots and turning points to factorised expressions, completed squares and the quadratic formula. (No reference to calculus as this was written for Year 10) My class found this useful. It took them a double period, and some needed to finish for homework. Most said it had helped their understanding of what the algebra was for and what ‘solving’ a quadratic meant. The booklet prints out as a double sides A4 that you fold in half. You may prefer to enlarge it to give more space for writing. NB. Geogebra is freely available on-line. This resource uses it as a graphing tool and does not rely on any other applets or pre-written Geogebra demonstrations. If your students are not familiar with using Geogebra you may need to show them how to enter a function to plot but they quickly pick it up. You could encourage them to plot different graphs in different colours, or print our for a wall display. It would work just as well with any other similar application such as Desmos.
Systems Software RevisionQuick View

Systems Software Revision

This visually appealing knowledge organiser helps pupils revise the systems software section of the GCSE in Computer Science. Written originally for OCR Computer Science (J276), it is also suitable for helping pupils revise for other exam boards. One PDF document contains the knowledge organiser and the second PDF document includes tips of revision techniques allowing pupils to pick a technique they prefer. Once they have revised the topic, they can attempt the 6 mark exam practice question on the second sheet and mark it themselves using the mark scheme included. This resource makes an ideal homework task, can be used as part of a lesson or given to pupils to help them with their exam revision. Covers: The purpose and functionality of systems software Operating systems User interfaces Memory management and multi-tasking Peripheral management Drivers User management File management Utility systems Encryption software Defragmentation Data compression Full and incremental backups For a high-quality PDF student workbook on systems security that includes detailed theory, tasks and the answers visit Check out these other great revision knowledge organisers by Nichola Wilkin (nwilkin): Systems Architecture Memory & Storage Wired & Wireless Networks Network Topologies, Protocols & Layers System Security Ethical, Legal, cultural & Environmental Concerns Algorithms Programming Techniques Producing Robust Programs Computational Logic Translators & Facilities of Languages Data Representation #KOCSGCSE2019 #nwrevision2019
Software Testing Assignment 2: Test an AppQuick View

Software Testing Assignment 2: Test an App

This is the second of three assignments that make up the Software Testing unit. It’s just conducting a series of tests on an app developed during the Mobile App Dev Unit. This documentation was awarded a merit grade.
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Full Unit Hardware and Software KS3

This is the full unit for the KS3 hardware and software topic which I delivered, it includes the full lessons along with extensions and an assessment at the end of the topic. included are: 1. Hardware 2. Software 3. Inputs and Outputs 4. The future of Hardware and Software 5. Assessment Single lessons can also be purchased in the shop
Hardware and Software - 3 lessonsQuick View

Hardware and Software - 3 lessons

At least 3 lessons to use with years 7 and / or 8 to introduce the ideas of hardware, software, storage and the input process output cycle. Includes lessons, resources, tasks and a link to my ready made kahoot.
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How2Excel: A guide to understanding Excel spreadsheet software

Ideal to support the delivery of GCSE, BTEC and ECDL ICT courses! If you like the quality of my other resources, you won't want to miss this!!! A comprehensive guide on a broad range of differentiated Excel skills which include; Data Types: Raw, Changing Type, Relative & Absolute Cell Referencing Formatting: Cells, Colours, Font & Borders Basic Arithmetic Formulas: Simple arithmetic (+ - * /), Relative & Absolute Formulas, Common Errors Functions: SUM, AVE,MIN, MAX, COUNT, COUNTA, ROUND Advanced Functions: BOOLEAN (< > =), COUNTIF, IF, Nested IF, LOOKUP, CONCATENATE Applying Cell Referencing Validation Rules: Including Drop Down Lists Using Table Filters Creating Graphs and Charts Conditional Formatting Creating Macros Each skill includes a tutorial and a task to show you how to apply it. There are also two consolidation exercises which require the application of a range of skills learned within the tutorials. These include; Create an Interactive Spreadsheet Dream Team Generator A checklist at the start of the workbook allows you to keep track of your progress. ***Please Leave a Review!***
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Can I Use VPN Software For Any Program?

VPN computer software has been in use for numerous years. In simple fact, this popular way of providing protected communication throughout the Net is a single of the very first sources that came into heavy usage when people began telecommuting. VPN software enables the person to employ the Internet as a signifies of supplying a secure connection to a enterprise server or another source that needs to be retained unavailable to the general public at huge. If you began employing VPN services for your work, you might be most likely acquainted with starting up up the VPN and then logging in on what ever application you require to be secured by means of the virtual personal network. There is a lot a lot more than this to a VPN, nonetheless. Compared to Anonymizer Application There are very a couple of applications out there that promise customers anonymity on-line. Numerous of them are free of charge. These providers are generally sure to 1 distinct program or another. For example, these packages sometimes anonymize your World wide web browsing and need you to put in a browser plug-in. The browser plug-in, nonetheless, only gives safety when you’re really employing your Web browser. If you hook up to a networked resource making use of an additional variety of link - this kind of as an application, an FTP server, an e-mail client, and so on - you will not have the anonymizing service. VeePN is made to route all of your Internet traffic by way of the protected tunnel. This means that any system you use, whether it really is your e-mail customer or your gaming system, is routed by way of the VPN network. Of training course, a VPN community is not excellent for all applications. What it’s best for is any application that requirements to have the conversation it conducts with its server secured from prying eyes. This is why these packages are so common with men and women who work from property.
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Software (KS3)

A introduction to computer software for KS3, this was part of the Hardware and Software unit that was delivered. Lesson includes an introduction to the topic and tasks to complete. Extensions tasks also included. The full SOW can also be bought in the shop!