Viking HomelandsQuick View

Viking Homelands

A lesson looking at the interpretations of the Vikings and knowledge about their homelands, this leads students into why they expanded. This is lesson is for the OCR GCSE 1-9 SHP course.

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Viking societyQuick View

Viking society

Students learn about the main class groups in Viking society and answer and create and interview with that member of society. This is aimed at GCSE students

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VikingsQuick View


This bundle will be added to over time and is connected with my 2017 solo row around Great Britain as I retrace the Viking routes and history on my Great British Viking Quest. YouTube: Skype in the Classroom:

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Viking Longship interactive notebook foldableQuick View

Viking Longship interactive notebook foldable

The foldable is in two parts inside and outside the longship. Students can colour how they wish. This resource will be a brilliant accompaniment to support of vikings topics at either primary or secondary school. Resource includes: 1) The foldable to cut out 2) 'model' pictures to show how the ship can be stuck together. (Note: the tab to stick down is the flag)


Vikings Research Task with Marking CriteriaQuick View

Vikings Research Task with Marking Criteria

A 7 Page Handout - Developed for Year 8 History - Stage 4 - Vikings Research Task with Marking Criteria. Students complete 2 sections- Students are to use a range of skills to create a word processed report on a topic of their choice from a range of events, inventions or people from the Viking era (list of topics included) Part I: You are required to develop six key inquiry questions about your topic. (students are given examples) Part 2 : Develop an individual Report and Bibliography Example of a Report is given for students. Marked out of 35 - All Marking Criteria included.

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Viking gods and religionQuick View

Viking gods and religion

GCSE lesson on Viking gods and religion, two videos and a range of chunked tasks. Students learn about the different gods and religious practices of the Vikings.

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Viking law and orderQuick View

Viking law and order

A lesson where students use a game of dominoes to learn about Viking law and order. This is aimed at the OCR GCSE 1-9 SHP course on the Vikings

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Vikings BundleQuick View

Vikings Bundle

A collection of Viking themed resources

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vikingsQuick View


Miscellaneous collection of viking resources for which I claim no credit.

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A Viking DayQuick View

A Viking Day

This is a series of messages that can be given to students to guide them through a viking experience day. The messages takes them through making a long boat, a viking settlement and writing their names in runes. Suitable for KS2 but could be adapted for KS1. I have used this with my year 6 classes by delivering the messages to them in groups as scrolls and they have all really enjoyed it.

By aliworgan

Vikings Got Talent- Class AssemblyQuick View

Vikings Got Talent- Class Assembly

Class assembly script based around 'Vikings Got Talent'. 4 different sketches each for small groups of 4-5 children. Then the parts of Ant and Dec and 4 judges. Enough parts for a class of 25-30 children, with some in a non-speaking supportive role. Editable word document.

By slj123

The Vikings- Year 4 History PlanningQuick View

The Vikings- Year 4 History Planning

To understand how recent excavations have changed our views on the Vikings. This is an active lesson that involve children looking at pictures and discovering what we can tell about the Vikings through those pictures. They must decide how this changes our view on them and their initial bad reputation that was given by the Anglo-Saxons (learnt in a previous lesson). This package included a powerpoint, lesson plan and all the pictures needed for display as well as the pictures minimised to fit into their books (if needed).

By Morrisr9

Viking themed problems and puzzlesQuick View

Viking themed problems and puzzles

I have adapted problems from the challenging more able pupils booklet to a Viking theme. For more cross curricular maths puzzles, please visit the blog.

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Who were the Vikings?Quick View

Who were the Vikings?

Objectives: MUST identify where the Vikings came from. SHOULD be able to explain how historians know about the Vikings. COULD analyse evidence and explain what this tells us.

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