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Viking trade

This lesson allows students to become Viking traders sailing around Europe trading and selling in regional goods. The lesson initially teaches the students the importance of the long ship in allowing the Vikings to become incredibly successful traders. Then students become the Viking traders and chart there progress on a map and in a table in pairs. They then meet up with a different pair and share their experience. Students then must vote on how successful they believe the Viking traders were. The lesson has instructions for each task in the notes section.
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Viking Place names in UK

Across the areas of Viking settlement in the UK we see part of their legacy in the names of our places. In this activity the children will: 1.consider how places get their names 2.learn about elements of Viking place names 3.create place names for their own Viking settlement 4.explore your locality for evidence of Viking settlements
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Viking religion and gods

This lesson looks at a boat burial in Scotland and then asks leading questions about Viking religious and cultural beliefs. Students then complete a carousel activity to discover How did the Viking universe work? Who were the Viking Gods? Where did the Vikings worship their gods? How did the Vikings worship their gods? How were important Vikings buried? Students then complete a write up of their knowledge
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Viking Weapons

UPDATED: Includes a bonus differentiated maths activity (fractions). The Viking Weapons lesson describes types of viking weapons and armour. It includes a design your own shield and a reading response activity. Aimed at KS2 Y4-6 Pages: 6 Contents: 1 information page 1 design your own shield activity 1 reading response quiz 4 maths fractions activities All photos, illustrations and text are original by the author. This is part of a complete unit on Vikings.
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The Vikings Book

A 50 page child-friendy eBook that your children can use to learn about the Vikings. This resource includes: * Who were the Vikings? * Viking Society * Viking Families * Viking Houses * Viking Food and Drink * Vikings Clothes * Viking Boats * Viking Warriors * Viking Settlements * Viking Exploration * Viking Religion A comprehensive glossary is also included at the end of the eBook. A number of related resources are available in our HUGE Vikings pack at
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Viking society

Students learn about the main class groups in Viking society and answer and create and interview with that member of society. This is aimed at GCSE students
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Miscellaneous collection of viking resources for which I claim no credit.


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Viking Homelands

A lesson looking at the interpretations of the Vikings and knowledge about their homelands, this leads students into why they expanded. This is lesson is for the OCR GCSE 1-9 SHP course.
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Viking Rune activities

Attached is a page with the Viking Runes for letters and five different activities that children can work through to practise changing writing into runes or vice versa that includes writing messages to one another, writing a Viking attack message and decoding the names of Norse Gods.
The VikingsQuick View

The Vikings

Resources to aid the teaching of 'The Vikings' History topic for Lower Key Stage Two. Includes pictures to annotate, word banks, gap fill activities and more.
The Viking Raid on Lindisfarne 793Quick View

The Viking Raid on Lindisfarne 793

The raid on Lindisfarne is an iconic event, which for most people heralds the start of the Viking Age in Britain. In this activity, the children will: 1.Read a series of historical accounts of the raid on Lindisfarne 2.Establish the factual nature of these accounts and the subtext of their authors. 3.Recount their own version of events and, using high quality images as stimulus, design one of the ‘lost treasures of Lindisfarne’.
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Literacy Learning Plan Year 4 Viking Saga

This is 9 days worth of planning based on the children writing a Viking Saga based on a character called Biorn from the short clip from the following website - It includes reference to the new National Curriculum and has grammar starters, differentiated success criteria and writing opportunities. It was planned for Year 4 focusing mainly on the Band 4 Learning objectives. Have also included some of the resources that I have made for these lessons. Some of the images have been taken from google and links are made to other websites on the plan that we used. I hope it is useful. My classed wrote some great Viking Sagas
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This is a fun power point presentation to go through and easy,basic information to understand for Key Stage 2 children.