Viking tradeQuick View

Viking trade

This lesson allows students to become Viking traders sailing around Europe trading and selling in regional goods. The lesson initially teaches the students the importance of the long ship in allowing the Vikings to become incredibly successful traders. Then students become the Viking traders and chart there progress on a map and in a table in pairs. They then meet up with a different pair and share their experience. Students then must vote on how successful they believe the Viking traders were. The lesson has instructions for each task in the notes section.
SATs style comprehensions - the VikingsQuick View

SATs style comprehensions - the Vikings

Key Stage 2 comprehensions. Text includes a range of non fiction, fictionalised, historical texts and short poetry. Questions include whole range of SAT style questions such as: inference and deduction, prediction and factual recall. Ideal for Guided groups, homework or whole class activities.
Viking Rune activitiesQuick View

Viking Rune activities

Attached is a page with the Viking Runes for letters and five different activities that children can work through to practise changing writing into runes or vice versa that includes writing messages to one another, writing a Viking attack message and decoding the names of Norse Gods.
Viking WeaponsQuick View

Viking Weapons

UPDATED: Includes a bonus differentiated maths activity (fractions) AND a PowerPoint Presentation. The Viking Weapons lesson describes types of viking weapons and armour. It includes a design your own shield and a reading response activity. Aimed at KS2 Y4-6 Pages: 6 Contents: 1 information page 1 design your own shield activity 1 reading response quiz 4 maths fractions activities 3 maths puzzles 1 15-slide PowerPoint Presentation All photos, illustrations and text are original by the author. This is part of a complete unit on Vikings.
Viking Boy Guided Reading PlansQuick View

Viking Boy Guided Reading Plans

This pack includes guided reading plans for the following text: Viking Boy by Tony Bradman In total there are 21 guided reading lesson plans, covering each of the sections in the book. Each plan contains a 'reading and responding to the text' activity which is designed to be completed with the class teacher with the reading group. There are then follow up independent activities which the children can then complete during the remainder of the week. All of these activities are closely linked to the new National Curriculum objectives and these are listed at the beginning of each plan. Each plan also has a list of difficult words which the children can check the meaning of before the teacher led session, space to list the names of the children who are working on the text and a space for a teacher notes and evaluation. The plans have been written by an experienced primary school teacher and have been tried and tested in the classroom.
Literacy Learning Plan Year 4 Viking SagaQuick View

Literacy Learning Plan Year 4 Viking Saga

This is 9 days worth of planning based on the children writing a Viking Saga based on a character called Biorn from the short clip from the following website - It includes reference to the new National Curriculum and has grammar starters, differentiated success criteria and writing opportunities. It was planned for Year 4 focusing mainly on the Band 4 Learning objectives. Have also included some of the resources that I have made for these lessons. Some of the images have been taken from google and links are made to other websites on the plan that we used. I hope it is useful. My classed wrote some great Viking Sagas
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Miscellaneous collection of viking resources for which I claim no credit.


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Exploring Viking and Anglo-Saxon ShieldsQuick View

Exploring Viking and Anglo-Saxon Shields

Although shields were primarily used for defence in the early medieval period, they were also a symbol of a warrior and the comradeship of the shield wall, where each warrior fought for and protected his neighbour. In this activity, the children will: 1.consider the military uses of a shield and its greater significance 2.view high quality images of shield components and consider how they were constructed and make their own shield archaeological evidence for the construction and status the shield.
Millionaire Quiz! (Viking Edition)Quick View

Millionaire Quiz! (Viking Edition)

This fully interactive high-quality gameshow features all the exciting sounds, background music and drama of the TV show. Each possible answer is linked to either a pass or fail screen indicating the amount of money ‘won’. A free trial of my best-in-class version is available here: There are 15 questions, testing children's knowledge of: - Invasion - Gods - Famous heroes and stories - and more! Please see my shop for other gameshows, worksheets, activities and time-saving ideas. All feedback is welcome so please do comment and rate. N.B The original logos for Who Wants to be a Millionaire are property of Sony Pictures Television. For this reason they have not been included, but a similar non-trademarked version has.
The VikingsQuick View

The Vikings

This collection of songs contains a wealth of information about the Viking world along with appropriate and useful illustrations. ”Sailors, Adventurers and Warriors” gives a brief history of where the Vikings came from. “Jorvik Market” brings to life the various people you would have been likely to meet whilst doing your shopping in Viking Times. “Viking House” , “The Longship”, “Viking Clothes” and “Viking Women's Household Chores” all contain accurate information regarding Viking society. “Thor The Thunderer” provides a brief insight into Viking religion. This set of songs consists of: * 14 mp3 files, with both vocal and piano backing tracks * PDF of the music and lyrics * illustrated PowerPoint of each song for use with digital projectors and whiteboards * Word document of the lyrics. No licence is required for performing any of my material, and the music and lyrics may be copied freely for use within or by your school.
Vikings Display Posters (Invaders and Settlers)Quick View

Vikings Display Posters (Invaders and Settlers)

The Vikings Display board pack. Contains everything you need to decorate your display board for this popular topic. 44 pages in .pdf format (the display posters are NOT editable but do contact me if you want something adding or changing). Included in the resource: The Vikings header. A4, but can be printed as A3 to make it bigger, just adjust the settings on the printing page. 7 Vikings posters with short descriptions (Viking warrior, merchant, Viking woman, longhouse, long boat, arms and armour, weaving). A4 Vikings photos - a collection of 11 A4 real life photos to add to the display. Vikings timeline - 10 A4 posters featuring the main events of the Viking era. Can be printed in a smaller format by choosing the "Multiple" option on the printing page. Vikings KWL chart - A4 (for display or as an individual activity) Vikings keywords - 2 keywords with borders per page of A4. An extra border provided if you want to write your own. Vikings word mat with main keywords for the topic. Save yourself hours of work by purchasing the ready made display, just print, laminate for durability and enjoy teaching the topic!
Vikings Got Talent- Class AssemblyQuick View

Vikings Got Talent- Class Assembly

Class assembly script based around 'Vikings Got Talent'. 4 different sketches each for small groups of 4-5 children. Then the parts of Ant and Dec and 4 judges. Enough parts for a class of 25-30 children, with some in a non-speaking supportive role. Editable word document.
The Viking Raid on Lindisfarne 793Quick View

The Viking Raid on Lindisfarne 793

The raid on Lindisfarne is an iconic event, which for most people heralds the start of the Viking Age in Britain. In this activity, the children will: 1.Read a series of historical accounts of the raid on Lindisfarne 2.Establish the factual nature of these accounts and the subtext of their authors. 3.Recount their own version of events and, using high quality images as stimulus, design one of the ‘lost treasures of Lindisfarne’.
Viking godsQuick View

Viking gods

A powerpoint, activity and double-sided worksheet on Viking gods and goddesses. I made this for a high-achieving Year 5 class but it can be adapted quite easily.
Viking BoatsQuick View

Viking Boats

This includes pictures of two types of Viking ships, a matching activity about types of Viking ships and a labelling activity - labelling parts of a longship.