IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (1) - HYGIENE workbookletQuick View

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (1) - HYGIENE workbooklet

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (1) - HYGIENE workbooklet is 16 pages full of 20+ interesting tasks, ideas, personal hygiene, hygiene routines, organisation, products, self-care, female hygiene and problem solving tasks. HYGIENE is an important topic that can be different for everyone. This workbooklet focuses on how and why we shower or have a bath, brush our teeth and wash our clothes to make sure we are clean and smell great every day. This workbooklet is filled with active, visual and practical tasks for primary or lower secondary and special education students and offers staff flexibility about who delivers the workbooklet and how many tasks are completed. See also IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (2) - GETTING READY. This theme also links to IT'S ALL ABOUT CARING workbooklets series - (1) SELF-CARE, (2) CARE FOR OTHERS, (3) CARE FOR PETS With an easy-to-follow format, a non-specialist teacher or teacher aide can deliver this workbooklet with confidence, add ideas and many student will self-direct their learning. This workbooklet also includes a Student Learning Checklist and Assessment for Learning feedback sheets.
All About Me PassportQuick View

All About Me Passport

A lovely activity that my class simply loved. Children can create their own passport with ome important information about themselves.
All About Me Back to School 'Art Phone' creative lessonQuick View

All About Me Back to School 'Art Phone' creative lesson

Engage children creatively with this Instagram style, 'tech' mobile phone/tablet 'All About Me' first week back, art and writing activity. Children can learn more about themselves and their peers and teachers can get to know more about their new classroom individuals in an imaginative way. This activity invites students to cut out and make their own fold out booklet style art-phone, and then to complete the image making on the front cover and the written elements inside. The front cover: Illustrate the 9 answers to prompts with thumbnail doodles or drawings, eg age, family, favourite movie, animal etc The 2 fold out inner pages: 1. 'Let's Chat', designed in a text message style, asks more investigative questions including, How will you achieve your goals? What support do you need? 2. 'More About Me': Includes, name your 3 goals, 5 fascinating facts Open ended questions to complete, such as 'I imagine...' 'People like me because...' Considerations, how to use this activity: How can students move beyond words, and 'draw their answers' Consider the space around the images you draw How do the 9 images look collectively? Is there an emerging theme or style or colour? What colours do we associate with words? eg carrot: orange and green Work imaginatively! The included example uses a black ball point pen and felt tips The completed art-phones slip comfortably into a back pocket. They will work well pegged up as a garland or can decorate a wall, door or bulletin board. All artwork is designed by me, and is vector based, so can be enlarged without pixelating. Ideal for use as an icebreaker activity or as an art specific lesson. All original artwork ©The ImaginationBox/Diane Pagan 2016
All About Me!Quick View

All About Me!

A great way to get to know your students any time of the year! It contains: -3 sheets that students can fill in with pictures and or words. The completed sheets will give you some information about each student. It will also allow the students to get to know one another. -a "Me" diamante where students can use adjectives and verbs to describe themselves as well as a "student". -"About Me" acrostic, once completed can be used as a "guess who" game, where students have to guess which poem belongs to who. -"Get to Know a Classmate" 2 page activity -"My Favo(u)rites" 2 page activity Once all activities are completed, put up on your classroom walls, or combine to make a small booklet. Great for ESL, ELL and Special Ed. ***Includes U.S. version sheets as well! Total Pages 14
All About Me transition booklet - EYFS & Key Stage 1Quick View

All About Me transition booklet - EYFS & Key Stage 1

A 20 page booklet for EYFS or KS1 on the theme of ‘All About Me.’ It is perfect for using in the transition process into years 1 or 2, either before children move to their new class, to send home over the summer holidays or to use with your new class. Children have the opportunity to draw and write about their interests, home, friends and school life throughout the booklet. PDF file format and editable Microsoft Word format. If you are looking for a booklet for transition into years 3 or 4 we have created this one:
All About Me BuntingQuick View

All About Me Bunting

Something I am going to use to get to know my class - each child gets a piece of bunting and fills it in to suit them. Will join them together with string and display them in my classroom.
All about me hot air balloonQuick View

All about me hot air balloon

A resource template for children to complete to create a 3d hot air balloon to tell Teachers and classmates all about themselves. Includes sections for children to detail their ambitions, their family, favourite books, what makes them smile and what makes them special. A must for transition day or back to school. Can be used across all primary education phases. Makes a wonderfully creative and colourful classroom display. For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
All about me bunting worksheetQuick View

All about me bunting worksheet

I used this worksheet at the beginning of the year to create some bunting for a display. A copy went in their profile too. I've included a word version so it can be modified.
Back to School - All About MeQuick View

Back to School - All About Me

Download these popular 'All About Me' activities with a fidget spinner theme! Great for back to school or getting to know you activities! The pack contains activities that can be used in the following ways: 1. An All About Me sheet for pupils to fill in the sections of the fidget spinners with pictures or words about their favourite foods, people, school activities etc. 2. A blank version of the above activity for teachers pupils to choose their own categories. 3. A game using real fidget spinners (if they have not been banned!) where pupils have until the spinner stops to talk about each category. 4. A multiple-choice quiz for pupils to make real and false answers about themselves using the fidget spinner templates. 5. A design-your-own fidget spinner activity. Check out our other popular resources: All About Me Time Capsule Summer Performance Poetry Transition Day Activity Pack End of Term Iphone Activity Booklet
All about me - EMOJI StyleQuick View

All about me - EMOJI Style

Starring me Emoji style can be printed as a booklet or you can use the sheets individually. My interpretation of the different emojis with worksheets to fill in. Lots of opportunity for discussion. There are 40 emojis covered with 42 sheets altogether. The second page is a blank to enable it to be printed duplex and booklet style.
All about me Flower! Transition week / IcebreakersQuick View

All about me Flower! Transition week / Icebreakers

An engaging activity that could be used during transition week for Early Years or Key Stage 1 and be used as a display for September that children love to see when they are back to school! This also provides a great opportunity for discussion and allows the teacher to get to know their new class. Main Activity: A flower with 5 petals that allows children to fill it in and draw pictures within the petals. A picture of the child can be placed in the middle of the petal. Differentiation: For high-ability children, the boxes can be empty and they can write into them independently. For low-ability, SEN or EAL differentiated worksheet will help complete questions on the petals.
All about me game - back to school new classQuick View

All about me game - back to school new class

This is such a fun resource for getting to know your new class, and much more interesting than getting them to complete a transition booklet! Just open the game in Powerpoint and choose your class size. You can either play it as musical chairs or musical states its up to you- press start music will play and then stop after 30 seconds- last child standing/moving gets to choose Truth or Dare! The Truth questions are aimed at finding more out about the children, The Dares involve lots of fun tasks that your class will find hilarious!


A Complete POETRY lesson, which includes a detailed PPT, resources and planning. Children write a poem to describe themselves using precise adjectives and similes. Clear 3 way differentiation. The lesson is designed to help you get to know your class, whilst creating a fantastic display for the wall (ideal for the start of the year) Also suitable as part of a poetry unit, or for a PHSCE lesson. Ideal for KS2/3 Please leave feedback.
All About MeQuick View

All About Me

A seven week unit plan to teach children all about themselves, their family and the area they live in. It is a practical unit of work that involves dressing up, inviting visitors in to your school and visiting your local area. The plan includes learning objectives linked to the new N.C, key questions, activities and pupil learning outcomes. The plan is adaptable to suit the needs of your children. This pack inlcudes: 7 Week Unit Plan All About Me bag label Describing Me worksheet Family Tree worksheet Kissing Hand Poem My Address and House worksheet My Local Area tick sheet People Who Help Us PowerPoint When I Grow Up worksheet When I Grow Up photo frame If you like this, you might also be interested in All About Me class assembly If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.