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Back to School - Fidget Spinner All About Me

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 50% off this resource with code 50THANKS at checkout! Download these popular 'All About Me' activities with a fidget spinner theme! Great for back to school or getting to know you activities! The pack contains activities that can be used in the following ways: 1. An All About Me sheet for pupils to fill in the sections of the fidget spinners with pictures or words about their favourite foods, people, school activities etc. 2. A blank version of the above activity for teachers pupils to choose their own categories. 3. A game using real fidget spinners (if they have not been banned!) where pupils have until the spinner stops to talk about each category. 4. A multiple-choice quiz for pupils to make real and false answers about themselves using the fidget spinner templates. 5. A design-your-own fidget spinner activity. Check out our other popular resources: All About Me Time Capsule Summer Performance Poetry Transition Day Activity Pack End of Term Iphone Activity Booklet
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All About Me Activity - Back to School

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 50% off this resource with code 50THANKS at checkout! A back-to-school essential! This is an ideal project for the first week back to school. Make an 'All About Me' time capsule envelope to seal up and then watch the delight on pupils' faces as they open them up again at the end of the school year! In this All About Me activity, pupils fill in two fun activity sheets about themselves. They seal their All About Me sheets in an envelope and decorate a time capsule label for the front. Be as creative as you like with the envelope decoration - glitter, stickers, pens or paints! Then the teacher saves the All About Me time capsule envelopes and returns them at the end of next school year to be opened! You might like our other transition/End of Term resources: Transition Day Pack All About Me Fidget Spinner Pack End of Term Iphone Activity Booklet
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All about me hot air balloon

A resource template for children to complete to create a 3d hot air balloon to tell Teachers and classmates all about themselves. Includes sections for children to detail their ambitions, their family, favourite books, what makes them smile and what makes them special. A must for transition day or back to school. Can be used across all primary education phases. Makes a wonderfully creative and colourful classroom display. For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
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IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (1) - HYGIENE workbooklet

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (1) - HYGIENE workbooklet is 16 pages full of 20+ interesting tasks, ideas, personal hygiene, hygiene routines, organisation, products, self-care, female hygiene and problem solving tasks. HYGIENE is an important topic that can be different for everyone. This workbooklet focuses on how and why we shower or have a bath, brush our teeth and wash our clothes to make sure we are clean and smell great every day. This workbooklet is filled with active, visual and practical tasks for primary or lower secondary and special education students and offers staff flexibility about who delivers the workbooklet and how many tasks are completed. See also IT'S ALL ABOUT ME (2) - GETTING READY. This theme also links to IT'S ALL ABOUT CARING workbooklets series - (1) SELF-CARE, (2) CARE FOR OTHERS, (3) CARE FOR PETS With an easy-to-follow format, a non-specialist teacher or teacher aide can deliver this workbooklet with confidence, add ideas and many student will self-direct their learning. This workbooklet also includes a Student Learning Checklist and Assessment for Learning feedback sheets.
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All about me game - back to school new class

FREE WITH CODE SUPER-SEPTEMBER FOR NEW USERS. This is such a fun resource for getting to know your new class, and much more interesting than getting them to complete a transition booklet! Just open the game in Powerpoint and choose your class size. You can either play it as musical chairs or musical states its up to you- press start music will play and then stop after 30 seconds- last child standing/moving gets to choose Truth or Dare! The Truth questions are aimed at finding more out about the children, The Dares involve lots of fun tasks that your class will find hilarious!
All About Me BuntingQuick View

All About Me Bunting

Something I am going to use to get to know my class - each child gets a piece of bunting and fills it in to suit them. Will join them together with string and display them in my classroom.
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German all about me - Mini Book

This set has 2 German mini books plus 1 corresponding mini workbook. Students read and practice giving personal information. The entire set has 27 pages. I have also added vocabulary cards and a word wall. Just print, cut and staple or use them as task cards.
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All About Me Tee

All About Me Tee – Beginning of the Year T-Shirt Activity What makes your students unique? Let your students share who they are in this fun beginning of the year activity! Use these tees in a fun "Our Class is Tee-rific!" clothespin display—simply have your students cut out their tees, and hang them with clothespins on yarn or string! What's Included? • Example Shirt • Project Ideas • "Shape" Tee – 4 Variations: - Labels with activity title on shirt - Labels with activity title above shirt - No labels with activity title on shirt - No labels with activity title above shirt (Labels for this shirt: Name, Words that Describe me, Self Portrait, Age, Grade, Favorite Food, Favorite Book, and Favorite Color...use these, or use your own idea on the shirts without labels!) • "Star" Tee – 4 Variations: - Labels with activity title on shirt - Labels with activity title above shirt - No labels with activity title on shirt - No labels with activity title above shirt (Labels for this shirt: Self Portrait space for name and drawing, Age, Grade, Favorite Subject, Favorite Color, Favorite Animal, Favorite Food, and Favorite Book...use these, or use your own idea on the shirts without labels!) • Blank Tee – 3 Variations: - Blank tee with activity title above shirt - Blank tee with small title on shirt ("All About Me") - Blank tee with bigger title on shirt ("All About Me Tee") This product comes as a compressed folder—inside, you'll get a PDF packet of the pages, but there is also a subfolder with each page as its own PDF. Choose which shirt you'd like your students to do—or give them some choices! Love this All About Me Tee activity? Please leave a review—I'd love to know how you used it in your classroom, too! Enjoy! – Glue & Ink COPYRIGHT: Product is for personal use only and is not to be redistributed. This means that you are free to use this product for personal use—in the classroom (or at home!) but not for commercial use. The product and/or its parts may not be used in the creation of products to be sold of given away for free on Teachers Pay Teachers or elsewhere. Thank you for respecting Glue & Ink's work! Enjoy!
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All about me Facebook Cube

This versatile mock Facebook cube can be applied to any number of activites such as a character profile from books, films, games etc, quick biography task, all about me or plenty of other alternatives. It contains the 6 elements of Facebook most relevant to students. - Photo - About - Status Updates - Friends - Timeline - Share a memory It is completely editable and can be undertaken as a simple pen and paper task or an editable PowerPoint and Google Drive (Slides) task for students who have access to a technology. Simply follow the instructions and away you go... NO PREP REQUIRED!! LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? For more creative ideas and new product updates, be sure to sign up for our EMAIL NEWSLETTER, and visit us on FACEBOOK to take part in our exclusive giveaways.
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All About Me: All About Me Back to School Workbook PSHE

I created this Back to School All About Me Print and Go Workbook for my Year2/3. My intention is for them to complete it in their own time – perhaps when work is finished, or if I need some time in the first week of school when ‘chaos’ reigns!! The workbook is also a useful way for the teacher to gain some insight into their students' skill and ability levels. I feel it should take at least the first week to complete and will hopefully kick start the teacher on the path to getting to know his/her students on a personal level. It is possible to copy pages 4 – 23 back to back, to form a 10 page workbook. The subsequent pages are activities which involve cutting and gluing, and will therefore need to be printed separately. ********************************************************** CONTENT • Cover • Workbook Front Cover • Contents • Teacher Notes • My Portrait • My Name • My Address • My Birthday • Things I Do Well • My Favourites • My Favourite Things To Do • My Family Tree • My Home • My Dream • My Goals • My Favourite Book • My Favourite Meal • My Summer • My Classmates • Beach Glyph • Beach Glyph Instructions • Classroom Rules • My First Week Of School • My Box Full of Wishes Flip Flap • Tastes I Like/Tastes I Dislike Sort • TOU/Credits PAGE COUNT: 30 **********************************************************
All About Me/Ourselves Class AssemblyQuick View

All About Me/Ourselves Class Assembly

A fun and engaging assembly suitable for EYFS/KS1 to perform to the school as a class assembly which is guaranteed to make everyone smile! If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
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Relationship all about me

Unit 1 Building positive relationships- This is a lesson about communication and getting to know yourself and why this is important. the students will also be looking at the difference between formal and informal relationship with working scenarios.
All About MeQuick View

All About Me

A seven week unit plan to teach children all about themselves, their family and the area they live in. It is a practical unit of work that involves dressing up, inviting visitors in to your school and visiting your local area. The plan includes learning objectives linked to the new N.C, key questions, activities and pupil learning outcomes. The plan is adaptable to suit the needs of your children. This pack inlcudes: 7 Week Unit Plan All About Me bag label Describing Me worksheet Family Tree worksheet Kissing Hand Poem My Address and House worksheet My Local Area tick sheet People Who Help Us PowerPoint When I Grow Up worksheet When I Grow Up photo frame If you like this, you might also be interested in All About Me class assembly If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
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All About Me Autobiography

Over 50 pages of everything you need to launch some super smart autobiographies! These resources work well with the writing cycle and with student choice! Perfect for whole class, small group, fast finishers, or just as a fun writing project the first few weeks of school! Inside you will find: Characteristics of Autobiographies Graphic Organizer Brainstorming: What do Writers Write Autobiographies? Comparing Biographies to Autobiographies Collecting Ideas and Brainstorming Graphic Organizers: Heart Mapping Graphic Organizer: Memories from People that are Close to Our Hearts Describing My Loved Ones Graphic Organizer Here's What I Think... Sentence Starters Activity Sheet My School Memories Graphic Organizers for Pre-School through 6th Grade Memories Throughout the Year (Seasons) Graphic Organizer My Favorite Memories Activity Sheet Learning Lessons from Memories Graphic Organizer Writing From an Emotion Graphic Organizer Writing From My Senses Graphic Organizer Transition Words Activity Sheet Sequencing Important Events: Multiple Graphic Organizers Timeline of Important Events Activity Sheet Revision and Editing Resources: Peer Revision Checklist Geared Toward Autobiography Writing Editing Checklist Publishing, Illustrating, and Celebration Resources: Publishing Pages with Headers: Dedication Page, When I Was Born, My Early Life, When I Started School..., My Family, My Kindergarten (First Grade, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Six) Memories, More Memories, My Favorite Memory Publishing Pages for Create-Your-Own Title Writing Reflection Page Celebration/Compliments Page I hope that you enjoy!
All About Me BookQuick View

All About Me Book

This All About Me Book is a great way to get to know your students, and works well with an "I'm Special" or "About Me" Social Studies unit of study in a Kindergarten classroom. This could also be used with Pre-K/Preschool classrooms if the teacher does the writing portions. These are perfect to complete and leave on desks as a display for a Back to School Night or an Open House. The pages can be used as a book or standalone, like on a bulletin board. There are 22 page options included in this book. You can use as many or as little of them as you like! Pages Included: All About Me cover page (2- 1 with a picture, 1 blank) This is Me! This is My Family When I Grow Up My Home My Friends My School (2- 1 with school name, 1 without) My Teacher (2- 1 with teacher name, 1 without. Also includes "My Teachers" pages for classrooms with multiple teachers and/or paraprofessionals) My Birthday My Favorite Color My Favorite Food My Favorite Animal My Favorite Book My Favorite Things (2) I Like...