The Making of a BullyQuick View

The Making of a Bully

What causes someone to become a bully. Is it genetic or environmental? This 15 minute podcast break sdown some of the reasons why kids become bullies and what we can do to stop this inter-generational problem that plagues our schools.
Anti BullyingQuick View

Anti Bullying

Anti bullying resources: 1 hour PP, worksheets, clips, well differentiated to three levels of challenge. The focus of this lesson is 'when does kidding around go too far?'. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. Please note this is the US version of this resource pack. The UK version can be found here:
Bully Prevention - Anti-Bullying Lesson and ActivitiesQuick View

Bully Prevention - Anti-Bullying Lesson and Activities

Raise awareness with this bully prevention and anti-bullying lesson with activities and flap book. Students will learn strategies to identify and handle bullies and develop a positive classroom atmosphere with an anti-bullying classroom contract. Includes lesson plan, anticipatory set skit, bullying information, strategies to deal with bullying, flap book, "Is it bullying?" worksheet, interactive powerpoint, small group discussions, classroom contract, and anti-bullying posters. Pages of Download: Lesson Activities PDF 1 - Cover 2-3 - Lesson plan 4-5 - Anticipatory Set Skit and discussion 6-7 - Flap book instructions and picture 8-12 - Flap book pages 13-14 - "Is it Bullying?" Scenario worksheet recording sheet and answer key 15-21 - Small Group discussion cards and answer keys 22-28 - Classroom Posters 29 - Resources for further learning 30-32 - Credits and Terms of Use Pages of Download: Teacher PowerPoint and 2nd PDF (if powerpoint is not available to you) 1 - Cover 2 - Anticipatory Set Discussion Questions 3 - What is a Bully? 4 - Why do People Bully? 5 - Physical Bullies 6- Verbal Bullies 7- Relationship Bullies 9 - Cyber Bullies 10 - The Damage a Bully Can Do 11 - Why is a Bully My Problem? 12 - 18 - Bully Scenarios to use with recording sheet 19-24 - Bully Scenarios Answer Key 25 - How can I deal with a bully? 26-34 - Strategies to handle bullies 36-41 - Flap book instructions and classroom contract 42-44 - Credits and Terms of Use
Say No to Bullying PackQuick View

Say No to Bullying Pack

This 22-page interactive pack includes information, different activities, links to several websites about bullying and cyber-bullying, and ways to cope with them. At the end of the pack there is a project that you can do as whole school / grade level or as a class. The activities are differentiated and suitable for all types of learners from grades 3-6
Paper Bag Bully BookQuick View

Paper Bag Bully Book

Have students make their own interactive and fun PAPER BAG BULLY BOOK! This book explores the 4 different types of bullying and has extra slots for extended learning. Lots of information that is perfect for students in GRADES 3-5 to learn all there is to know about Bullying, Bullying Behaviors, Bystanders and GETTING HELP - there are options to dealing with a BULLY at school. 8 lessons included and step by step instructions for how to build the paper bag book. A great idea for classroom, small group or individual lessons! Check out my website School Counseling Confessions for great information and more FREEBIES! Thank you, Vanessa
Bullying Activities and Poster SetQuick View

Bullying Activities and Poster Set

Bullying Activities and Poster Set. Bullying can happen in a number of different places. Young children have been observed to pick on peers, exclude them from a peer group, hit or bite their peers in order to get what they want. This resource helps define bullying as well as how to handle it in different situations. This Bullying Activities and Poster Set includes: #1 - Six bullying posters #2 - Who is a target for bullying? #3 - Reading passage and comprehension questions (answer key included) #4 - The bystanders #5 - Bullying Activity #6 - Feeling and expressing activity #7 - Bullying hurts people activity #8 - Defining bully, victim, follower, onlooker, defender activity #9 - Is it bullying? activities (seven scenarios) #10 - A recipe for friendship #11 - Pledge #12 - Teamwork games #13 - Be a star certificate #14 - Drawing feeling faces - practicing cartooning (five pages) #16 - Quiz (answer key included) #17 - Student self-assessment #18 - Fiction picture book suggestions - elementary (six pages) #19 - Bullying skit/play ***Please see the thumbnails and preview for this Special Education Binder before purchasing this product.*** @Little Tots Learning This is intended for use by one teacher in one classroom. It is not to be redistributed to an entire school or district. It may not be redistributed or sold online. Enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my store! Ms. Blajic Follow Little Tots Learning
Anti-Bullying Classroom PostersQuick View

Anti-Bullying Classroom Posters

(3) Anti-Bullying classroom posters that measure 8.5" x 11", but can be printed larger at a print shop. This product includes a high quality pdf (very large file) and JPG files of the same posters that are smaller files and more appropriate for printing at school. Inspirational and colorful. Anti-Bullying messages are bright and colorful that will look great in any elementary classroom. Be Assertive Be CALM STOP Bullying 2017 A Space to Create Art
Anti-Bullying ContractQuick View

Anti-Bullying Contract

This product is an Anti-Bullying Contract that teachers can use in the classroom to discuss bullying, reduce bullying, and encourage students to behave appropriately in class. This resource includes blank spaces for students names and signatures. It is customizable so that teachers may add the classroom name or the name of the school. The resources could also be customized to include the signature of a parent. This is a good resource to use if bullying is a problem in your school because it can be utilized to hold students responsible for their actions.
Anti Bullying 101Quick View

Anti Bullying 101

Bullying has become epidemic in our schools, and no matter how you slice it, this behavior has gotten out of hand. Teachers, administrators, and parents are all looking to something that will just make the problem go away. There is not one program or intervention that will stop bullying. It takes a concerted effort of teachers, administrators, parents, and students to help create a climate of respect and responsibility. Successful schools that have really made a difference use data-driven programs and remain consistent in their efforts day after day and year after year. Anti-Bullying 101 is designed to support whatever program your school is using and to provide a resource for teachers to call upon when the going gets tough. Some of the tips might surprise you. They not only address bullying but also provide ways to build positive relationships, improve the attitude of your students, and provide some life lessons that we all can learn from. So read on: Anti-Bullying 101 will prove to be the supplement that you and your school need to help stop bullying. It is very basic and very easy—use them in school, use them with your own children, and apply them in life.
Friendship, Fighting, and Bullying (Podcast)Quick View

Friendship, Fighting, and Bullying (Podcast)

Once someone gets to know you they know your weak spots and can begin to needle a bit too much. This podcast will help your students understand how to pick friends wisely and how to draw boundaries that are healthy and that promote positive relationship
An Anti Bullying ConferenceQuick View

An Anti Bullying Conference

This Conference provides the factors that must be understood as a family, a community, a school, and as a society in dealing with the bullying epidemic. It is hyperlinked throughout and contains links to books, podcasts, and articles. It is an excellent tool for any staff to acquire professional development hours and can be used for discussion at faculty meetings.
The Anti-Bullying Teacher ToolboxQuick View

The Anti-Bullying Teacher Toolbox

The idea behind this toolbox is to provide as many resources as possible to help a teacher deal with the bullying epidemic. It is downloadable and has many links that can be accessed with a click. It provides material that can be added to and can be modified. It has podcasts and some very unique videocasts. Believe it or not it is a starting point for teachers and as they move forward they can create their own folder and add materials to the tool box making it their own very powerful resource that can be used to help students and other teachers deal with bullying issues in their school. Be sure to use the links, this toolbox is designed to be viewed on your computer. You don’t have to be on the web as some of the links were created offline.
Stop The Bullying (K-12)Quick View

Stop The Bullying (K-12)

This 43 page e-book provides teachers with strategies, tips, and suggestions on how to teach respect, encourage responsibility, build compliance, and promote resilience in their students. It is designed for any grade level and is a must read for new teachers and those that struggle with classroom behavior management skills.
Anti Bullying CoachingQuick View

Anti Bullying Coaching

This is a flyer that outlines the steps that need to be taken to help coach someone who is being bullied. The flyer is self explanatory. Coaching can be done via email, skype, face time, or phone. Download for the details.
Bullying Is Behavior That No One Forgets (Video)Quick View

Bullying Is Behavior That No One Forgets (Video)

Have you or someone you know been victimized by bullying. Often as adults we can't understand our low sense of self worth, anger, and problems in relationships. Bullying may be the problem but it may have occurred many years ago. Bullying not only impacts young people but the trauma has a lasting affect as a person moves into adult hood. This video will give some insights on how we can recognize some of the symptoms of being bullied, what we can do now as an adult and how we can help children.
Life Skills US: Bullying and ConflictQuick View

Life Skills US: Bullying and Conflict

Life Skills US: Bullying and Conflict includes activities and strategies for coping with bullying at school and exploring conflict resolution through a problem solving approach. Includes role-play cards. Activities suit most elementary/middle grades. There are numerous resources and articles about teaching values, dealing with grief, addressing bullying and the like, however, most of these articles and programs outline strategies for dealing with the problem at the wholeschool level. While this is indeed a very appropriate way to deal with such matters, it has become obvious that there is a lack of ready-to-use materials for the actual classroom teacher. The Life Skills activity sheets aims to fill the gap between the frameworks set out by national bodies and the delivery of practical and meaningful lessons in the classroom. This ebook is available in US, UK and AU versions. This is a Photocopy Master ebook (40 pages) and activity pages may be photocopied for use in the classroom. Our ebooks are in pdf format. Edubooks is an imprint of Ready-Ed Publications. Author: Jane Bourke
Keys To An Effective Anti Bullying CampaignQuick View

Keys To An Effective Anti Bullying Campaign

Anti Bullying should be a school wide effort. This product provides with a step by step guide on how to write it, prepare it, and present it to the school as a method of creating a bully proof classroom and school.
13 Simple Anti-Bullying ActivitiesQuick View

13 Simple Anti-Bullying Activities

Bullying has become an epidemic in our schools. However it is defined, bullying is not just child’s play, but a terrifying experience many American school children face every day. It can be as direct as teasing, hitting, or threatening, or indirect as exclusion, rumors, or manipulation. During the past decade, bullying has become more lethal and has occurred more frequently than it had in the previous two decades. Cyber bullying with the use of cell phones, the computer and the social media have created an environment for our children where they can be bullied at any time and in any place. The recent suicides by some of the victims of bullying have gained much media attention have proven further that, bullying can no longer be explained away, as some adults are inclined to do, as a normal part of growing up. Bullying has only harmful, not beneficial, effects for the target and the perpetrator- even the bystander. Many children in our nation’s schools are robbed of the opportunity to learn because they are bullied and victimized daily. Bullying exacts a terrible toll on children, and the scars can last a lifetime.