Dinosaurs KS1 – WorksheetsQuick View

Dinosaurs KS1 – Worksheets

Printable Worksheets Lots of different worksheets for fiction and non-fiction activities. Dinosaurs Facts: completing sentences using appropriate words; cut and paste dinosaur pictures and match to best descriptions; sorting dinosaurs into herbivore and carnivore categories (cut and paste); looking at measurements (weigh and length) and writing numbers in correct order; writing names of dinosaurs in the correct alphabetic order. Writing sheets: writing facts about a dinosaur; creating a scene and write about it (cut and paste); completing a story plan, a book cover and blurb for a story; describing and labelling a story character; using writing sheets for dinosaur story book; sorting dinosaur book covers into fiction and non-fiction categories (cut and paste); providing examples of fiction and non-fiction text; explaining differences between fiction and non-fiction book covers. Includes a Word Mat for story writing and spellings with story prompts (beginning, middle, end), verbs and adjectives as well as names of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur 1 More 1 LessQuick View

Dinosaur 1 More 1 Less

Dinosaur Egg Challenge 1 more and 1 less or extend to 2 more and 2 less Suitable for EYFS or KS1 Full set of printable resources Dinosaur themed
Dinosaurs - Non-chronological Report WritingQuick View

Dinosaurs - Non-chronological Report Writing

UPDATED November 2017 Even with the exciting topic of dinosaurs - setting about capturing children's attention and getting them to write a good report can be tall order! Here is a resource which both challenges the upper ability and helps children who are emergent writers to achieve in class. An extensive bank of writing frames and activities for writing a non-chronological report on these prehistoric beasts. Useful for class projects or cross curricular links. It will supplement your unit of work. This pack includes a colourful poster set to put on your working wall or display. It will save you hours hopefully! The main pack includes: *Information on dinosaurs *Mini Flip book (differentiated) and varied * Detailed word mats - one with vocabulary / one blank * Writing frames for all aspects of writing a non-chronological report * Report writing posters *Question generator writing frames *Facts about the Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and the Stegosaurus *Heading and subheading and topic planner *Non-chronological report planner - different versions *Step by step sub-heading planner *Themed notepaper *Report writing checklist *** Black and white version of all writing frames It can also be used as a base knowledge booster for the study of space / planets or a cross curricular link.
Dinosaurs Fact SheetsQuick View

Dinosaurs Fact Sheets

Dinosaurs Fact sheets - for reading activities and independent research A5 fact sheets (A4 designed to be folded in half and recommend laminating) with clear information about each dinosaur- for a Reading Corner, Topic Board or Writing Corner
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Dinosaurs - EYFS Planning and Resource Pack

Start your dinosaur topic with a ‘bang’ with this collection of planning and 21 teaching resources. The fully editable planning pack meets the requirements of the current EYFS and consists of a medium term overview. The medium term overview details possible learning experiences, learning objectives and resources for each of the 7 areas of the EYFS curriculum. The short term planning has a grid for each area of learning, showing learning objectives, resources, learning experiences and 'look, listen and note' guidance. There are 42 learning experiences planned in total, suitable to use over a half term topic. This topic is aimed at Reception, although it could be adapted for younger children. Many of the resources included in the pack support the activities described in the planning pack. They include maths activities, writing opportunities, simple texts to decode, display cards and more.
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Dinosaur pictures to match to information cards. Cut and stick idea to learn key facts about different dinosaurs.
Dazzling Dinosaurs - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on dinosaurs!Quick View

Dazzling Dinosaurs - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on dinosaurs!

This download includes planning for a whole term (13 weeks at my school) based on dinosaurs for Year 1. This topic is aimed at the Autumn term in Year 1 and includes points for differentiation and a range of activities. Files include medium-term plans for: -Art -PSHCE -Humanities -Science -Computing -RS - A Topic Web to send home to parents outlining the learning objectives that the children will achieve over the course of the topic. This planning is in line with the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum. Enjoy!
Year 2 Dinosaur InvestigationQuick View

Year 2 Dinosaur Investigation

An opportunity for pupils to apply their mathematical skills in a fun, practical way! A set of 5 progressive learning activities that are designed to match the addition and subtraction statements on the Interim Framework. Includes Working Towards, Expected and Greater Depth skills. - I can use number bonds to 20 and related number facts - I can reason about addition - I can count in 2s and 5s from 0 - I can rewrite addition statements as multiplication statements - I can use multiplication facts to make deductions - I can add and subtract a two digit number and ones/tens - I can work out calculations where regrouping is required - I can use the inverse to work out missing number calculations - I can solve more complex missing number problems
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This dinosaur unit is packed with unique activities for art, science, literacy, number awareness and more! This dynamic resources has number and space worksheets, find-a-words, sentence writing, adjective work, similes, cut and paste sentence making for the lower grades, coloring pages which can be used to brainstorm also, brainstorm facts about.., land, air and water dinosaurs, organizing time periods, Australian dinosaurs, match dino names and pictures, question pages, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore worksheets, who am I questions, label parts stencil, description pages, my story pages, fossils page, imaginative and create writing pages, mini project pages, find word inside (dinosaur names), craft activity . Your preschool or Kindergarten group will learn a tonne about dinos and have a great time doing it!
Dinosaur timelineQuick View

Dinosaur timeline

aimed at year 2 - basic information about the time periods that dinosaurs lived through - Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous please note: The dates may be a bit out as many books/websites said different dates!
Dinosaur AdditionQuick View

Dinosaur Addition

Children complete additions based on the information provided in a picture. Can be used as a worksheet, or laminated for use as a re-usable resource. Easily edited to use different numbers by adding/removing pictures.
Year 1 Comprehensions - DinosaursQuick View

Year 1 Comprehensions - Dinosaurs

This resource contains 4 comprehension activities all about dinosaurs. They are suitable for using with year 1 or lower ability year 2. They each contain a short piece of text with words that can be sounded out. There are three trickier words which have pictures to help children work out what they say. The text is followed by 5 simple questions. There are four different comprehensions: What were dinosaurs? Diplodocus Triceratops Tyrannosaurus Rex There is also a PowerPoint included in the pack containing a slide for each text so that you can go through the comprehensions before the children complete them. Each slide also contains 3 words that are trickier to sound out, with sound buttons underneath them. PDF file format and editable Microsoft word format included in the price.
Dinosaurs love UnderpantsQuick View

Dinosaurs love Underpants

A unit of work based on the book by Claire Freedman. Includes work on title, author, illustrator, blurb, similes, commas, apostrophes, long vowels and a sequencing task. Also includes a writing task. Slides can be edited and printed out to make worksheets. PLEASE VIEW AS A SLIDESHOW, not on PowerPoint viewer, as it won't make sense otherwise.
Year 2 SATs Comprehension - DinosaursQuick View

Year 2 SATs Comprehension - Dinosaurs

This resource is a non-fiction comprehension activity for year 2. It is all about dinosaurs! The booklet is based on the KS1 SATs reading paper and includes 3 differentiated levels. There are a range of ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and ‘why’ questions, some multiple choice tick questions and some that require more detailed answers. The activity is also laid out in a similar way to the SATs booklets, with four pages of pictures and short written extracts to read and 2-3 questions per page. PDF file format and editable Microsoft word format included in the price.
SAMBA | Dinosaur SambaQuick View

SAMBA | Dinosaur Samba

This is a 5 week scheme I'm using for Summer. Rhythms are all dinosaur themed and I have adapted 'Walk the Dinosaur' used in Ice Age 3 to fit with Samba and to introduce more Singing in to Samba Lessons. Some rhythms are quite complicated but have found that exposure helps a lot of pupils as well as allowing those that are more capable to expand their reading abilities. Most will rely on their listening skills. Included: Powerpoints for 5 weeks Lesson Plans for 5 weeks Audio for 'Walk The Dinosaur' Font for Powerpoints Fonts used: Jurassic Park and Century Gothic
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All about dinosaurs. How they lived and died. Perfect for Primary Aged Pupils.