ESL Teaching Pack BundleQuick View

ESL Teaching Pack Bundle

A lovely collection of different ESL Teaching Resources to teach a wide range of ages and skills. There is something for everyone in this collection. You will be able to get your class talking!


ESL speaking lessons are topic based lessons. Each lesson comes with a wide range of activities to ensure sound development of fluency and accuracy of students. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Activities are easy to implement. They don’t require any extra preparation, just print and go to teach. ESL Speaking Lessons aim to meet CEFR B1/B2 level speaking goals. Therefore, lessons go well with students at these levels. This particular lesson includes following activities: -writing -reading -discussion questions -vocabulary
330 ESL Worksheets: Beginners - IntermediateQuick View

330 ESL Worksheets: Beginners - Intermediate

This pack will includes over 330 worksheets, ideas, quizzes, stories and lessons. It covers a number of areas in ESL language teaching including: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, idioms and much more. Topics & Grammar - Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Verbs, Imperatives, Jobs, Antonyms, Articles, Ask, Conditionals, Countable & Uncountable, Countries & Nationalities, Daily Routine, Directions, Do & Does, Find Someone who..., Future tense, Linkers, Meeting People, Modal verbs, Money, Past Progressive, Past tense, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Tense, Pronouns, Quantity Expressions, Questions, Second Conditional, Synonyms, Telling Time, and much more.


RESOURCE 1. SHERLOCK HOLMES. DETECTIVE LIKE ACTIVITY. CLUES HUNT. This lesson is a very engaging activity which can best serve as introduction to teaching Sherlock Holmes or, in general, to talking about crime, detectives and similar. The activity covers one lesson (it might get a bit extended depending on the the size of the class and how many times you show the videos). The package includes a pdf file with instructions and a worksheet for students and a ppt. Students work either in pairs or in small groups. Detailed instructions are provided. My students loved it and got pretty excited during the whole process. It was a great introduction to a reading activity about Sherlock. ►TABLE OF CONTENTS◄ PDF: Detective Hunt - FIRST4PAGES+WORKSHEET 1. Cover page 2. Terms of Use 3-4. Instructions for the teacher 5. Links for the video (Instructions for downloading) 6. Main worksheet (color) 7. Main worksheet (black&white) PDF: Detective Hunt - SherlockPPT 1-5. Introduction to the game 6. Intro page to Trailer 1 “The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)” 7-11. Questions for Trailer 1 12. Intro page to Trailer 2 “Sherlock Holmes (2009)” 13-20. Questions for Trailer 2 21. Intro page to Trailer 3 “Sherlock-TV series” 22-27. Questions for Trailer 3 28-31. Instruction for after having watched the trailers 32-37. Answers for Trailer 1 38-46. Answers for Trailer 2 47-53. Answers for Trailer 3 54-56. Result and praise for students RESOURCE 2. FACTS ABOUT SHERLOCK HOLMES. MINI UNIT OF WORK. These 7 pages of engaging activities will make your students learn new vocabulary words and interesting facts about Sherlock and its author Doyle. They are all created as challenges so it might be more appropriate to make your students work in pairs or small groups in order to complete the activities. The final activity will engage your students into creating a code and writing a coded message. ►TABLE OF CONTENTS◄ 1. Cover Page 2. Terms of Use 3. Table of Contents 4. Instructions 5&6. Random facts. Form sentences from wordles. 7. Fact 1. Unscramble words. 8. Fact 2. Decode words. 9. Fact 3. Find antonyms. 10. Fact 4. Solve a crossword. 11. Write a coded message 12-18. Black and white version 19-27. Answers + Large Wordles 28. Credits ☻HOPE YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS ENJOY IT!☻ Please leave a feedback to help me improve my products!
ESL Conversation: Conditional II - Have fun with these imaginative conversation cards!Quick View

ESL Conversation: Conditional II - Have fun with these imaginative conversation cards!

Set of 25 cards to trigger conversation and practise Past Simple. You could print them and cut out for work in class, but they are also ideal for teaching online! When working individually/online, a good idea is to number your cards and let the student/s pick/guess some of them to work with! You could also use them in a PowerPoint presentation with the entire class! Included: - 1 Zip file containing 25 fun looking conversation cards, with one question each - 1 pdf file (A4) for printing and cutting out the cards (4 per page) > If there are any mistakes -I'm human :)- please contact me and I'll be happy to help. > If you enjoy one of my resources, I'd really appreciate it if you left a review :)
Literacy/ ESL Reading tasksQuick View

Literacy/ ESL Reading tasks

A few starter tasks, that could extend to whole lessons to help boost literacy reading in class. Please note that the design for the LPs is from the Teaching and Learning Hacks PPTs you can buy on TES. These are a super helpful resource that I bought and I use them a lot! I just want to make sure credit is given where credit is due. They are from Becky Russel at TeachGeogBlog. The toolbox one is hers as well. Thank you Becky!
ESL Reading Lesson Plan - MemoryQuick View

ESL Reading Lesson Plan - Memory

This is a ready made lesson plan for teaching ESL with reading, vocabulary and idioms for advanced English students. Get the students to individually make a list of all the things they can think of that would improve their memory. Encourage them to include lifestyle issues, diet, and any memory techniques that they know of.
ESL in the Middle: Lessons Guide for Teaching Intermediate EnglishQuick View

ESL in the Middle: Lessons Guide for Teaching Intermediate English

This simple, easy-to-follow, chronological set of twenty lesson plans will guide you to instruct your intermediate ESL/EFL students in speaking and listening skills. This guide builds on students' prior knowledge of beginning English concepts, while giving them a strong start into the intermediate English level with topics such as past and future continuous verbs, geography and space vocabulary, modal verbs, contractions, telling time, and more. Appropriate for ages 8-adult. 85 pages. If you order this book, you will receive: ESL/EFL Recommendations Guide * 20 Lesson Plans * Parent Notification Letter * Diagnostic Test with Scoring Key/Guide * Vocabulary Activities & Grammar Structures * Games, Comic Strips, & Songs * Literature Activities
Worksheets for ESL Students to teach the modal verb SHOULDQuick View

Worksheets for ESL Students to teach the modal verb SHOULD

This is a set of 5 different worksheets to thoroughly teach the modal verb SHOULD. The worksheets are very adaptable and can be used on different levels, to give an introduction to the use of SHOULD, or to revise in detail. The worksheets have been used with children as young as 7 and 8 and all the way up to KET and PET level for revision. Worksheets are colour coded throughout to indicate every time the verb structure is used, therefore bringing attention to the grammar point. Page 1 / First worksheet: - grammar explanation - clear examples demonstrated its use Page 2 / Second worksheet: - putting sentences in the correct order - match with pictures Page 3 / Third worksheet - speaking activity in pairs Page 4 / Fourth worksheet - give advice to 4 different people who are in different situations. Kids really love this page as they can get really creative with their recommendations! Page 5 / Fifth worksheet A final revision sheet - give recommendations - match 2 halves of sentences
Prepositions of place unit -EAL/ESLQuick View

Prepositions of place unit -EAL/ESL

A very cute unit on prepositions of place for EAL/ESL students. Following the activities will work as a complete class. This is just one unit from the 60 page Tigerlearn EAL resource pack. For a more complete resource, get that.
Talk A Lot - Complete Teaching Pack For Getting ESL Students Talking In English!Quick View

Talk A Lot - Complete Teaching Pack For Getting ESL Students Talking In English!

I created a huge set of teaching resources for getting students to speak in English and still have fun. This set of resources above provides an ESL teacher with approximately 1000 hours of teaching resources. I have added lots of motivational pictures and made the process as simple as I can. The resource starts with the simplest, elementary English and works up to much more complex intermediate English. Elementary Book 1: Topics Covered Town, Food, Shopping, Health, Transport, Clothes, Work, Family, Home, and Free Time. Elementary Book 2 Topics Covered Crime, Sport, Music, Weather, Animals, Cars, The Human Body, Colours and Numbers, Life Events, and Nature. Elementary Book 3: Topics covered Learning English, Films, Hospital, Books, Airport, Money, Places in the UK, Politics, Internet, and Australia. Intermediate Book 1: Topics covered 1. Hotel 2. Problems 3. Media 4. Getting a Job Intermediate Book 2: Topics covered Holidays English Language
Family vocabulary ESL classQuick View

Family vocabulary ESL class

A complete ESL/EAL inquiry based lesson can be built around this worksheet. Includes scaffolded writing activities. Read about one family, write sentences about your own family, then create a family tree based on the descriptions. Use the family tree to understand the sentences given about the family and work out the meaning of new words. This is just one unit from the Tigerlearn EAL resource pack
British vs. American English ESLQuick View

British vs. American English ESL

A detailed presentation looking at the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar differences between the two main branches of English. A good cultural introduction for ESL students, and can easily fill a hour lesson when used in conjunction with the American English vs British English worksheets, which are provided. Lesson could easily be used for a test-teach-test style class, or a task based learning one.
30 Hours ESL Speaking Teaching Course - Computers, Internet and Technology Quick View

30 Hours ESL Speaking Teaching Course - Computers, Internet and Technology

Spoken English Course Elementary Book 3 Unit 9: Internet (35 pages) Note: all activities include full answers. For detailed instructions on how to use each activity, please see the included Talk a Lot Elementary Handbook Contents Sentence Focus Activities Sentence Blocks + Extensions Sentence Blocks – Sentence Stress and Vowel Sounds Connected Sentence Cards Connected Sentence Cards – with Consonant and Vowel Sounds Connected Speech Template Word Focus Activities Discussion Words + IPA Version Discussion Words – Visualisations Discussion Words Question Sheet Information Exchange Multi-Purpose Text: • Original Text + Spot the Difference • Gap-Fill + Multiple Choice Questions • Comprehension Questions + True, False, or Unknown? • Glossary of New Words Free Practice Activities Discussion Questions Agree or Disagree? Role Plays + Extensions Continuous Assessment Tests Vocabulary Test Lesson Test
Target Setting Bundle for ESOL and Entry Level Learners (ESOL/ESL/EAL/EFL)Quick View

Target Setting Bundle for ESOL and Entry Level Learners (ESOL/ESL/EAL/EFL)

In this brilliant time saving bundle you get two target banks aimed at ESOL and entry level learners inluding both academic and pastoral targets as well as templates to write out targets and review them. These are resources I've tried and tested over my teaching career. Target setting can be long and arduous and is hard work with second language learners. These target resources take the strain out of target setting allowing learners to choose their own relevant targets from a set of common areas to improve. These are commended targets that have been tried and tested in an FE environment. This bundle provides the perfect basis for a tutorial lesson on target setting as well as over 20 key targets and over 120 practical actions students can take to achieve their goals.
ESL Super BundleQuick View

ESL Super Bundle

Here are lots of different fun teaching resources for students who are learning to speak English as a second language, or for students who want to revise and improve their understanding of English. This is perfect for both an home or school setting.
ESL - Getting People Talking!Quick View

ESL - Getting People Talking!

I collected together lots of different high quality ESL teaching resources and I thought it would be fabulous to share them all in one place! I am sure your students will really enjoy these resources, while you also happen to enjoy the huge discounts!
ESL Emotions Flash CardsQuick View

ESL Emotions Flash Cards

This zip file includes 20 Emotion Flash Cards as print-ready PDF files for printing large and small cards. Also included are jpeg files for custom printing. These emoticon-style flash cards are really fun to use when teaching younger children. For more practice, you might like Emotions Tic-Tac-Toe for a fast and easy warm-up game. Laminating cards enhances their longevity in class. Be sure to cut the corners as they can be really sharp!