GERMAN Fasching, Fastnacht, KarnevalQuick View

GERMAN Fasching, Fastnacht, Karneval

Teach German students about Fasching with these 4 pages of QR Code scavenger hunt activities. Suited well for German levels 2-4. The worksheet pages are in a combination of German and English. Students generally need 2- 50 minute periods to complete all 4 sheets well. Together with a partner, students visit several sights that contain information(pictures, videos, facts or a poem) they need to complete activities or answer questions about this German Holiday. Included: 4 Worksheets (Aktivitäten 1-4) - Handouts of the linked information in case a link doesn't work, except of course the Youtube video you would need to look up.
Word Sudoku to Learn German: FaschingQuick View

Word Sudoku to Learn German: Fasching

This worksheet offers a fun and effective way to reinforce German vocabulary through an adapted version of Sudoku. Your students won't get enough of it! Caution: Highly addictive.
Fasching / Karneval in DeutschlandQuick View

Fasching / Karneval in Deutschland

Lesson plan and activities for a cultural lesson on Fasching/Karneval in Germany. Reading exercise, word search, video, mini-whiteboards, quizKS3 German (but adaptable)
Fasching-Reading Selections, Songs, Craft, PhotoQuick View

Fasching-Reading Selections, Songs, Craft, Photo

This thematic curriculum introduces students to the German holiday Fasching. Students first brainstorm what they know about it. Then utilizing basic guided reading strategies, the class reads one or two selections together. Traditional Fasching songs are included, with melodies, and a simple mask craft is presented. A photo essay will be added of a trip to Switzerland during the festival.
German Holidays and FestivalsQuick View

German Holidays and Festivals

Powerpoint that introduces festivals and bank holidays in German - lots of activities such as disappearing and matching games. Allows discussion of German celebrations such as Tag der deutschen Einheit. I also printed some slides and got the pupils to match the dates to the festivals.
Festivals and celebrations in GermanyQuick View

Festivals and celebrations in Germany

A matching up activity based on celebrations in German-speaking countries - students could cut up and stick or perhaps shade in different colours. I usually use alongside some photos and / or YouTube clips. Designed for use with Echo Higher GCSE AQA, Module 2.7 (Das war eine Reise wert!).
DatesQuick View


Geburtstag\n\nDesigned as an extension activity for beginners during lesson on birthdays
AQA GCSE German Vocabulary ListQuick View

AQA GCSE German Vocabulary List

This is the AQA GCSE German Vocabulary List. There is no translations at the moment but if you comment asking for some I can do some for the higher vocab and general vocab.
AQA IGCSE German Vocabulary ListQuick View

AQA IGCSE German Vocabulary List

A complete translation of the new AQA IGCSE German Vocabulary List. Currently the spec only has the German listed. Have not translated some very obvious cognates. Hope it is useful!
British Council Primary Language Starter PackQuick View

British Council Primary Language Starter Pack

Our primary languages downloadable pack is designed for Language Assistants and other native speakers who are new to teaching languages at primary level as well as giving advice to the host schools. The pack includes guidance on how to get started, examples of best practice, specific teaching ideas and resources for use in the classroom.
GCSE Vocab with song titles for topic headingsQuick View

GCSE Vocab with song titles for topic headings

Complete GCSE vocab list in German and English. I replaced the usual prosaic topic and sub-topic titles with song and film titles, song lyrics and some obscure quotations in a desperate attempt to make some of my revision-shy pupils look through it.