Fractions - Finding a Fraction of a NumberQuick View

Fractions - Finding a Fraction of a Number

Quality worksheet on how to find a fraction of a number. Numerator and denominator explained in an easy to understand way. Can be used to support classroom work, or as homework.

By nayanmaya

Fractions flipchartQuick View

Fractions flipchart

Fractions flipchart and lesson plans for 3 days worth of work. Also includes WAGOLL's for how to find a unit fraction and a non-unit fraction. Aimed at year 3.

By calhiron

Fractions WorksheetQuick View

Fractions Worksheet

The first worksheet is on simplifying fractions and the second is on finding a fraction of an amount. Both worksheets come with examples and exercise. These worksheets can be used for classwork, homework or revision.

By pittan

Find the FractionQuick View

Find the Fraction

Aimed primarily at year 3, this resource allows children to practice the skill of finding fractions of quantities. It contains visual clues to aid the children in understanding how to find both unitary and non-unitary fractions of quantities and is a stepping stone between working with concrete apparatus and purely with numbers.

By janeswiers

Adding fractions cryptogram with answersQuick View

Adding fractions cryptogram with answers

In this fun activity students turn into spy-kids whilst mastering the skills of working out equivalent fractions, adding fractions with different denominators and simplifying improper fractions to mixed numbers. The aim is to find the value of letters to decode the cryptogram and learn an interesting fact about the human body.

By Diplomat_007

Multiplying and Dividing FractionsQuick View

Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

60 minute lesson on multiplying and dividing fractions. Including anagram starter, multiplying fractions TARSIA puzzle (free download online) and division of fractions. Also goes into the understanding of why dividing is multiplying by the reciprocal. Please leave feedback :)

By YasmineJade

Progressions for FractionsQuick View

Progressions for Fractions

The primary purpose of assessment is to improve students' learning and teachers' teaching. For this to happen it is essential the teacher understands the progressions within the area he/she is teaching. This two page A4 chart covers the progressions in understanding for fractions (including decimals & percentages) covering regions, number, language, signs and symbols and operations. An essential addition to a primary teachers toolbox for effective teaching of mathematics.

By wilkieway

Converting Fractions To PercentagesQuick View

Converting Fractions To Percentages

Created for my Set 3 year 8 Class. Detailed example showing students how to convert fractions to percentages and then having questions up for them to practice on.

By Amin1678

Fractions - make a decisionQuick View

Fractions - make a decision

This is for SEN pupils at entry level. It asks pupils to make a decision about the size of pizza they would like and why. Valuable summative information can be gained for the teacher!

By traceysummer11

Smartie FractionsQuick View

Smartie Fractions

Smartie investigation to explore fractions. Children have to sort smarties onto matching coloured circles. Next they have to write total in each circle and write matching fractions. Would be useful for year 2,3 or LA year 4.

By casaabbie

Simplifying FractionsQuick View

Simplifying Fractions

This maths unit as pdf file is designed to give an easy understanding on Simplifying fractions as well as converting improper fractions into mixed numbers. This can be used to introduce three strategies for simplifying fractions: using prime factors, using greatest common factors, and using mental division. The first few slides provide an information about basic terms such as factor, common factors and greatest common factor. There are TWO methods discussed here in order to simplify any fraction.It also covers how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and then to simplify them with examples. At the end of the presentation 4-worksheets are given to have hands on practice for kids on simplifying fractions and improper fractions. You will find lots more in my store, including math, science, ELA, activities/craftivities, special education, interactive activities, and more!

By ilaxippatel

FractionsQuick View


Fractions Amount Number Numeracy PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK

By dazza5353

Dividing Fractions worksheetsQuick View

Dividing Fractions worksheets

A set of 3 worksheets (LA, MA, HA) including a grid for working out calculations. I have also included an answer sheet to make life easier for marking! These worksheets complement the display resource uploaded separately. I also have worksheets uploaded for multiplying fractions. If you find this resource helpful, please leave feedback. Many thanks.

By lynellie

Worksheets:  Multiplying FractionsQuick View

Worksheets: Multiplying Fractions

A set of 3 worksheets (LA, MA, HA) with six questions on each sheet including a grid for working out each calculation. I have also included an answer sheet (just to make life a lot easier!) These worksheets complement my display sheet which has been uploaded separately. I hope you find these resources useful, if so could you please leave feedback. Many thanks.

By lynellie

Showing Fractions on a NumberlineQuick View

Showing Fractions on a Numberline

Clear diagrams to show how to put fractions on a number line. Worksheet can be used to reinforce classroom learning, or as homework. Reinforces whole numbers, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, number lines

By nayanmaya

Fraction WorksheetsQuick View

Fraction Worksheets

A set of ten fraction worksheets with model answer and questions including adding and subtracting fractions, mixed fractions, improper fractions, multiplying fractions and reciprocol fractions

By gazza1973