GCSE Chemistry Revision BookletQuick View

GCSE Chemistry Revision Booklet

Is confusing chemistry causing chaos in your brain. This revision guide has a the fundamental points of GCSE chemistry written up in clear and concise point to help you get the grade you deserve in your examinations. This book has been written simply and clearly so even those who struggle most at chemistry can understand everything from fractional distillation to ionic bonding. Suitable for OCR, AQA, EdExcel and most major exam boards,

By m_kokkat

Business Revision Mindmaps AQA GCSEQuick View

Business Revision Mindmaps AQA GCSE

A full set of 10 blank revision mindmaps covering all of GCSE AQA Business Studies, both unit 1 and unit 2 Mind maps can be printed, students fill in all the detail needed. This is a great revision aid and also highlights gaps in knowledge. This works well at the end of each topic and also as revision before assessments or exams

By LADwyer

Romeo and Juliet Revision Pack (AQA GCSE)Quick View

Romeo and Juliet Revision Pack (AQA GCSE)

This a revision pack for Romeo and Juliet based on the new GCSE specification. It is geared at students answering the AQA Literature paper. It contains: -A detailed bullet point plot summary -Easy to understand context information (for AO3) -A list of key quotes (with Act/Scene references) -A guide on how to answer the GCSE question (for AQA) and how to meet the AOs (written in student friendly language) -5 practice exam papers (based on the AQA format) -A literary techniques glossary

By jstarr22

AQA GCSE English Language Revision BookletQuick View

AQA GCSE English Language Revision Booklet

Revision booklet for students taking the AQA English Language GCSE examination. The guidance of language, structure and writing can be used for other specifications. The booklet goes through what each question is asking, the marks available and how to approach the answer. Additional pages take students through literary techniques, structural techniques and guidance how beginning to consider the effect of the writers choices. Also included are discourse markers, sentence starters, subject terminology and connectives. Students can use the booklet when reading texts to assist them to begin to write detailed answers, as well as a reminder and reference point for the language examinations.

By Muslimah1

GCSE French tenses revision board gameQuick View

GCSE French tenses revision board game

NEW EDITION ADDED. You need to print this in colour in order for it to work. Throw a die, land on a square and conjugate the verb in the correct tense. Get it wrong and go back three spaces. Very easy for you to edit to suit your groups.

By maryjane1969

Plans Elevation GCSE Revision or LessonQuick View

Plans Elevation GCSE Revision or Lesson

Plan and Elevation Tools. Two great animations included. Have you lost those multi cubes or you just don't have them. Look no further these 2 animations will replace the need for those cubes. 2 Animated tools giving you control. TOOL 1 is used to demonstrate the Plan, Front and Side view of a 3D Shape, there are ready made various 3D shapes to choose from, very easy to control. TOOL 2 is used to question, animated so you can use both tools to move the 3D Shapes to show students how each view looks, each view is different colour. You can take colour off to make it more difficult. This tool even allows you to complete Front View, Side View and Plan View and then see how the 3D shape looks. 3 Slides of worksheets to assess the students fully comes with answers.

By Shamster

GCSE Judaism Revision FlashcardsQuick View

GCSE Judaism Revision Flashcards

A set of flash cards based on the WJEC Specification A Judaism paper. Past paper questions with specific content. Included in this resource is a topic overview sheet for teacher and pupil. This is basically a breakdown each topic we teach for this course.

By TeachElite

Function Machine GCSE Revision or Whole LessonQuick View

Function Machine GCSE Revision or Whole Lesson

Function Machine. Power Point Presentation contains: 8 Slides - testing students division skills. Introducing and then testing their use of Function Machine. 2 Differentiated worksheets on Function Machine with Answers. The worksheets are available on PDF or Smart notebook depending what you want to use. There is a nice interactive slide to link function machines to solving equations. The worksheets are not scanned or images - they are original and of high quality.

By Shamster

Pigeon English GCSE Revision BookletQuick View

Pigeon English GCSE Revision Booklet

A 19-page revision booklet with a range of activities to help students prepare for the AQA English Literature exam. Looks at thematic approaches (e.g. friendship) as well as narrative approaches (e.g. a focus on setting) as well as how to construct high-level paragraphs - including how to create strong topic sentences and link examples to flesh out ideas. Includes generic support resources like a thematic grid and a guide to symbols in the novel which teachers can use to support their own lessons.

By jcasey

Medicine through time GCSE revision timeline Quick View

Medicine through time GCSE revision timeline

Detailed 'medicine through time' GCSE timeline, with key individuals, discoveries, facts, laws and acts for revision. Colour coded to show time periods, with facts under subheadings- public health, medical ideas, treatments. Can be displayed in class on A3, or used as a revision tool as there are detailed facts on the timeline.

By chanton15

GCSE Textiles Revision ExamQuick View

GCSE Textiles Revision Exam

40 questions. Exam designed to provide the teacher with a clear idea of what your students know. You will be able to generate data from this exam to be able to tailor your revision or lessons based on what you pupils do and don't know. Exams tries to fit in as many categories as possible plus some AQA GCSE questions. I have also included an Excel Data spreadsheet that you can input the results into.


Percentages GCSE Revision WorksheetQuick View

Percentages GCSE Revision Worksheet

A mixed set of questions for Higher GCSE percentages practice/revision. Covers percentage change, reverse percentage problems and compound interest. Questions were drawn from a variety of sources.

By mrsmorgan1



Detailed Revision guide on the following topics: UNIT 1 -Restless Earth -Challenges of Weather and Climate -Water on the Land UNIT 2 -Population Change -Changing Urban Environments - Tourism

By teachgeogblog