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Macbeth and Lady Macbeth character

timeline of acts to track the change in character of Macbath and lady Macbeth - pupils to find quotes and say what this tells us about the character at various points in the play

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A complete multimedia unit of work for Macbeth. Include video and sound files. This includes everything you need to deliver the play to KS3 classes. Works especially well as a textbook in schools with 1 to 1 computing.

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A3 revision sheets full of important quotes from the whole play of Macbeth in order to help students to revise for the new AQA GCSE English Literature exam (1-9). There is room for pupils to begin to analyse the quotes and make links to the context (a context sheet also comes with this package). A useful revision tool.

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Collection of resources to support study in preparation for new AQA GCSE.

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Macbeth: Macbeth IntroductionQuick View

Macbeth: Macbeth Introduction

A crime scene investigation style lesson to introduce KS3 and KS4 students to the main plot ideas and themes of Shakespeare's Macbeth. All activities are fully differentiated. Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop: Lead Practitioner's Shop

By Lead_Practitioner

Macbeth: The Context of MacbethQuick View

Macbeth: The Context of Macbeth

This engaging and interesting lesson aims to improve students’ understanding of the context of the of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Some of the primary topics that are addressed are William Shakespeare himself, James I and superstition, witches and witchcraft, religion, mortality rates, and the theatre. This knowledge should enable students to make convincing links between the play and the events of the time. It is a vital lesson in any Macbeth theme that can be taught before, during, or after reading. The lesson uses a range of tasks, that require students to be visual and interactive learners. It follows this learning journey: - Understanding who William Shakespeare was, and remembering key details about his life; - Identifying words and phrases that he coined that are still in use today; - Taking part in a quiz about the some of the more basic key events and ideas of the time; - Researching the key events of the time (e.g. witch-hunts and the ascension of James I as King) and understanding which ideas were prominent. (e.g. divine right and religion) - Utilising speaking and listening skills in order to communicate gathered knowledge, and obtain knowledge from others. - Evaluating the learning in the lesson. All images in this resource are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide of the lesson presentation.

By TandLGuru

Macbeth: Lady MacbethQuick View

Macbeth: Lady Macbeth

This engaging and interesting lesson aims to improve students’ understanding of one of the key characters in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth: Lady Macbeth. In particular, they learn to make insightful interpretations about the character, and are enabled to draw links between Lady Macbeth and their knowledge of women in Shakespearean times. The lesson utilises a range of tasks, that require students to be visual and interactive learners. It follows this learning journey: - Inferring key information about the character of Lady Macbeth from picture clues; - Identifying and ordering the key events in the text in which Lady Macbeth is involved; - Understanding her role in the rise and downfall of Macbeth; - Comparing and contrasting between her character and the expected role of women at the time the play was written; - Analysing Shakespeare's development of Lady Macbeth as a key character throughout the text; - Evaluating the learning in the lesson. Included in this resource pack are: - A well-presented, thorough, and informative, whole-lesson PowerPoint presentation; - Resources for the sequencing activity, detailing Lady Macbeth's numerous actions throughout the play; - A template to help scaffold the main task, complete with P.E.E instructions; - A comprehensive teacher guidance form/lesson plan to assist delivery. All images in this resource are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final slide of the lesson presentation.

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Macbeth: The WitchesQuick View

Macbeth: The Witches

This engaging and informative lesson enhances students' skills in understanding the significant meanings in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, and in particular the influence of the deceitful and mysterious weird sisters. Students gain an understanding of some of the attitudes towards witches in Shakespeare's times, and attempt to link this knowledge to the events of the text. They also engage with Shakespeare's intentions in utilising dramatic elements to reveal the witches use of the supernatural and deceit. The lesson follows a clear and logical learning journey, involving progressively more challenging tasks in which students: - Portray their understanding of witches and witchcraft; - Learn more about witches in a historical context through a fun 'true or false' game; - Define, identify, and understand dramatic irony; - Read sections of Macbeth and complete tasks to demonstrate their understanding; - Answer key questions about the witches that test their knowledge in relation to each of the English assessment outcomes; - Evaluate a modelled example of an analytical paragraph in relation to the witches; - Analyse the witches' characteristics in their own responses; - Evaluate each others' analytical responses. All images are cited on the final slide of the presentation, and are licensed for commercial use.

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Wordsearch: MacbethQuick View

Wordsearch: Macbeth

A fun wordsearch exploring the themes and characters of Macbeth. Answers supplied on a separate sheet. There are lots more wordsearches on the Shakespeare Week website.

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Macbeth RevisionQuick View

Macbeth Revision

A fully differentiated 2 hour lesson on Shakespeare's Macbeth, covering character analysis, themes, historical context and analytical paragraphs. Ideal preparation for Year 11 students about to sit AQA English Literature Paper 1.

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Introduction to MacbethQuick View

Introduction to Macbeth

Two lessons using the perfect shakespeare recall to start off with. Can be adapted for any group. Second lesson looks at the superstitions and give examples of real life Macbeth curses.

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Macbeth quotes

This can be used as display when working on Macbeth play. I printed these onto coffee stain paper. Looked beautiful. Hope there handy.

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Macbeth Revision

FREE to first time buyers with code FREEBIE A revision guide for KS4 students to prepare for Section A of the new specification AQA Literature Paper 1 Section A, which includes differentiated activities and resources to support students as they revise for William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Includes: Plot summary Key quotes Contextual information Theme analysis Revision activities

By Lead_Practitioner

Bundle - Sale
Macbeth (Everything your students need to revise Macbeth)Quick View

Macbeth (Everything your students need to revise Macbeth)

This bundle transformed my students' knowledge of Macbeth. They went from knowing absolutely nothing about Macbeth to achieving grade 7 and 8 in their essays. I can not recommend these bundle more. A must for GCSE students!

By Simirai

Pointless Game - Macbeth EditionQuick View

Pointless Game - Macbeth Edition

Based on the popular game show 'Pointless', this resource is perfect for use as a starter activity, plenary, or revision tool. Editable, so that you can change to any other topic or change questions. Containing almost 30 slides of sound clips, engaging visuals, and suitably challenging questions, this resource is effective at both promoting engagement and enhancing learning. There are several full rounds of questions to build learning of Macbeth: 1. The characters in Macbeth 2. Quotations from the text 3. Settings, themes, and character titles 4. Murders in Macbeth The nature of the game ensures that this resource can challenge students of all levels. NOTE: You can buy this resource alone, or in a bundle of 8 Pointless games, for only £1 more!

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