Nutritional NeedsQuick View

Nutritional Needs

A powerpoint outlining the different nutritional needs of the different age groups.
Healthy Diet and NutritionQuick View

Healthy Diet and Nutrition

6x fully resourced lessons. All include: 1hr PPs, clip links and Qs, worksheets and are differentiated fully to three levels throughout. Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for’ Good’ or above Suitable for PSHE or PSD ASDAN Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
Diet, nutrition and healthQuick View

Diet, nutrition and health

A powerpoint that outlines diet and disease. This can be used as a market stall activity or knowledge organiser/revision mat. All information comes from the AQA FPN Hodder book.
Food Preparation & Nutrition Revision BookletQuick View

Food Preparation & Nutrition Revision Booklet

A small revision booklet with information on how to answer exam questions for the new FPN exam along with some questions from the Collins book. I gave this to my year 11's for the Christmas holidays (oh how they love me) which can be used with the CPG revision guide.
Revision Broadsheets for Food Preparation and NutritionQuick View

Revision Broadsheets for Food Preparation and Nutrition

Great revision resource for AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition specification. Covers all 5 areas. Mixture of open, closed and higher order questions to challenge students in preparation for exams. Aimed at KS4 but can be used at KS3 if the topic is covered. Can easily be adapted for other exam boards/ other topics. Best when blown up to A3. Any reviews and comments welcome!
Nutrition and Diet Quick View

Nutrition and Diet

Pupils complete activity mat (print in A3) in groups, sharing the information sheets around (print sheets in A3). Covers: All the different types of nutrients Sources of the nutrients Has objective criteria, also has extension questions on the information sheets if some pupils finish earlier than others.
Edexcel CB1e Enzymes and NutritionQuick View

Edexcel CB1e Enzymes and Nutrition

CB1e lesson from the new Edexcel Science GCSE looking at enzymes and nutrition. The lesson includes a recap quiz all about cells, what enzymes are, examples of what enzymes break down, what they are broken down in to, specific enzymes and their roles and thinking about why digestive enzymes are so important for life.
Gelatinisation Experiment Handout - GCSE Food & Nutrition or ScienceQuick View

Gelatinisation Experiment Handout - GCSE Food & Nutrition or Science

This handout covers the science behind gelatinisation. It features a suggested experiment to undertake using different starch flours preserved in different solutions. It also contains a table for pupils complete during the experiment. This is the original Word document so can be fully edited to which ever ingredients you want to use.
AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition - Heat TransferQuick View

AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition - Heat Transfer

This lesson uses the AQA suggested year 10 SOW and the blue Illuminate textbook. Starter: Introduce students to the practical lesson. Main: They are in groups of 4 and each get a small sample of carrot, pepper and broccoli. They each have a different cooking method (see heat transfer worksheet). Whilst they are waiting for the veg to cook they can complete the other boxes on the worksheet using the textbook. Plenary: class discussion on best type of cooking method - consider nutrition and retention! Homework: Sheet using textbook.
KS3 Nutrition and digestion revision matQuick View

KS3 Nutrition and digestion revision mat

Revision mat for KS3 science topic "nutrition and digestion". Includes revision on the five necessary nutrients, the organs of the digestive system and their functions, effect of health on diet and how the small intestine is adapted. Contains a completed mat.
GCSE Food and Nutrition lesson bundle for dough productsQuick View

GCSE Food and Nutrition lesson bundle for dough products

GCSE Food and Nutrition lesson bundle for dough products including basic bread dough, flavoured bread and enriched dough. This includes the ingredients, method, aims, evaluation activity, tasting keywords and practical guidelines. All these resources have been created using Microsoft Office and can be edited as you like. Please visit our shop for more resources. AQA, EDUQAS, OCR, Vocational Could be used for KS3
Revision Booklet for GCSE AQA Food Preparation and NutritionQuick View

Revision Booklet for GCSE AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition

Student book designed to hand out to pupils as an aid to revision. The first edition includes details of the exam, advice on how how to answer questions (including an explanation of exam terminology). This book covers the specification for Food, nurition and health. Very pupil friendly with plenty of pictures and colours - covers the energy balance, Macro and micro nutrients, the Eatwell Guide, current dietary guidelines. It has exam questions and a mark scheme at the end. Booklet for Food Scince, Food Provenance, Food Choice and Food Safety to follow.
NutritionQuick View


Here is a presentation, starter, activity and homework for nutrition.
Sport Science Nutrition LO1 (R045)Quick View

Sport Science Nutrition LO1 (R045)

A combination of lesson-by-lesson PowerPoints to use while teaching the unit, with worksheets and resources to follow lessons and an assignment checklist and support PP.
Plant nutritionQuick View

Plant nutrition

Cards that can be printed, laminated and used for a speed dating activity. Have students memorise their nutrient and meet with other students to find out information on other nutrients. Contains 12 cards (first 6 on macronutrients, last 6 on micronutrients). Specification: BTEC Applied Science - Unit 24 (Principles of Plant and Soil Science)
NutritionQuick View


Science - Healthy Lifstyles All: Name the nutrients required in the human body and explain their function Challenge: Be able to describe the components of a healthy diet and explain what makes a food a healthy option Expert: Complete a nutritional analysis of a given recipe
Nutrition CrosswordQuick View

Nutrition Crossword

Quick nutrition crossword with answers, on the key words for nutrition. For Food Technology Key stage 3 and 4.