Revision Broadsheets for Food Preparation and NutritionQuick View

Revision Broadsheets for Food Preparation and Nutrition

Great revision resource for AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition specification. Covers all 5 areas. Mixture of open, closed and higher order questions to challenge students in preparation for exams. Aimed at KS4 but can be used at KS3 if the topic is covered. Can easily be adapted for other exam boards/ other topics. Best when blown up to A3. Any reviews and comments welcome!
Healthy Diet and NutritionQuick View

Healthy Diet and Nutrition

6x fully resourced lessons. All include: 1hr PPs, clip links and Qs, worksheets and are differentiated fully to three levels throughout. Suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for’ Good’ or above Suitable for PSHE or PSD ASDAN Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
GCSE Food preparation and nutrition revisionQuick View

GCSE Food preparation and nutrition revision

5 sets of cards with keywords split into the following 5 topics: Nutrition and Health, Food Choice, Food Provenance, Food Science and Food safety, cooking and equipment. These can be used as laminated card sorts for starters, cut and stick activity, taboo, speed dating activity, or as hints for practice exam questions. Included is a PDF version and an editable PPT version. These can be used for starters, plenaries or bigger tasks and could be used for KS3 with minor adjustments.
Revision Booklet for GCSE AQA Food Preparation and NutritionQuick View

Revision Booklet for GCSE AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition

Student book designed to hand out to pupils as an aid to revision. The first edition includes details of the exam, advice on how how to answer questions (including an explanation of exam terminology). This book covers the specification for Food, nurition and health. Very pupil friendly with plenty of pictures and colours - covers the energy balance, Macro and micro nutrients, the Eatwell Guide, current dietary guidelines. It has exam questions and a mark scheme at the end. Booklet for Food Scince, Food Provenance, Food Choice and Food Safety to follow.
KS3 Nutrition and digestion revision matQuick View

KS3 Nutrition and digestion revision mat

Revision mat for KS3 science topic "nutrition and digestion". Includes revision on the five necessary nutrients, the organs of the digestive system and their functions, effect of health on diet and how the small intestine is adapted. Contains a completed mat.
NutritionQuick View


Here is a presentation, starter, activity and homework for nutrition.
KS3 Nutrition - Food preparation and Nutrition WJECQuick View

KS3 Nutrition - Food preparation and Nutrition WJEC

This resource has been made for KS3 with a focus of introducing nutrition to a class. It can also be used as a follow up or recap lesson. Included in this download is a 1hour lesson on a PowerPoint and poster resources needed to complete some of the tasks. Each objective, outcome and task has been differentiated to the new 1-9 levels and includes stretch tasks for the higher abilities.
Edexcel CB1e Enzymes and NutritionQuick View

Edexcel CB1e Enzymes and Nutrition

CB1e lesson from the new Edexcel Science GCSE looking at enzymes and nutrition. The lesson includes a recap quiz all about cells, what enzymes are, examples of what enzymes break down, what they are broken down in to, specific enzymes and their roles and thinking about why digestive enzymes are so important for life.
Nutrition CrosswordQuick View

Nutrition Crossword

Quick nutrition crossword with answers, on the key words for nutrition. For Food Technology Key stage 3 and 4.
Human NutritionQuick View

Human Nutrition

These resources have been written or adapted for the teaching of IGCSE Biology, but have been used with other specifications.
Nutrition 1 - Food TypesQuick View

Nutrition 1 - Food Types

This is a KS3 science resource covering food groups. Learning objectives are as follows: - Why should a balanced diet include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water. - Why does a lack of some food types leads to deficiency diseases. - Why do deficiency diseases work and how can I explain how to modify an unhealthy diet.
Yr9 Food preparation and Nutrition - Nutrition and Food ChoiceQuick View

Yr9 Food preparation and Nutrition - Nutrition and Food Choice

21 one hour lessons including all resources - SOW, PowerPoint to deliver each lesson, 4 hygiene and safety lessons as an introduction to Yr9, homework tasks, recipes, week by week lesson plan. Some activities require Food preparation and nutrition Hodder AQA GCSE.
EDUQAS GCSE Food Prep and Nutrition Y11 Tracker (1-9)Quick View

EDUQAS GCSE Food Prep and Nutrition Y11 Tracker (1-9)

This tracker allows you to include the students names and as you enter the marks for the NEA 1 and NEA 2, it will add the two marks together and an indication to the grade (1-9) it could be. Grade boundaries are adjustable. Also I have included a feature that if you put a sub mark for example in the NEA 1 research and gave it a mark of 7 - then the cell would change to red to indicate it is outside the mark limit. I have also added two mock sections that works out the average of the two mocks and the 9-1 grade. Then the final section at the end adds up the NEA1 and NEA2 together with the average mock points to give a predication 9-1 and total score. Boundaries can be edited.
Food label, nutrition infomation, compare game cards. Play the trump card.Quick View

Food label, nutrition infomation, compare game cards. Play the trump card.

Activity/game designed to help students explore nutritional information of common foods and using food label formats. To play: shuffle and deal. Player hold cards so only they can see their top card. First player picks a category from the top card (e.g. Energy, 1023kJ) Other players read out the value from the same category on their cards. The one with the highest value (or best if you’re looking at healthy diets) wins That player takes all the cards just used, and puts them with their own at the bottom of their pile. The winning player then reads out the value from a category on their next card. Categories include: Energy kJ Energy kcal Fat - of which saturates Carbohydrate Sugars Fibre Protein Salt
Nutrition and Diet Quick View

Nutrition and Diet

Pupils complete activity mat (print in A3) in groups, sharing the information sheets around (print sheets in A3). Covers: All the different types of nutrients Sources of the nutrients Has objective criteria, also has extension questions on the information sheets if some pupils finish earlier than others.
Nutrition.Quick View


Worksheet to identify macronutrients, their sources and what they are used for. Close procedure to explain the role of dietary fibre. Facts about micronutrients, tasks related to facts supplied, and a word search. All solutions provided.