Times Tables Bingo GameQuick View

Times Tables Bingo Game

A game of Bingo for practising time tables (1 - 12 inclusive) and making maths fun, with a competitive edge. The game comes with 144 calling cards covering all of the times tables from 1x1, through to 12x12. It also comes with 12 pre-prepared Bingo cards and additionally a blank Bingo card template so pupils can pick and fill in their own chosen numbers pre-game if you wish. A detailed instruction sheet is provided on how to use the resource and play the game. For optimal use, durability and longevity please laminate the bingo calling cards and pre-prepared bingo cards before cutting up (a guillotine is the fastest way to do this). OHP pens can be used to write on the laminated bingo cards and cleaned off with alcohol for reuse.
Number bonds to 100 BingoQuick View

Number bonds to 100 Bingo

Starter activity in PowerPoint involving finding number bonds to 100. There are 20 different questions. A great resource for weaker students. All question slides have animated answers. How to play Get students to draw a 3x3 grid in their books, then select 9 numbers between 1 and 20 from the larger grid (NO REPEATS). Select a student to answer a question (the answer is animated in when you next interact with the board) if they get it right, they get to cross off one of their numbers from their grid (any student with the same number can also cross off that number). Cross off all 9 and BINGO.....they win. What do they win, you decide (I hand out pens sometimes or get the rest of the class to give a round of applause). I've made it sound more complicated than it really is. This activity is great as a starter or as a plenary as well as testing prior knowledge. Hope you like.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions BingoQuick View

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Bingo

Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators Bingo Included in this product: • 30 unique Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators bingo cards. • 25 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators callingcards (numbered to be used as task cards for independent or small group work) • 2 different task cards recording sheet • Answer Key
Multiplying Fractions BingoQuick View

Multiplying Fractions Bingo

Multiplying Fractions Bingo Included in this product: 30 unique Multiplying Fractions bingo cards. 25 Multiplying Fractions calling cards (numbered to be used as task cards for independent or small group work) • 2 different task cards recording sheet • Answer Key
HCF LCM Bingo GameQuick View

HCF LCM Bingo Game

Highest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple Bingo! game A bingo game on finding the HCF and LCM for a set of numbers. Comes complete with printable unique bingo cards for up to 36 students. Alternatively there is a no print option where students draw their own 3 by 3 grid and choose nine numbers from the board. If the answer to a slide is their number they cross it off. The first student to cross off all nine numbers calls out bingo! Usually there is a small prize for the winner.
Fraction Bingo! Revision or introduction game.Quick View

Fraction Bingo! Revision or introduction game.

This resource comes with ten different fraction bingo cards and a set of rules and tips. This game can be used to revise/practice fraction reduction, fraction addition and subtraction, fraction multiplication or fraction devision. The fractions on the bingo card are visually represented and all in lowest terms. This is a great resource for any age!
Algebra BingoQuick View

Algebra Bingo

For lower ability mainly. Bingo game with 1 step equations to solve. I give prizes for the first to get: Line of 4 Middle 4 4 Corners Full House Pressing ALT - F8 and you can randomize the order of the slides.
Shape BingoQuick View

Shape Bingo

This is a resource primarily for lower KS2, I use it as a mental starter to revise 2D and 3D shape properties. I have only made 6 different cards. There are also definitions included for the teacher to call out. Laminate the bingo cards so you can use them again!
Roman numerals (1-100) bingoQuick View

Roman numerals (1-100) bingo

Creates 33 different random bingo cards with Roman Numerals from 1 to 100 and random questions. Everything you need for a fun game to reinforce and practice Roman Numerals from 1 to 100.
Maths BingoQuick View

Maths Bingo

A powerpoint of maths bingo. Get pupils to copy down 9 numbers from the initial grid then let the powerpoint run. Can be easily modified for different year groups and lessons.
Maths Bingo - The Ultimate CollectionQuick View

Maths Bingo - The Ultimate Collection

This resource contains a collection of 15 Maths Bingo Powerpoints. Each Powerpoint contains an associated set of bingo sheets that are to be printed. The bingo sheets contain 32 different bingo sheets which contain 16 of the 17 answers on the Powerpoint. This stops the issue of pupils trying to cheat by changing answers as the teacher can cross reference against the master sheet which states the order the answers appear. The collection contains Bingo on the following Mathematics topics: Adding and subtracting negative numbers Addition and subtraction Algebra Area and perimeter Averages Converting to decimals Fractions of amounts Indices Multiplying decimals Percentages Primes,Multiples and Factors Rounding Sequences Shapes Squares,Cubes and Roots Each of the bingo examples contains differentiated questions and will be extremely popular with students as a reward or revision activity.
Averages Crossnumber and Bingo Quick View

Averages Crossnumber and Bingo

I made these resources for a job interview over eight years ago and have used them with every KS3 class I have had since. The crossnumber contains a mix of questions on mean, median and mode with an extension question to really make the pupils think. It's a great resource for either a 20 min segment of a lesson or a perfect homework sheet. It has self assessment built into by the nature of the exercise - the crossnumber will only work if all the 'across' and 'down' questions are answered correctly. The 'Average Bingo' is great plenary. Each student must draw a 5 by 5 grid in their exercise book and randomly place the numbers 1 to 25 in each box. You then read out the questions in a random order (remember to mark of the questions you have asked). The pupils then find the answer on their grid and cross it out. The first pupil to get a row wins. This resource can be used multiple times as each pupils grid is unique. I have attached two versions of the questions.
Fractions BingoQuick View

Fractions Bingo

Fractions Bingo This is a game of equivalent fractions bingo. It involves simplifying fractions. There are 60 different bingo cards for the students and 30 equivalent fractions for you to draw out of a hat. The game can be printed in colour or will work just as well in black and white. You can laminate it if you want to reuse it, or just play it on paper. All the answers are included on a separate answer sheet. It could also be used as a matching activity by laying out all the cards on the table and having the children find the equivalent fractions to put on top of their boards. Each child will need their own set of matching cards. Preparation Cut out as many bingo cards as you need – one for each child. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use all the cards. The game will still work. Either cut out the individual equivalent fraction cards so that you can draw them randomly from a hat. Or just print the page and cross them off as you say them. If you want to save time, don’t cut the bingo cards, just give each child 1 page with 2 cards on it and then play 2 games. Playing the game Draw out a fraction from the hat and say it out loud. Put it to the side so that you don’t call the same one again. The children try to find the equivalent fraction on their board and if they have it they cross it out. It can be played without a calculator. You can either play first person to make a line of 3, or first person to cross out their whole board. Someone will definitely cross off their whole board after you have read out all 30 fractions, but probably before that! The very earliest someone could win is after 9 cards are read out. This document is 34 pages in total. For my other resources, please go to Maths Shop Keywords: game, fun maths, bingo, fractions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions.
Probability BingoQuick View

Probability Bingo

Probability Bingo and Task Cards Included in this product: 30 unique Probability bingo cards. 25 Probability calling cards (numbered to be used as task cards for independent or small group work) 2 different task cards recording sheet Answer Key
Subtraction bingoQuick View

Subtraction bingo

Three bingo games based around subtraction. Simply choose the game you want to play, select the number of students and the bingo tickets will automatically be printed. Questions appear on the board for students. Great for use as a starter or plenary. Create your own bingo games here: https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/-Interactive-BINGO-maker-11008712 The macros in the Excel files are designed to work with Microsoft Excel in the Windows version. Please rate and review.
Fraction BingoQuick View

Fraction Bingo

Fraction bingo, can be used as a lesson starter or plenary. A powerpoint file that indicates the choice with each slide, order of slides can be changed to change the order of the fraction selection. Suitable for ages 9-13
Decimal bingoQuick View

Decimal bingo

Decimals bingo can be used as a starter or plenary . A powerpoint file, you can change the order of the slides for reuse.
Clock BingoQuick View

Clock Bingo

Time Bingo Game is a fun way to teach time expressions! Classic Bingo game for kids and ESL students that helps develop clocks recognition and listening skills. Ages 6 & up Includes: • 5 Bingo Cards • 40 Caller Cards • Instruction The game can be played by 2-5 players. If it is used in classrooms, teachers may divide their class into small groups and print multiple copies to play. Print, cut out, laminate and enjoy!