[GCSE+IGCSE] Mini Project: Pentathlon

This is another of the mini projects that I get my students to complete in preparation for completing the coursework.

Lesson Overview
Depending on ability level, we start by completing flow charts and pseudocode to complete the design of the program. I sometimes prepare a complete one, but blank out some of the steps to give to my weaker students. Better students I will give blank designs to and somewhere in between for the other students.
At end of this lesson, we look at how the code works

In preparation for the next lesson, I get the students to watch the video as a homework task.

The next lesson, the students complete the program using their pseudocode / flow charts completed in previous lesson.
If they are still struggling, they can watch the video again in class time, as well as me able to wander around and help.

Students who are better at coding will easily be able to add more functionality to this project

Zipped file contains: 2 CSV files required for the project and the completed solution file (1 of the CSV files is the file writing part)
Video Support of completing the solution

Whilst this is mainly aimed at students, it would be useful PD for any Computer Science teachers who are still struggling to understand the complex programming side of the course

What this teaches

  1. File Reading from CSV file
  2. File writing back to CSV file
  3. Storing Data in 2D arrays
  4. Functions/Procedures
  5. Parameter Passing
  6. Complex Functions (Finding Minimum algorithm using 2D arrays)


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